Episode 1.1 is the first episode of the first series of Primeval and thus the first ever episode of the show. It was broadcast as Leapin' Lizards[1] in North America, Die andere Seite (The Other Side)[2] in Germany and Anomalie (Anomaly)[3] in France.


"Evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter investigates a sighting of a mysterious animal and soon finds himself confronted by a gigantic creature believed to be extinct. As he enlists the help of his team to discover how it managed to travel to the 21st century, a deadly predator goes on the rampage."[4]

Full synopsis

At the empty car park of an Asda at night beside a forest, a large, reptilian dog-like beast emerges from the woods. In the car park, a woman flees and hides in a large bin. As she listens from inside the bin, the woman hears the creature outside, which suddenly begins attacking the bin. In the Asda store, a cleaner, the only one there, is hoovering the aisles while listening to music on headphones; while outside in the car park, the creature moves towards the store. The woman runs up to the Asda shop's window and shouts to the cleaner begging to be let in. The cleaner notices her but ignores her pleas, and the woman then flees back into the car park as shopping trolleys are hurtled at her. She takes cover among the cars, but the creature begins throwing cars with its head through the air and across the car park. The woman flees from the car park into the woods, and the creature follows her to the car park edge and roars after her.

Eight years later, Professor Nick Cutter and his assistant Stephen Hart drive to the Central Metropolitan University and head inside. As Stephen and Cutter are heading to the latter's office, a somewhat bumbling student, Connor Temple comes to them (with Cutter comically initially thinking upon hearing Connor's name that he is referring to an archaeology topic), explaining he is one of Cutter's students. Cutter is confused that he doesn't recognise Connor as one of his students, and Connor mentions it is probably because Cutter never turned up for the seminars, which Cutter and Stephen accept as the reason. Cutter, Stephen and Connor enter Cutter's office. Cutter finds a load of paper on his desk and throws it in the bin, until Connor reveals that it is his dissertation; but when Connor reveals that it argues that Earth's original organisms were taken to the planet by extraterrestrials, at which point Cutter immediately throws it back in the bin. Cutter then shows Connor a fossil of a prehistoric fish, a Sarcopterygian. Cutter explains that one Sarcopterygian inexplicably appeared in the Indian Ocean 70 million years after its species completely vanished from the fossil record, and that evolutionary puzzles and mysteries such as these are what interest him. Connor shows Cutter a newspaper on a sighting of a giant beast, which he is interested in. Noticing Connor's interest in hoaxes and cryptid sightings, Cutter advises him to get a girlfriend, but Connor tries to convince Cutter that the creature is real and that they should investigate (along the way, revealing his belief that the Loch Ness Monster was real but died and was covered up by the government). Eventually, when Cutter still refuses, Connor resorts to claiming that Cutter's wife Helen (the woman the Gorgonopsid attacked at Asda eight years earlier) would have investigated, which upsets Cutter and causes him to claim Helen was a serious scientist and wasn't gullible enough to fall for this supposed hoax. Connor then gives up, but when he mentions that the creature sighting was in the Forest of Dean, this immediately catches Cutter's attention and he and Stephen decide to leave with Connor immediately to investigate.

At a lizard enclosure in Wellington Zoo, zookeeper Abby Maitland is watching two lizards, Brad and Angelina, and trying to get them to mate. Abby's boss, Tim Parker, arrives outside and asks how Brad and Angelina are; becoming concerned when he learns from Abby that they still aren't mating. Tim then asks to talk to Abby, and sadly explains to her that he has to slim down the reptile program with the sponsors having pulled out. This news upsets Abby, despite Tim's attempts to convince her that she can find another attachment for her job, when Tim's mobile phone rings and he drops his papers to answer. Abby picks up and looks at the papers, and sees from them that a young boy, Ben Trent, is asking for the zoo to collect a lizard that he has found. Abby seems interested, and offers to handle it for Tim. The two then begin discussing the bug house's attachment, which is a six-month project to study parasites living in elephant dung.

Cutter, Connor and Stephen drive to the site of the creature sighting at the Forest of Dean, and talk with the eyewitness, security guard Dave Greene who glimpsed the creature on a monitor. Connor is awestruck upon seeing how severely the truck has been torn open by the creature, and Stephen notes that if the creature is real then it is a very large predator. Stephen examines the destroyed truck and finds blood, while Cutter is preoccupied by another sight and asks Stephen to explain it. Stephen still believes that the creature attack is a hoax, but becomes less certain upon seeing what Cutter has; a nearby metal fence crushed and bent open. Connor notices Cutter ignoring him and staring and thinking to himself at the destroyed fence; Stephen explains that eight years ago, Helen Cutter came to this area of the Forest of Dean investigating a creature sighting, and she disappeared while she was in the forest, and no trace of her other than a rucksack was ever found.

