Episode 1.3 is the third episode of the first series of Primeval. It was broadcast as Helen Makes Contact[1] in North America, Unter Wasser (Submerged)[2] in Germany and La Clef Du Temps (The Key of Time)[3] in France.


"Cutter tries to find the mobile Anomaly through which an ancient sea monster has travelled to the 21st century, attacking two lifeguards [...] at a swimming pool. Meanwhile, Claudia's suspicions are confirmed when the body of a diver is found - with a message from Helen attached."[4]

Full synopsis

At an empty swimming pool in the Crystal Palace Diving Institute, a lifeguard, Anthony Barton, dives into the pool and joins his girlfriend, Diane Johnson, there, before Diane swims off and heads out of the pool, while Anthony stays behind in it. Diane heads down to the changing rooms, while Anthony stays and relaxes in the pool, until he nears something nearby splash in the pool. In the changing rooms, Diane is drying her hair, while back at the pool, Anthony heads up to the diving board to dive into the pool again. Just before Anthony dives, a giant marine reptile appears in the pool below him, and just as Anthony dives, the marine reptile dives up at him and catches him in its jaws in the air, swallowing him whole before falling back down into the pool. In the changing rooms, Diane hears something and goes back up to the pool, where she finds Anthony gone. Diane then heads down to a viewing port for the pool, where the giant marine reptile smashes against the port glass with its head, spooking and horrifying Diane.

At the Home Office, Nick Cutter, Claudia Brown, James Lester and a meeting of Home Office officials are watching a live camera report being sent by Connor Temple from the London Underground Anomaly site on the Anomaly's status; it's magnetic field is remaining consistent at five tesla, and thus there is no sign that the Anomaly is weakening. When Connor makes a goofy demonstration of this by letting the Anomaly pull in a metal canister, Lester is unimpressed by Connor's goofy and childish personality, but Cutter explains that despite the impression his demeanor may give Connor is very intelligent and useful to the Anomaly operation. Lester then turns off the live video link and discusses the situation with the Underground Anomaly with the Home Office official meeting; the Forest of Dean Anomaly was temporary, whereas the London Underground Anomaly is showing no signs that it will close soon. Cutter suggests that when the Anomalies close, they actually just temporarily fade and never completely disappear; Lester doubts this theory as it would mean that creatures would have to have come through the Anomalies before, and Cutter suggests that they may have indeed and could have been recorded in the myths and legends of ancient human cultures as mythical monsters. As Cutter explains to the meeting that they are tasked with predicting and containing the Anomalies and must therefore consider the possibility, Lester stops Cutter and declares that the team's official Anomaly-controlling objective has not yet been finalised. An assistant then hands Lester a note which he reads, and he declares that there is a possible new Anomaly incursion; shocking Cutter and Claudia.

At the hospital, Connor and Stephen are discussing Stephen's amnesia as Stephen packs his belongings and prepares to leave; Stephen can't remember anything that happened to him after he returned to the Underground to rescue Cutter, but the amnesia is supposed to be short-term and therefore his memories may return after some time. Connor then discusses Stephen's near-death experience, and admits that it was what caused him to realise that them or their fellow team members could get killed because of their jobs in the Anomaly operation, and that it has caused him to decide to sort his priorities. Abby then comes in dressed fashionably; about which Connor makes a joke, while Stephen tells her she looks good. Stephen is then about to leave (with Connor jokingly claiming to simply be there to see the nurses when Stephen thanks him for coming but says there was no need), when Abby offers to give him a lift back to his home. Stephen states that there is no need as he has a girlfriend, Alison, picking him up; shocking Connor and Abby and noticeably hurting the latter. Alison had just come back after two years researching infectious diseases in the Amazon Rainforest. When Stephen notices that Abby seems upset, he decides to go and leaves. Connor then makes a joke about Stephen and Alison catching up, which angers Abby and causes her to hit him with a pillow before apologising. Connor sees just how upset Abby is and tells her that she does indeed look great.

