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Dylan Weir was an animal expert who was formerly a Predator Control officer, but later joined Evan Cross' Anomaly-fighting Special Projects Group. She served as an expert for the SPG on handling and containing creatures.



Dylan grew up on a farm, where she would coil perimeters of razor wire, to keep wolves that came out of the nearby forests from eating the Weirs' sheep. However, occasionally (approximately once every month) Dylan would find some of the wolves would have gotten tangled in the razor wire and be forced to chew their own body parts off. Seeing this in turn led Dylan to believe in later years that humans were the real problem with the world and that what animals did was not their fault. (Breakthrough)

Later during Dylan's early life, she began fighting forest fires near Fort McMurray, (Fear of Flying) and later she eventually joined the Predator Control Team in Vancouver. As a Predator Control officer, Dylan tasked with handling wild animals which would stray into Vancouver, and became close to fellow officer Tony Drake and police detective Harlow. (The New World, Sisiutl)

The New World

NW1x1 DylanSeesAnAnomalyForFirstTime

Dylan sees an Anomaly for the first time. (The New World)

When Predator Control was called in to investigate Jack's gruesome death in inner-Vancouver, Dylan came to the scene with Tony Drake and examined Jack's remains with him; Dylan theorised that Jack was attacked in the air by a very large bird of prey, rather than a bear or cougar, but Drake dismissed this due to how large the bird would have to be to cause the attack on Jack.

Dylan subsequently began searching Stanley Park for any signs of a predator on the loose, and ran into Evan Cross in the Park. The two then began discussing Tony Drake and why they were there, with Evan working out from Dylan that she suspected there was a dangerous animal loose in the area, until they noticed a large, unseen creature watching them from the vegetation. While Dylan was attempting to call the creature in to Predator Control, a magnetic spike interfered with her phone, and Dylan then followed Evan as the latter tracked the source, to, to Dylan's awe, an Anomaly under a bridge. A Utahraptor then arrived and attacked Evan and Dylan, forcing them through the Anomaly into the Cretaceous. Evan and Dylan quickly returned through the Anomaly to the present, just before it closed with the raptor on the Cretaceous side, and Evan then took a shocked Dylan with him back to the Tank.

At the Tank, as Evan showed the photos of the Anomaly and the Utahraptor to the Special Projects Group, he explained to Dylan that the Anomaly was a spacetime portal, and revealed to Dylan that Drake knew about the Anomalies as well and called Drake to talk to Dylan about it. However, while Dylan and Drake were talking about Drake's secret about the Anomalies over the phone, Dylan and the SPG learned that Drake was tracking a creature to a SkyTrain service tunnel, and Evan, Dylan and Mac Rendell rushed by car to the scene. On the way, Dylan called Drake again over the phone, but Drake was attacked by the creature, and when a grief-stricken Dylan and the team got to the tunnel, they found that Drake had been killed by the creature.

NW1x1 Dylan+EvanVsPteranodon

Dylan and Evan attempt to tranquilise the Pteranodon. (The New World)

After the police arrived, Dylan iced down her grief over Drake's death to examine his body and see what kind of creature was responsible, and concluded that there was indeed another Utahraptor loose in the present and the raptor had been the creature that had killed Drake. Dylan explained this to Evan and Mac, but believed that there was a second, avian predator on the loose which had caused Jack's death. Dylan and the Special Projects Group then learned from Harlow that Trevor Molison had gone missing in Stanley Park, and, realising that the creatures were responsible, rushed to the cordoned-off Park to try and get access. Dylan was allowed to enter the Park to find Trevor, but Evan and Mac were not, until Evan managed to get Angelika Finch to get them all clearance.

Evan and Dylan then began searching Stanley Park together while Mac searched separately, until they tracked Trevor by radio to a Pteranodon nest in the Park. Dylan initially tried to tranquilise the Pteranodon from in hiding, but when the tranquilisers took too long to take effect, Evan and Mac resorted to confronting the Pteranodon and distracting it while Evan rescued Trevor. This plan worked, but the Utahraptor then arrived and attacked Evan and Trevor, until the Pteranodon recovered and fought it and the two creatures killed each other.