In another, more urban part of the Forest of Dean, Abby drives to the Trent house in a small cul-de-sac and is greeted by Ben's mother Mary. In the house, Ben shows Abby his bedroom and his numerous Dinosaur toys, and then his lizard. Abby is fascinated by the lizard, and Ben explains that he found the lizard, Rex, in the Forest and believes he is a draco volans. However, Abby discredits this as Rex jumps around the room, and admits she doesn't know what Rex is and that Ben may have discovered a new species. Abby then asks Ben to take her to the place in the Forest where he found Rex. Later on, Ben and Abby are heading through the Forest to where Ben found Rex. Abby notes that Rex is highly unused to the cold conditions, and thus could not have originally come from there. As they get closer to where Ben found Rex, Ben notices something that catches his attention and calls to Abby, who sees it as well: a dead cow lodged in a tree. The two then hear distant roaring. Ben begins running through the Forest as Abby tries to keep up, and Ben suggests the animal to have been a leopard (although Abby doubts this). A panicked Ben then runs further ahead, leaving Abby and Rex behind.

At the Eddington Hotel in another part of the Forest of Dean, Cutter is at the hotel bar having a drink and thinking about Helen, and nearby, a bar patron is chatting up an uninterested woman who notices Cutter. The woman goes up to Cutter, introducing herself as Claudia Brown, and kisses him to convince the other man that Cutter is her boyfriend so that he will leave her alone. Claudia reveals that she is also there because of the creature sighting, and is hoping that Cutter can help her by confirming the creature to be a hoax. Cutter and Claudia discuss the creature, with Cutter being more open-minded about it, and Cutter suggests the creature may just be a wild panther. Cutter also intends to go back to the place of the last sighting, and Claudia agrees to accompany him. Outside the hotel, Connor is showing his database on all known extinct vertebrates to Stephen, who is unimpressed at Connor's geekiness, when Cutter and Claudia arrive. Cutter introduces Connor and Stephen to Claudia, and when Connor learns Claudia is a government official he becomes convinced that it is indeed a cover-up of the creature attack. The four then get into the car to head off and investigate.

As dusk grows closer, Abby, who is lost in the Forest of Dean, begins searching for Ben as the latter continues to run ahead and away from her and Rex. When Abby trips and Rex falls out of her arms, Rex flies through air above her with his wings, amazing Abby, before landing in nearby shrubbery. Abby follows Rex into the shrubbery to try and get him back. In another nearby part of the Forest, Ben is still running, but stops when he sees a strange phenomenon nearby: several glowing shard-shapes hanging and rotating in the air, and chirps identical to Rex's coming from them. Ben curiously investigates and goes up to the phenomenon, and when he pokes his head into it, he sees a bizarre desert landscape with a flock of flying lizards identical to Rex flying around. As Ben moves back from the phenomenon in awe, he hears the roars again, much closer this time, and so runs off through the Forest and begins calling out for Abby. Back at Abby and Rex, Abby is moving through the shrubbery towards Rex, when the two hear large, approaching footsteps and freeze up. Abby sees the large, dinosaur-like creature by its reflection in a nearby puddle of water, and the creature stops and sniffs the air, before disregarding it and moving on; leaving Abby shocked at what she has just seen.

Stephen, Connor, Cutter and Claudia head through the Forest of Dean, as Claudia and Cutter discuss whether or not they will find any creature. Cutter notes that Stephen has excellent animal-tracking skills and thus he will likely track down the creature if it is real. Stephen then finds something and brings the others to see it: the dead cow in the tree that Ben and Abby found earlier. Cutter then begins becoming interested in the creature search. Connor then sees that his compass is malfunctioning and going haywire, and shows it to Cutter.