At the Crystal Palace swimming pool, the police have secured the facility as a crime scene, and a policewoman is staying with the traumatised and silent Diane while the lead detective inspector discusses the incident with Cutter and Claudia. The detective is convinced that Diane murdered Anthony and does not believe her claims of the giant marine reptile. When Cutter asks to talk to Diane and the detective questions what about, Cutter tells the detective the truth about the incident and that the killer was a prehistoric marine predator which was crossing between the distant past and the present day. Cutter and Claudia discuss how the police are accusing Diane; Cutter doesn't want an innocent girl to be arrested for a crime she was not involved in, and Claudia agrees to take care of it.

Abby, Connor and Stephen are discussing the creature incursion as Stephen prepares to dive into the pool; Connor is surprised that the creature even came through the Anomaly considering how toxic the pool water would have been to it due to the high chlorine levels, and Stephen suggests that the creature sensed the danger and quickly fled back through the Anomaly before it closed after killing Anthony. A silent Abby heads off, and Connor and Stephen discuss Alison; Alison is jet-lagged, and Connor discusses how Stephen had had a girlfriend the entire time when he'd always given the impression to him and Abby that he was single. However, Stephen claims to be unaware of the impression he was giving, and then jumps into the pool, soaking Connor in the process.

Afterwards, at the Home Office, Claudia is arguing with Lester; the police have charged Diane Johnson with the death of Anthony Barton, and Lester refuses to clear Diane's name or intervene because he believes that if Diane is in prison then she won't be able to expose the truth about Anthony's death to the media. Claudia is disgusted at this, but Lester insists that letting Diane walk free and spread the truth about the incident would cause chaos and disorder. Lester also states that once the Anomaly crisis is under control he will drop the charges against Diane, but Claudia is still against this due to how long getting the Anomalies under control could take. Lester defends the decision by describing the panic Diane could cause by telling others about the creature incursion, and Lester notes that being a government official does indeed mean making tough decisions. At a reservoir, numerous people are canoeing in the waters and enjoying themselves on the banks. But beneath the reservoir waters, the giant marine reptile from the swimming pool incursion is seen to be lurking in the waters. On the water surface, as the kayakers paddle and talk, a mass of digested bone and flesh floats up to the surface from the reservoir depths, horrifying the kayakers and other goers at the banks.

Later at the Home Office, Cutter, Lester and Claudia are discussing the bone-flesh mass found at the reservoir, and Claudia explains that the DNA tests confirm that the mass is the remains of Anthony Barton. As Lester looks at the photos of the remains, Cutter explains that it is a bolus, meaning that the creature swallowed Anthony whole and then vomited out the parts that it couldn't digest. Lester wonders what kind of creature could have been responsible, but Cutter is more concerned over how Anthony Barton's remains appeared in the reservoir twenty miles away from where he was killed. Lester suggests that there may have never been an Anomaly incursion and Diane Johnson may have indeed killed Anthony and dumped his remains in the reservoir, but Cutter strongly doubts this, as it would mean she would have to have swallowed Anthony whole and then drove twenty miles to vomit his remains into the reservoir. Lester demands that Cutter explain it with a better theory, and Cutter notes that the creature in the swimming pool and the reservoir was the same one. Cutter theorises that it may be that the other side of the Anomaly has a fixed location in the past, while the side in the present is mobile; this means that Anomalies can move, which concerns Lester and Claudia.

Later, the reservoir has been secured by the Home Office and the Special Forces, and Cutter travel by motorboat across the reservoir to a dock, where he meets up with Claudia and Captain Ryan. The rest of the team are also present, and Connor is measuring the reservoir water level with a stick while Abby and Stephen analyse water samples. Claudia explains to Cutter that they have Special Forces divers searching the reservoir, but the divers have found no sign of the creature or that the Anomaly is still there. Cutter asks Claudia to get him maps and locations of every nearby large source of water, and when Claudia asks why, Cutter states he is just testing an idea. This prompts Claudia to recount how, before the Anomaly operation, she spent hours in dull meetings longing for something interesting, and Cutter notes that she has gotten what she wished for but it has backfired, before heading off. Connor then calls Cutter over, stating he has found something Cutter will wish to see. After Connor and Cutter confirm that the reservoir is land-locked, Connor demonstrates to Cutter that in the time between now and an earlier point when he measured the water level, the water in the reservoir has fallen by forty centimetres. As Stephen comes over, Cutter and the team realise that the only explanation is that the reservoir waters are pouring out through the Anomaly, which in turn means that the Anomaly is still open somewhere down in the depths of the reservoir. In the reservoir waters, the giant marine reptile is lurking and swimming.