Following the Stanley Park incursion, Dylan told the truth about how the predators that she and the Special Projects Group had combatted in the Park were actually living dinosaurs. However, Dylan's report was not believed, and Dylan was suspected of being mentally unstable from Drake's death and so was suspended from the police force and scheduled for a psychiatric evaluation.


A week after the Stanley Park incursion, a matter of hours before Dylan was to have her psyche evaluation, when she was discussing it with Liz over the phone, Leo John visited Dylan with supposed proof that he had found evidence that another aquatic cryptid was actually a real, surviving prehistoric animal. Dylan was initially unimpressed at how Leo was following her and at his claims that an aquatic cryptid was real, until Leo showed Dylan a raw video on his camera of a large, eel-like creature - which he believed to be the mythical Sisiutl - in a bay.

NW1x2 Dylan+HarlowArgue

Dylan and Harlow argue over Dylan's future. (Sisiutl)

Dylan subsequently drove with Leo to the coastline where Leo had sighted and recorded the creature, in the midst of a land dispute between the local First Nations people and the Merison Oil company, in time to stop an argument between Harlow and Leo's uncle and protester Ray outside the Merison Oil loading facility from becoming too heated. Dylan and Harlow discussed why each one of them were there, and in the process, an upset Dylan learned that even Harlow didn't believe her about the creature incursion in Stanley Park. When Harlow revealed to Dylan that he was investigating the disappearances of two Merison Oil workers out on the bay, Dylan suspected that the creature Leo had sighted was responsible for the disappearances. Dylan subsequently talked with Ray and Leo about the Sisiutl legend, and Leo and Ray got into a heated argument, after which Dylan got Leo to take her to where he sighted the creature.

Leo subsequently led Dylan to a clifftop overlooking the bay, where he'd sighted the creature, and the two found Evan Cross and Mac Rendell already there and an underwater Anomaly in the bay. Dylan, Evan and Mac realised that the creature Leo had sighted was probably an aquatic predator which had come through the Anomaly into the coastline waters, and then saw the creature heading in the bay towards a kayaker. However, the creature ignored the kayaker and swam by directly under him. Dylan, Mac and Evan tried to work out why the creature had ignored the kayaker, and did not believe Leo's conviction that the creature was Sisiutl and the Anomaly was the water-moon from the legend. Evan asked for Dylan's help and offered to recruit her into the Special Projects Group, but Dylan was reluctant due to how close she was to losing her beloved job on Predator Control. When Evan considered Dylan aloud underambitious for wanting Predator Control so badly over the SPG, this upset Dylan and caused her to storm off and leave Mac and Evan.

Dylan subsequently went down to the bay shore, where she followed the coastline until she discovered the wreckage of one of the two missing Merison Oil workers' motorboats, and called Harlow to the scene over the phone. After meeting up with Dylan at the site, when Dylan hypothesised that the creature was a giant prehistoric eel and was responsible for the boat wreckage, Harlow became upset and sceptical and argued with Dylan over her claims of prehistoric creature incursions. Harlow warned that continuing this would ruin Dylan's career with Predator Control and that Dylan would have to lie to keep her job, though Dylan remained reluctant to hide the truth over her career.

NW1x2 TitanoboaCornersDylan

Dylan is confronted and cornered by the Titanoboa. (Sisiutl)

Later, just when Dylan was about to choose Predator Control over the Special Projects Group and the Anomaly project and was about to leave for her psych evaluation for her future with Predator Control, Evan called Dylan on her phone and sent her a photo of the creature's regurgitated victims he had found. Dylan recognised from the creature's vomit that it was a snake rather than an eel, and could therefore come onto land, and warned Evan to get away rather than follow the creature's tracks. When Evan ignored Dylan's warning and hung up on her, Dylan realised that it was wrong to choose her career with Predator Control over Evan's life when he was in danger, and so gave up on Predator Control and skipped her psych evaluation; apologising to Harlow before heading back to the coastline to find and rescue Evan.

