An Entelodon (also known as Terror Pigs or the hogs from hell) are an extinct family of pig-like omnivores of Eurasia/North America in the Oligocene.


Entelodons have bulky bodies, but short, slender legs, and long muzzles, standing up to 2 metres tall at the shoulder, with brains the size of an orange. They were apex predators but competed with other predators such as Hyaenodon.

Incursions and encounters

Extinction Event

A pair of Entelodon came through an Anomaly in a theatre on Oxford Street. One remained in the theatre while the other rampaged through the street, killing three people, leaving a woman scared and covered with its drool and damaging cars and buses. Jake Hemple followed Cutter's orders to tranquilise it so that it could be sent back through the Anomaly. Connor and Abby located the Anomaly, and encountered the other Entelodon which chased Connor before it went out onto the street and attacked Jenny, who was in Cutter's pick-up. Jenny reached safety, but the Entelodon was charging too fast to be tranquilized as well, so Cutter reluctantly ordered its death. Later the first Entelodon was sent back through the anomaly.

Other references

Episode 1.1

Connor included Entelodon in his database of prehistoric creatures.
Entelodon primeval

An Entelodon image among a Hyaenodon (Episode 1.1)


  • This is the true first creature encountered by the team after the death of Stephen Hart as Extinction Event was said to be before Episode 3.1. Its also possible that the unknown Anomaly that opened up during Stephen Hart's funeral was the Entelodon incursion.
  • Entelodons also appeared in Walking with Beasts which was made by Impossible Pictures.
  • Entelodon was originally going to appear in Episode 3.1 but it was replaced by Pristichampsus.
  • The Entelodon's rampage in the streets of London is likely a reference to the 1925 film The Lost World where a Brontosaurus rampages throughout London.
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