At the reservoir bank, Cutter is alone, silently thinking to himself, when Claudia comes over and offers him a coffee. Claudia easily sees that Cutter is thinking about Helen, and Claudia attributes her insight on people to her expertise as a civil servant. Cutter states that he's always seeing Helen everywhere; Claudia notes that it is odd that Stephen would have hallucinated Helen of all the people he could have when he was bitten, and she hints that she suspects Cutter knows something about the truth. However, before Cutter can say anything, he notices steam rising up from an area of the reservoir. Cutter theorises that warmer water is coming through the Anomaly into the reservoir as the tide on the other side comes in, and they can accurately track the Anomaly down by going to the steam. The Special Forces soldiers subsequently begin preparing another diving mission into the reservoir in search of the Anomaly, and Cutter and Stephen gear up and join them. Claudia is reluctant about Cutter going, casually and cynically claiming that she's afraid of the amount of paperwork she would be forced to fill in were Cutter to die, before Cutter and Stephen head out onto the reservoir in a motorboat with the other divers.

Back at the reservoir bank, as Connor and Abby prepare to wade out into the reservoir to collect more water samples, Connor questions why Stephen always gets the exciting areas of the job while he and Abby instead boringly collect samples. Abby jokes that Stephen looks better doing it than Connor would, prompting Connor to claim to an amused Abby that just because he is the intellect of the team does not mean he is useless at the brawn and action. Cutter, Stephen and the Special Forces reach the area of the reservoir the steam came from, and after they prepare and gear up, Cutter, Stephen and the divers dive into the reservoir waters and begin searching. Back at the reservoir bank, Connor reminds Abby that Stephen doesn't remember any of what he said to her when he was bitten by the Arthropleura. Abby is still angry with Stephen because he knew when he asked her out that he already had Allison, but Connor points out that as he was poisoned by the Arthropleura at the time, it likely affected his judgment, and Abby is unable to argue with this. Connor suggests to Abby that she move on from Stephen for asking her out when he already had a girlfriend. In the reservoir, the creature lurks and swims through the waters, while the Special Forces divers and Cutter and Stephen swim around in the waters, looking for the Anomaly.

In a different, shallower area of the reservoir, Connor and Abby have waded out, and are analysing the water and taking samples alone. A flock of nearby geese are suddenly scared off by something, and Connor sees something which causes him to stop and stare in horror. Connor alerts Abby, who turns to see the giant marine reptile behind her, stalking and circling her in the water. In the reservoir depths, Cutter, Stephen and a Special Forces diver are swimming on through the waters when the Special Forces diver ends up swimming through the Anomaly. Cutter and Stephen both stop and stare at the Anomaly for a brief time, before swimming back up to the Special Forces motorboats. Meanwhile, the creature continues to circle and stalk Abby in the reservoir waters, while Abby keeps herself calm and silent against the predator. Once the creature is further away from Abby, Abby warns Connor to stay perfectly still, and the two then begin looking around for any signs of where the predator is.

Back at the Anomaly, Cutter and Stephen have gone back into the waters, and are studying and staring at the Anomaly. In the shallower area of the reservoir, once Connor and Abby are certain that the giant marine reptile is far enough away, they make a break for the shore, which causes the creature to rush towards the duo as they flee through the waters towards the bank. Once Connor and Abby reach the shore, just before they can calm down, the creature suddenly leaps out of the waters and onto the shore at them. The creature corners the two against a metal fence, snapping its jaws at them to keep them trapped, but cannot get any closer to them due to limited body movement on land. Connor manages to take an oar from a nearby beached boat and begins trying to beat the creature back with the oar. When the creature launches an attack, Connor drives the oar directly into the creature's jaws, badly injuring its gums and prompting the creature to flee back into the reservoir. Back at the Anomaly, the injured creature arrives as Cutter watches from nearby, and swims back through the Anomaly. As Cutter stares, the Anomaly then begins to collapse and closes.