As dusk comes, Ben flees through the Forest to a wooden fence, and sees his street nearby. Ben then cuts his finger in the fence, before climbing over it and rushing back to his house and locking himself in his bedroom. Now safe and calming down, Ben looks at the bleeding cut on his finger. Outside, something large then arrives and finds Ben's blood left on the leaves by the fence. Back in his room, Ben turns and notices from its breath that something large is outside his bedroom window. The creature is then revealed to be the large, dinosaur-like one, which suddenly smashes its head through the window and tries to get to Ben, as the latter climbs up onto his bed. When Ben's bed is pulled with him on it towards the creature's jaws, Ben resorts to trying to fend the creature off by throwing nearby toys and objects at it. When Ben hurls his CD player remote at the creature, it activates Ben's CD player; the music distracting the creature long enough for Ben to climb down off his bed and hide from the creature's sight. When the creature notices Ben, he crawls over to his closet and throws an electric glass disco ball at the creature's head which smashes on it; causing the creature to back off and flee.Grabbing a toy lightsaber, Ben goes across his destroyed room to the hole where his window was, and as he looks through it to see that the creature has gone, Mary his heard arriving and seeing the mess.

Back in the Forest, Abby is still trying to find er way back with Rex, when she hears something behind her and turns to see a giant, tortoise-like creature. Rex scuttles away, and the tortoise-like creature notices Abby and begins to become panicked, when Cutter and the others arrive and see the creature, which begins to calm down. As the group all stare in awe at the tortoise-like creature, Cutter suggests that it may be a hybrid or genetic mutant, and Abby then introduces herself to the team. An awestruck Cutter takes a closer look at the creature and examines its body, finding traits that indicate it to be some kind of anapsid. Connor is thrilled at the discovery of the tortoise-like creature, believing that he was right about the creature sighting, and takes a photo with his phone (momentarily frightening the creature). But Claudia decides that the discovery is classified and takes Connor's phone from him. Rex then comes out of hiding and goes up to Cutter and Stephen, who stare in awe at him.

Later, Claudia calls and demands that someone be sent to the team's location to deal with the creature. Later again, at the Trent house, Cutter, Abby and Claudia have returned to the Trent house, and Cutter is examining the damage to Ben's bedroom window while the Trents try to get the room cleaned up. Mary believes that Ben caused the damage - despite Ben's attempts to tell her about the predator - after Abby gave him the ideas, and threatens to make a complaint. When Cutter covers Rex up as indeed being a draco volans, Ben tries to get Abby to tell everyone about the predator that chased her and Ben in the Forest. Abby looks to a silent Cutter, then covers it up as merely being fright. Ben then begins telling the others about the prehistoric-looking desert landscape he saw through the phenomenon he found in the Forest, and it immediately catches Cutter's attention; but when Ben sees that the others apart from Cutter don't believe him, he storms out upset. Later, as Cutter, Abby and Claudia leave, Claudia comforts Abby about lying and that keeping what's happening a secret is best, and tells Cutter and Abby that they will both have to sign the Official Secrets Act. Cutter believes that that will have to wait until later as he believes that the tortoise-like creature could not have been what killed the cow in the tree, and Abby confirms this as the tortoise-like creature was clearly a herbivore; meaning that there is another creature on the loose. Cutter then begins discussing where these creatures are coming from and Ben's claims of the prehistoric-looking landscape he saw, and he believes that the answer to this mysterious phenomenon is in the Forest and was found by Ben.

Back in the Forest, Connor and Stephen are guarding the tortoise-like creature, as an amazed Connor examines it. Stephen believes they can't yet know what they are dealing with, but Connor is certain it is a dinosaur and is thrilled that he discovered it. The rest of the team then begin running back to them with torches, frightening the creature and causing it to flee. The team then all chase after the creature, to see where it will go to try and escape danger. As Cutter and the team all watch in awe, the tortoise-like creature runs to the phenomenon of glowing shards in the air that Ben found, and disappears into it. As Claudia questions where the creature has gone, Cutter recognises that it has returned through the phenomenon to its home.

The next morning, Home Office scientific teams and soldiers have arrived at the phenomenon's location, and are securing the place as Connor examines the phenomenon. Suddenly, a magnetic force begins pulling at Connor's metal pen, and sucks it out of his hand and into the phenomenon as Connor, Cutter and Claudia watch. Connor realises that this is because the phenomenon is producing a powerful magnetic field, which is in turn why his compass was malfunctioning earlier; Connor also believes that the phenomenon is extraterrestrial in origin, to Cutter's chagrin. Stephen visits Abby, who is sitting nearby as the Home Office secure the area, and the two discuss their feelings about what has happened to them over the night; Abby is scared, confused and exhilarated, as is Stephen. As Home Office scientists take Rex away, Abby is concerned for him, but Stephen assures her that he won't be harmed. Meanwhile, Cutter and Claudia discuss the creatures that they have seen, and Cutter notes that all the creatures have traits consistent with those of prehistoric vertebrates, and thus they are animals that have travelled through time from hundreds of millions of years in the past. Connor, meanwhile, is testing the phenomenon's magnetic field by letting it pull metal objects in, but he then realises that the last one he let it pull in was his front door key. Claudia tells Cutter that they have to leave, before she heads off. Cutter looks at the phenomenon as Stephen joins him, and Cutter admits that he believes that Helen disappeared into the phenomenon; as it would explain all the circumstances of Helen's disappearance, except for why she didn't return.

