Eotyrannus (meaning "dawn tyrant") was a tyrannosauroid theropod dinosaur from the early Cretaceous period.


They are located in what would have been the Isle of Wight, in southern England. Remains consisting of assorted skull, axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton elements, from a juvenile or subadult, were found in a plant debris clay bed there.

Eotyrannus is a 6 meter-long theropod which has the following tyrannosauroid characters: serrated premaxillary teeth with a D cross section, proportionally elongate tibiae and metatarsals. Primitive characters for Tyrannosauroidea are the elongate neck vertebrae and the long, well-developed arms forelimbs along with the undecorated dorsal surface of the skull, unlike the more advanced tyrannosaurids. However this animal, proportionally, has one of the longest hands in Theropoda known to date.

This theropod would be a probable predator of such herbivorous dinosaurs as Hypsilophodon and Iguanodon.It would probably flee from Neovenator.

In Primeval

The team face a near constant threat on Guns Island due to attacks from a large pack of Eotyrannus. They kill several people, and are then killed in a storm.

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