Later, back on shore, Cutter and Connor are discussing the creature incursion, while Special Forces medics tend to Abby nearby. Connor identifies the marine predator as a Mosasaur from the Cretaceous period, and Cutter notes that while this Mosasaur is still dangerous it is too small to be a fully-grown adult. Claudia then comes over, and she and Cutter watch as the Home Office pester Stephen and the Special Forces diver about the disappearance of the diver which swam through the Anomaly. Cutter explains to Claudia what happened to the diver, and the two wonder why the diver did not immediately come back through from the other side of the Anomaly. Cutter also confirms that the Anomaly is indeed closed, and Claudia realises that this means that the Special Forces diver is now marooned on the other side in the past. Abby comes over to Connor and happily thanks him for saving her from the Mosasaur, and the two warmly hug in a moment which then becomes awkward.

Later, back at the Home Office, Cutter is explaining and detailing to Stephen, Lester and Claudia his theory on how and why the Anomaly shifted locations from the swimming pool to the reservoir: the Anomalies are the temporal equivalent of earthquakes, and this Anomaly is running along a temporal fault line on which the swimming pool and the reservoir are located. Lester is highly skeptical of Cutter's temporal fault line theory and believes that it was all coincidence; Lester wants to accept that the Anomaly incursion is over, and he believes that the Home Office got off lightly with this incursion, but Claudia believes otherwise due to the fate of the Special Forces diver. Cutter warns Lester that the Anomaly could reopen on the fault line at any moment and recommends that troops secure every large body of water between the reservoir and the coast, and Lester strongly objects to this due to the massive commotion from the press it would cause. Cutter at first admits that it is all conjecture, but then becomes serious and warns Lester that if and when the Anomaly reappears, it will be somewhere along the fault line on the map.

At a house in an urban neighbourhood, a mother, Jane Dexter, gives her two young children ten minutes of free time playing outside before going to school. Jane then heads down into the house's cellar with the washing, and begins loading it into the cellar's washing machine, while, unnoticed to her, water begins to appear behind her and flow across the cellar floor in her direction. After putting all of the washing in the washing machine, Jane, still oblivious to the water, heads back up out of the cellar as the water continues to spread across the cellar floor. Up in the back of the house, Jane is about to call her kids to go to school, when she notices a trail of watery footprints she has left from returning from the cellar. Jane goes back down into the cellar to find that the increasing amount of water has caused it to begin to flood, and the water levels in the basement are now approximately a foot high. Jane rushes back up into the house from the cellar. The rising water reaches the cellar's electric plugs and short them out, and a mostly unseen creature shrieks and snaps its jaws in the water.

At the Central Metropolitan University, Connor is alone in the canteen looking over Mosasaur's profile on his database, when Tom comes over with Duncan and sees what Connor is reading. Connor closes his database off to Duncan and Tom, and decides to quickly leave. Tom reminds Connor that it is the gang's DVD night and Connor's turn to get their pizza, but Connor gives Duncan the money for the pizza and quickly leaves anyway. Tom is shocked at and unable to understand what has happened to Connor. Duncan suggests that Connor may still be angry with them over the fake dinosaur prank in the New Forest or may have a girlfriend, but Tom and Duncan dismiss both these theories. Tom and Duncan are both very awestruck and curious about why and how Connor has changed, with Tom revealing to Duncan that Connor has bizarrely lost interest in his Gerry Anderson marathon and noting he has a sudden obsession with dinosaurs. Duncan suggests that Connor may simply have an archaeological dig he wants to keep to himself, but Tom feels that that would be selfish and decides that him and Duncan need to watch Connor more closely now.