Later, at the Home Office, Claudia is watching Cutter and Abby sign the Official Secrets Act in a guarded room, as another government official, James Lester, arrives. Claudia tries to introduce herself, but Lester rebuffs it and then discusses the situation with her. Lester has been put in charge of coordinating the government's response to the situation, and is reluctant about Claudia bringing civilians into it and is suspicious of the civilians. Back in the Forest of Dean, Stephen and Connor are tracking for signs of the predator creature. Connor begins suffering allergies and synapse issues from the Forest, while Stephen focuses on tracking the creature and finds signs that a large animal has recently been through the area. Connor feels that they should wait for Cutter or the military, but Stephen feels that they are getting close to the predator and have to find it themselves.

Back at the Home Office, Cutter and Lester are discussing the phenomenon, which Cutter has named the Anomaly, and Cutter's theories about what it is. Cutter believes based on the creatures and Ben Trent's description of what he saw through the Anomaly that it is a portal in time linking to millions of years in the past. Lester is somewhat skeptical of this, and the two then begin discussing the potential damage and havoc that prehistoric creatures which come through the Anomaly to the present could cause on the modern world. Cutter also openly expresses his strong dislike for Lester and his frustration over the fact that he is here in the Home Office talking to him when he should be investigating the Anomaly, which he believes to be the greatest scientific discovery ever. Cutter also reveals to Lester the former's intentions to go through the Anomaly into the past to find Helen with or without the his or Claudia's authorisation no matter the cost.

Back in the Forest, Connor and Stephen are discussing Abby as they continue tracking through the Forest for the predator creature. Connor asks Stephen about the latter's feelings towards Abby, and Connor admits that he fancies Abby and that the girlfriend he mentioned earlier is actually more of a penpal. Stephen encourages Connor to just ask Abby himself whether or not she likes him, and Connor briefly hangs back to think happily about what they have seen. Connor then notices that Stephen has gone ahead without him, and rushes after him. At the Home Office, several scientists are examining Rex in a lab as Abby, Cutter, Claudia and Lester watch from outside. Abby criticises the scientists' poor procedures and handling of Rex, but Lester ignores her until Abby mentions that Rex can fly. Rex then flies off and out of the scientists' reach, and when another scientist is about to enter the lab, Rex escapes into the building and begins flying around it. Claudia and Abby run through the building after Rex, while Cutter and Lester watch and admire Rex's flying skills. Just as Abby and Claudia arrive at his location, Rex enters an elevator which begins taking him up, and Abby and Claudia go up after him. After arriving on a higher floor, Rex flies through several offices, causing panic, as Abby and Claudia follow him. The two, along with Cutter and Lester, reach the last office to find Rex by an open window, considering escaping out through it. Abby tries to coerce Rex into staying and offers him food, and Rex seems to consider, but then flies out through the window and off. Just as the team begin to lament losing Rex, the lizard suddenly returns and flies into Abby's arms, leaving the rest of the team impressed at Abby's skill with animals. Just before Lester heads off, Cutter happily points out to him the Rex secreted on the back of his suit when he was flying around.

In the Forest of Dean, Connor and Stephen are continuing to search for signs of the predatory creature, when Stephen finds a large footprint from a creature and calls Connor over to examine it. Connor notes upon seeing the footprint that it is bad news. At Lester's office back at the Home Office, he is telling Cutter and Connor that the results from Rex's DNA confirm that Rex is indeed a long-extinct animal, and Lester agrees to launch an exploration mission led by Cutter through the Anomaly. Cutter also wants to take Rex through the Anomaly with him to return him habitat, to which Lester also agrees before casually asking Cutter to sign a disclaimer (so that the Home Office receives no lawsuits if Cutter doesn't return from his mission through the Anomaly).