At the Home Office, Stephen is walking through the main offices, when he sees pictures on a screen from the London Underground Anomaly site of the Anomaly and the Arthropleura, which sparks a memory of Stephen entering the Underground and getting bitten by the Arthropleura, and of him then seeing Helen. Stephen then looks over in shock at Cutter, who is across the office talking with Claudia. Later, Stephen is out in the hallways thinking to himself, when Cutter passes by behind him and notices Stephen is troubled by something. Stephen tells Cutter that he has been regaining his lost memories, and confirms that he remembers seeing Helen in the Underground after he was bitten. Cutter and Stephen argue over why Cutter isn't telling anyone that he knows Helen is alive; Cutter claims to be keeping it secret because Helen is not contacting him directly, and Stephen is further upset to discover that Cutter already knew before the Underground incursion. Cutter argues with Stephen that Helen is probably now a more cruel and uncaring woman because of how she didn't do anything to help Stephen when he was bitten and how she let Cutter grieve over her, but Stephen is convinced that Helen had her reasons; Cutter also backs up the secrecy by admitting that he personally wants more than anything to learn the truth, but feels that it is probably better to never know than to face the potentially harsh truth. Stephen reluctantly agrees not to tell the others about Helen, but states he would willingly go after Helen were it up to him, and that he cared about Helen as well.

Back at the Dexter home, a plumber comes with Jane down into the flooded cellar, and is shocked at the high water levels but agrees to do what he can to try and fix the problem. The plumber then ventures through the waters to the submerged washing machine to check it, while the light from the Anomaly shines under the waters. The plumber notes to Jane that the washing machine is not responsible for the flood, then hears a splash nearby in the flooded cellar which he assumes to be the family's dog. Jane warns that they have no pet before heading back up into the house, while the plumber continues looking around. Eventually, the plumber comes across a Hesperornis, which goes into a frenzy and attacks the plumber, sending him falling into the water before jumping in and attacking him until the plumber reaches the stairs out of the basement. Jane then comes back in the aftermath of the Hesperornis attack, as the plumber recovers and begins to head back up out of the basement. Suddenly, the plumber is pulled back into the water, and Jane screams as the Hesperornis attacks in the waters.

At the Home Office, Lester and Claudia are discussing the creature attack on the plumber in the cellar. Lester is convinced that the report of the attack was faked or exaggerated, until Claudia tells Lester that it was claimed a large reptile was responsible, and Lester then begrudgingly guesses that the house is on Cutter's fault line and thus Cutter was right. Back in the flooded cellar, the lost Special Forces diver's corpse floats through the Anomaly into the cellar and to the water surface. Captain Ryan and his men subsequently arrive at the house by car, with Ryan alerting his men that there is a second body in the cellar as they secure the area and head into the house. Inside, the diver's body is about to be taken away, when Ryan notices a handkerchief with the initials H.C. scrawled on it, and takes the handkerchief and makes a phone call. Back at the Home Office, Claudia and Lester are discussing getting the Anomaly incursion covered up, when Claudia receives a call. Afterwards, Claudia informs Lester of the appearance of the Special Forces diver's body in the basement, which upsets Lester even further.

Claudia subsequently drives to the Dexter house, and is greeted outside by Captain Ryan. Ryan confirms that it is the same diver that went through the Anomaly in the reservoir and that he seemed to have died from shock, then shows Claudia the handkerchief. As the diver's body is taken away, Claudia sees the initials on the handkerchief, and is shocked and troubled as she realises what this means. In the flooded cellar, the Special Forces are clearing the flooded cellar as Cutter and Stephen watch from the stairs, when Claudia comes down, silent but visibly furious towards Cutter. Claudia then shows Cutter the handkerchief, causing Cutter to realise that she now knows as well. Later, Claudia is confronting Cutter in the back of the house, and Cutter explains that Helen's aunt would give them similar messages for birthdays and Christmas, and that the one from the diver is a message from Helen saying she is waiting on the other side of the Anomaly as she was in the Underground incursion. Claudia demands to know why Cutter lied to her and the entire team about Helen, and Cutter tries to justify his actions by describing the shock of suddenly learning Helen was actually alive. However, Claudia remains furious at Cutter and his lack of consideration about the benefit Helen's more extensive knowledge on the Anomalies could grant them and at Cutter's selfishness and arrogance in daring to choose what the team should know. Cutter once again tries to justify his actions, by stating that this is personal as Helen is his wife. But Claudia tells Cutter that that is no excuse as it affects the entire team, and she threatens to throw Cutter off the Anomaly operation if he cannot bring himself to understand that.

Outside the house, Stephen and Abby are unloading equipment, neither saying a word to each other. Stephen tells Abby about the partial return of his memories from when he was poisoned and that he now understands why Abby is angry with him. Stephen tries to explain to Abby why he asked her out, but Abby remains upset with him and casually and subtly chides him for being willing to cheat with her on Alison while trying to avoid the subject. Stephen admits that he and Alison are no longer close and tries to apologise to Abby, but Abby remains angry and states that she just initially fancied Stephen but doesn't now. Lester then arrives by a car escorted by police just outside the Dexter house, and is greeted by Captain Ryan before heading inside.

Later, in the house, the team are all meeting together in the living room and Lester exposes the discovery that Helen is living on the other side of the Anomaly to the entire team. Connor is especially shocked that Helen has spent eight years in the past, and comically questions how the team can explain to her the changes that have taken place in the present while she was in the past, until Claudia gets Connor to shut up. Lester then declares that they must gain Helen's knowledge on the Anomalies, as she is eight years ahead of the team on understanding them and thus her better information on the Anomalies could have massive benefits for the team in controlling the Anomalies. Lester also explains that as Helen wants to make contact, the team will go through the Anomalies in search of her, and tells Cutter that he will be the one who goes through the Anomaly in the cellar to find Helen, with a military escort (which Lester claims to Cutter is meant to protect him and Helen on the other side of the Anomaly). Cutter is initially reluctant, until Lester threatens to completely remove him from the Anomaly operation and have the military find Helen themselves. Cutter agrees to go through the Anomaly in search of Helen, on the condition that he goes alone and that if Helen refuses to come back then she won't be forced to. Claudia is hesitant to trust Cutter with the mission to find Helen, but Lester is confident that Cutter won't risk the consequences of betraying the team a second time, and then warns Cutter that his loyalty is to them and not Helen.

Later, Cutter has geared up in the flooded cellar to swim through the Anomaly, and Stephen tells Cutter that he will be reeled back in by a rope around his waist after two hours, and Stephen also gives Cutter a harpoon gun against any creatures he encounters on the other side of the Anomaly. Outside the house, Lester and Claudia are discussing an unheard subject, and Claudia is noticeably against what Lester is suggesting. Back in the cellar, Cutter has fully geared up, and dives under the water and towards the Anomaly as Stephen, Ryan and Claudia watch from by the stairs and begin feeding out the rope. Cutter swims through the Anomaly and finds himself in a prehistoric ocean, surrounded by a flock of swimming Hesperornis, and then swims up to the water surface. Back in the flooded cellar, Stephen and Ryan wait for Cutter. On the other side of the Anomaly, Cutter reaches the shore, and leaves his gear there for until he has to go back through the Anomaly. Cutter then stares around at the Cretaceous landscape, and calls out for Helen. Cutter subsequently heads up through a rookery of Hesperornis near the shore. The creatures are suspicious of Cutter and intimidating, but do not attack. Cutter then hears a splash from nearby, and heads over to the cliff edge to see what it is and spots Helen swimming in a pool below. Helen is aware of Cutter's presence and notes to him that he has finally responded to her message, as Cutter stands and stares from the rookery in shock.

Later, Nick and Helen have met up near the shore, and Cutter has his back turned to Helen as the latter dresses, while the Hesperornis loom around at a distance. Cutter is deeply upset at Helen for letting him think she was dead all the eight years, and Helen then states to this that she is no longer the woman Cutter knew. Helen then finishes dressing and lets Cutter turn around to face her. An angry and bitter Cutter demands to know why Helen didn't return to him in the present; Helen first tries to evade the question by questioning whether Cutter is upset that she didn't come back to him or that she kept her research into the Anomalies secret, but she then reveals that she didn't come back to Nick because she knew that he would want to expose the Anomalies to everyone and Helen was not then ready to share the knowledge. An aggressive Hesperornis advances closer on the Cutters, until Helen distracts it and another Hesperornis with a splash by throwing a rock into a nearby pool. Helen then reveals to Nick that while the Hesperornis are intimidating and aggressive, they are also harmless at a distance and easy to fool. When Helen asks Nick what he wants with her, Cutter casually expresses fury at her for the eight years of grieving she put him through by leaving through the Anomalies; Helen is frustrated at this and unable to understand why Nick could never recover from seemingly losing her. Cutter then demands to know why Helen would contact him again at all in that case, and realises that she now wants something from him that she didn't before. In response, Helen grins at Nick.