Back in the Forest, Connor is researching on his database as Stephen examines the footprint they have just found. Connor calculates that the tortoise-like creature was a Scutosaurus from the Late Permian period, and that the footprint is definitely that of a different creature, probably the creature. Connor then identifies the predator to which the footprint belongs as a Gorgonopsid; a powerful and deadly Permian animal, which Stephen has to find and neutralise quickly if it's still on the loose. Connor also doesn't want to join Stephen in finding the Gorgonopsid as he is more brains than brawn, and Stephen then goes off through the Forest on his own to find the creature. At a school, Ben is in detention in a classroom with his schoolteacher. Outside, the Gorgonopsid is stalking the woods when it notices the school nearby.

Stephen is continuing his search through the Forest for the Gorgonopsid, when he hears the creature's roars coming from nearby. At the school, Ben's teacher is encouraging him to get his work finished, when Ben sees the Gorgonopsid passing by outside in the window. Ben warns his teacher, but when she looks, the Gorgonopsid has already passed by, and thus she doesn't believe him. The Gorgonopsid breaks into the school and begins stalking the corridors, when an art of a dinosaur on a wall catches its eye. Meanwhile, back at the classroom, Ben is trying to warn his unconvinced teacher of the creature, and back in the corridors, the Gorgonopsid hears their shouts and arguing and begins rampaging towards their location. At the classroom, the teacher hears the Gorgonopsid coming and opens the door to investigate, and sees the Gorgonopsid. The shocked teacher locks herself and Ben in the classroom from the creature, and they begin barricading the door as the Gorgonopsid attempts to break it down. Stephen then arrives and gets the Gorgonopsid's attention by throwing a chair at it. The creature pursues Stephen through the school corridors, with Stephen knocking down cupboards behind him to slow the Gorgonopsid down, and Stephen flees downstairs to the ground-level floor. Stephen heads to a fire exit with the Gorgonopsid following him, but the fire exit is locked, leaving Stephen cornered by the Gorgonopsid, which is closing in. Stephen resorts to spraying the creature with a fire extinguisher, which aggravates it and causes it to charge at Stephen; hurtling Stephen through the fire exit doors and outside, and knocking him out. The Gorgonopsid then heads out as well through the fire exit and leaves.

Later, back at the Anomaly site in the Forest, Connor is trying to call Stephen as Cutter gets ready for the mission through the Anomaly, but Stephen isn't answering Connor's calls. Claudia tells Cutter that she wants him back within just over two hours, and then introduces him to Gulf War veteran Captain Tom Ryan: Claudia explains that Ryan will be going through the Anomaly with Cutter without any argument over it, to protect Cutter from any danger on the other side of the Anomaly. Abby then comes over and hands Rex to Cutter, asking the latter to take care and keep Rex safe. Claudia and Captain Ryan talk in private, and Claudia instructs Ryan to bring Cutter back at all costs. Ready for the mission, Cutter and Ryan, with Rex, head towards the Anomaly as Claudia and everyone else watches, and the two then walk with Rex into the Anomaly and come out in the Permian desert landscape that Ben saw. Cutter and Ryan stare around in awe at the prehistoric land around them, and Cutter glances back at the Anomaly.

Back in the present, Connor gets out a pad to take notes, and his metal pen falls out with it, but the magnetic field doesn't pull it in. Connor then realises that the Anomaly is weakening. Back on the other side, as Cutter and Captain Ryan stare around at the Permian landscape, a fascinated Cutter asks Ryan to give him one hour alone; to which Ryan reluctantly agrees after Cutter reminds him he has a radio. Cutter heads up to the top of a large hill, and calls out for Helen and stares at the landscape below; at Rex flying around and a large herd of more Scutosaurus. Captain Ryan then comes and calls to Cutter to show him something. Ryan takes Cutter into a nearby tree area, where they find the ruined remains of an old human camp. Cutter finds human food in a metal case, and realises that this means that other people have travelled onto the other side the Anomaly before him and Ryan. Captain Ryan then takes Cutter to see another thing he has found: a half-buried human skeleton. Ryan finds a camera case buried nearby in the dirt, and hands it to Cutter, who sees that it has H.C. (Helen's initials) on it. Captain Ryan suspects that the skeleton may be Helen, but when Cutter examines it he realises that it is actually a man. Captain Ryan then notices that their time is up and they must return to the present, but Cutter refuses to return and wants to stay in the Permian to find Helen. When Cutter continues to refuse to go back with him, Ryan resorts to coming up behind Cutter and knocking him out with a blow with the butt-end of his handgun.