Back at the Dexter house in the present, Stephen leaves feeding Cutter's rope to Captain Ryan, and heads out of the flooded cellar to Abby to check how long Cutter's been: little under 92 minutes. Connor then finds something on the street blueprints to his horror, and alerts Stephen and Abby: theoretically, any creature that came through the Anomaly into the flooded basement could escape through the sewer system to the river and then go anywhere from there. Connor explains that fortunately, nothing bigger than a small Mosasaur would be able to fit through the drains, but the Mosasaur from the reservoir and the swimming pool would be just small enough to fit through the drains. In the next room, Claudia then leads a team of divers into the house, and is barely able to look Connor, Abby or Stephen in the eye. When Stephen questions why Claudia is doing this, she shuts the doors on him, Abby and Connor.

Back in the bay in the Cretaceous, Nick and Helen are sharing a drink of water. Nick asks Helen if she came back to the present before, and realises she did. Nick also asks Helen if she attended her funeral in the present, which she didn't, and Cutter tells her that the funeral "was okay." Helen promises she will answer all of Cutter's questions, if he joins her on her travels through the Anomalies; Helen claims that the Anomalies are countless in number and she knows how to find them. Nick avoids the question and questions why Helen would want him now after eight years; Helen says that it is because she now wants a companion to share the gift of her knowledge on the Anomalies and the past with, but Nick is the only one that she wants to do that with. Cutter is upset that Helen wants him to abandon his home and his friends for her journey through the Anomalies, and is disgusted at how Helen doesn't care about the damage the Anomalies are causing in the present and views it as nothing more than natural progress. Helen tries to coerce Nick into abandoning the Anomaly operation and the modern world to its fate to join her on her travels across the past; Cutter indirectly rejects Helen's offer by trying to offer her a job in the Anomaly project, and asks her to come back with him to the present. Helen is shocked at and can't understand how Nick can reject such a gift, and asks how Nick can dare call himself a scientist after rejecting such an offer; Cutter coldly states that it is because he is human, before walking off, leaving Helen silent and deeply angry and upset. Nick and Helen take one last look back at each other as Cutter gears back up at the shore; Cutter then heads back into the ocean waters towards the Anomaly, leaving Helen alone and upset by the shore.

In the waters, Cutter is swimming back to the Anomaly and getting closer to it, when a giant Mosasaur, much bigger than the one that came through to the present, arrives and passes by directly above Cutter, leaving him shocked and in awe before the Mosasaur swims off and out of sight. Moments later, Cutter catches sight of the small Mosasaur nearby, and the creature launches an attack as Cutter swims more frantically for the Anomaly. The Mosasaur grazes across Cutter, leaving him disoriented as the Mosasaur swings back around for another attack. When Cutter recovers and sees the Mosasaur swinging back round, he aims the harpoon gun Stephen gave him and fires, hitting the Mosasaur and momentarily fending it off. Cutter takes the brief time to swim as fast as he can for the Anomaly. However, the Mosasaur quickly returns and comes up behind Cutter, launching another attack which damages Cutter's air tank; this leaves him unable to breathe and practically incapacitated, as the Mosasaur swings back round again for its next attack. Back in the Dexter house's flooded cellar, Stephen and Ryan are waiting with the rope to pull Cutter back through, and are getting concerned and anxious as time begins to run out.

In the Cretaceous waters on the other side of the Anomaly, Cutter resorts to getting rid of his now-useless oxygen tank and tries once more to reach the Anomaly, but then sees the Mosasaur come back for a final attack. The Mosasaur almost reaches and kills Cutter, when the larger one Cutter saw earlier arrives and ambushes the smaller Mosasaur, the bigger creature wrestling and killing the smaller one as Cutter watches, and then swimming off with the smaller Mosasaur's corpse as food. In the present, at the Dexter house, Abby grows worried and impatient and notes that Cutter's two-hour time is up. Abby warns Stephen that Cutter will be running out of air by now, and so Stephen and Ryan drag Cutter's motionless body back through the Anomaly from the Cretaceous bay. In the flooded cellar, when Ryan and Stephen see that Cutter has lost his air tank, they rush to pull him out of the water, but they and Claudia find that Cutter is drowning from losing his air tank in the waters on the other side. Claudia tries to perform CPR on Cutter to revive him, without success, then gets air into Cutter's body through a kiss, which successfully revives him.

The Special Forces then take Cutter out of the basement and on a stretcher towards an ambulance. Before Cutter is taken away for treatment, Claudia asks Nick if Helen was indeed on the other side of the Anomaly, which Cutter confirms. After the soldiers take Cutter out of the house, Claudia tells Captain Ryan to fulfill the order, and Ryan then heads down into the basement with the military divers. Stephen demands to know what's going on, and Claudia simply claims it is out of her hands and heads out, shocking and upsetting Stephen. Later, Connor and Abby are at the ambulance outside the house with a recovering Cutter, the former two seeming edgy and worried, while a Special Forces guard keeps a lookout from the front of the house. After fully recovering, Cutter decides he needs to talk to Claudia and tries to head out of the ambulance, despite Abby's attempts to warn Cutter of something. When the guard outside the house sees Cutter about to get out of the ambulance, the former and another soldier run over and order Cutter to stay where he is, aiming their guns at him. Cutter demands to know what's going on, when Lester, Ryan, Stephen and the Special Forces soldiers come out of the house. To Cutter's shock, the soldiers have a wet and captive Helen with them, revealing that Lester's and Claudia's secret decision was to go against their agreement with Cutter (that they would leave Helen alone if she refused to come back to the present with him) and send the Special Forces through the Anomaly to bring Helen back by force anyway. Nick and Helen take one shocked look over at each other, before the soldiers force Helen into a waiting car. As a soldier holds Stephen back, Lester and Claudia head over to their waiting car. Cutter shoots Lester an angered and betrayed look, and Claudia is unable to look Cutter in the eye; Claudia and Lester then get in their car and drive off with the captured Helen, leaving Cutter horrified and shocked in the ambulance.

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Cut/deleted plot thread

  • A possible plot thread of a small Mosasaur escaping through the drains appears to have been cut or deleted. The scene of Connor theorising about one escaping was left in the episode.


  • In the recap of Episode 1.1and 1.2, the scene of Nick Cutter talking about the Anomalies is from later in this episode and it had not been seen yet.
  • The scene showing the outside of the Central Metropolitan University is actually unused footage from Episode 1.1; as if one looks very closely, Connor is visible sitting on a wall then following Nick and Stephen, despite the fact that at this time, Connor is in the canteen while Cutter and Stephen are at the Home Office.
  • When the waters from the Cretaceous bay on the other side first begin to pour through the Anomaly into the Dexter residence's cellar, the water is flowing across towards the cellar's washing machine from the other end, indicating that that is where the Anomaly is. However, when the Special Forces diver's body comes through the Anomaly and when Cutter goes through in search of Helen, the Anomaly is right beside the washing machine.
  • When Nick first swims into the Cretaceous waters, the Anomaly appears to be located in some seaweed, however in every other shot, the Anomaly appears to be in open water.

Story connections

  • References to Episode 1.2:
    • The Underground Anomaly is briefly seen.
    • Stephen still has amnesia from the Arthropleura venom.
    • The Arthropleura is seen in a flashback.
    • Tom and Duncan mention their fake dinosaur prank on Connor.
  • In Episode 1.4:
    • The Home Office still has Helen in custody.
    • Tom and Duncan start spying on Connor as they stated they would in this episode.


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