Captain Ryan carries the unconscious Cutter back across the Permian desert to the Anomaly, when Cutter recovers and gets into a fist-fight with Ryan (which Ryan quickly ends and wins). Captain Ryan then sees that the Anomaly is flickering and begins to hurry, and tries to get the recovering Cutter to move and run back through with him. Despite the fact that it will mean he'll be marooned in the past, Cutter still wants to stay to find Helen, but Ryan refuses to leave without Cutter; so when Cutter continues to refuse to go back to the present, Ryan resorts to staying in the Permian with him. Cutter is reluctant to allow another person to also become trapped in the past, and so he thinks it over and reluctantly agrees to return to the present. Cutter and Ryan then take Helen's camera case and their equipment, and run back through the closing Anomaly to the present, surprising everyone there. As everyone rushes to Cutter and Captain Ryan, Abby notices Rex hiding by a tree nearby, having chosen to come back through the Anomaly. The Anomaly then vanishes, leaving Rex marooned in the present and unable to return to his home. Abby heads over to Rex as the rest of the team ask Cutter about the other side of the Anomaly and are relieved he came back in time, while unnoticed to anyone, the Gorgonopsid watches them from in the Forest.

Abby is about to hide and take Rex, when the Gorgonopsid suddenly charges at the post, launching a frenzied attack and causing panic and mayhem. As everyone flees into the Forest from the creature, Claudia trips and falls and Cutter goes back for her. The Gorgonopsid then sees the defenceless two and advances menacingly towards them, when Stephen suddenly arrives in a speeding car and gets the creature's attention by honking the horn. The Gorgonopsid charges straight at the vehicle, which slams into it and seemingly kills it. Stephen gets out of the car and goes over to Claudia and Cutter to make sure they are alright, when the Gorgonopsid opens and eye and begins to get up. Cutter quickly throws a rifle to Stephen as the creature menacingly advances on them, and Stephen opens fire on the Gorgonopsid. The injured creature then collapses and dies.

The next day, back at the Home Office, Lester shows Cutter the developed pictures from the camera that Cutter brought back from the Permian: all of them are of Helen in the Permian desert. Lester is convinced that Helen must be dead, and then opens a discussion on the ruined camp Cutter and Captain Ryan found in the Permian. Lester is worried over the fact that someone has been to the Permian before them, but is still relieved as he believes the Anomaly crisis is over. Cutter, on the other hand, doesn't share Lester's belief; as they don't know what could have caused the Anomaly or even whether or not this is the first time the phenomenon has happened, and Cutter vows that it is very far from over and then heads off with Stephen, Abby and Connor.

The following night, Cutter is alone in his office at the University, thinking to himself about Helen. Cutter leaves his desk and goes to get a cup of coffee, and a shadow is briefly seen moving in the office. Cutter returns after seeing the shadow, and goes back to his desk to find a living Ammonite there. Cutter then hears someone heading outside, and rushes outside to see Helen standing and looking at him on a street by the University. Cutter tries to rush to her, but stops when he sees that Helen has gone, and is left thinking to himself what this means.






Objects and technology





  • The photo of the Gorgonopsid sighting gives the date of the sighting as 5.50pm 17 May, 2006; thus, sometime after May, 2006 is presumably the time in which the episode takes place.


  • If one looks closely at Connor's database when he is showing it to Stephen, all of the images in it are recycled from Tim Haines' past works.


  • During the scene in which Rex leads the group on a chase throughout the Home Office building, a continuity error occurs, in which Lester seemingly teleports across floors. When Rex escapes from the containment lab, Lester is shown right next to Cutter. However, after Rex took the lifts up to the top floor, Lester is seen taking a phone call on that floor. The floor he originally was on was several floors below.
  • When Stephen rams the Gorgonopsid with the CMU's Toyota Hilux, the interior shot shows the windscreen smashing, however directly after, in the exterior shot, the windscreen is seen to be intact.

Story connections

  • The Anomaly phenomenon discovered in this episode reoccurs in every Primeval and New World episode, except Episode 2.3, Episode 2.7, Episode 4.2, Episode 5.1, The Great Escape and The Inquisition. The Anomalies also occur in the Primeval novels.
  • In Episode 1.6:
    • The Forest of Dean - Permian hills Anomaly reoccurs.
    • A Gorgonopsid of the same species returns.
    • The photos of Helen Cutter and the remains of the campsite in the Permian are explained.
  • Some Scutosauri return in Episode 1.6, 2.6 and 2.7.
  • Helen Cutter uses an Ammonite as a "calling card" again, at the end of Episode 2.7.


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