When Dylan failed to call Evan back, she called Toby, who sent the plans for the storm drain system where Evan was searching for the creature to Dylan's phone. Using these, Dylan found Evan and Leo cornered in a locked storm drain in the woods by the creature - a Titanoboa - and unlocked the drain to allow the two to escape the drain. Dylan, Evan and Leo then worked out that the Titanoboa hunted and detected prey by sound, and that it would head through the storm drainage system to the Merison Oil loading facility. Evan and Dylan subsequently rushed to the facility as it was evacuated, so as to turn off the noisy machinery so that the Titanoboa would be drawn by Mac's motorboat back to the Anomaly in the bay.

At the oil-loading facility, when the Titanoboa arrived, it approached and cornered Dylan, who tried to stay still and silent to avoid provoking it, until Evan lured the creature away from Dylan. While Evan and Harlow distracted the Titanoboa, Dylan shut off the last of the facility's machinery, causing the Titanoboa to leave and return to the sewers after more noise. While Leo and Harlow went to stop the protestors out the front of the facility from drawing the Titanoboa's attention and to cover the creature incursion up, Evan and Dylan returned to the clifftop overlooking the Anomaly site, and watched as the Titanoboa returned into the bay and was lured by Mac back through the Anomaly just before it closed.

In the aftermath, Dylan discussed the incursion with Evan and Leo, and realised that the Anomaly must have been recurring for centuries, and it and the Titanoboa were incorporated into Native American legends as the water-moon and Sisiutl respectively. Due to the knowledge of the Anomaly's recurring nature, Dylan instructed Leo to watch over the bay and call the Special Projects Group if the Anomaly reopened again. Dylan and Evan then left the coastline, and Dylan apparently afterwards took up Evan's offer that she come work for him in the Special Projects Group.

Fear of Flying

NW1x3 Dylan+EvanFindWingTank

Dylan and Evan, holed up aboard the plane in the Jurassic, break through to the plane's fuel tank. (Fear of Flying)

When the Special Projects Group learned of a gigantic Anomaly that had recently opened up at Spring River Airport outside of Vancouver, Dylan went with Mac and Evan to the airport to investigate and contain the Anomaly.

When Toby learned and relayed from at the Tank to Dylan and the SPG in the field the disappearance of Eastern Airlines Flight 443 at the airport through the Anomaly, Evan set about going through the Anomaly with Dylan to rescue the plane's crew from the other side and bring them back through to the present; although Dylan was reluctant about it due to the potential deadly threats and risks on the other side of the Anomaly, but went anyway.

While Mac stayed behind at the airport with his girlfriend Samantha Sedaris to guard the Anomaly, Evan and Dylan went through on a search-and-rescue mission into the past for the plane. Upon coming out on the other side of the Anomaly in a dark desert in the Jurassic, Dylan and Evan found that the other side of the Anomaly was aerial and that they couldn't contact Mac and Sam back in the present to find a way to get back through with the plane crew. Evan and Dylan then located the plane landed nearby in the desert, and went to the plane to rescue the crew and came aboard to meet the two crew: Jim and his co-pilot Pallavi Grewal.

Evan and Jim set about repairing the damage passing through the Anomaly had caused to the plane so as to fly it back through the Anomaly to the present, and Evan and Jim went out to repair the external gear while Dylan and Pallavi cannibalised and replaced the plane's wiring from the inside. While the plane was being repaired, Dylan found swarms of carnivorous Jurassic Beetles attacking Evan and Jim outside the plane in the desert. Jim was killed, but Evan managed to save Evan by driving the Beetles away from him with a shot from a flare gun, and Evan and Dylan subsequently sealed themselves and Pallavi inside the plane from the Beetle swarms outside. Assessing the situation, Evan decided with Dylan that the circuitry repairs to the plane would have to be finished from the inside if the group were to get back through the Anomaly in the plane in time before the Jurassic Beetles got in.

As the Jurassic Beetles outside began to slowly get close to getting into the plane by slowly eating the windows' silicon seals, Evan and Dylan began stripping wire to repair the plane, while discussing their respective knowledges on the plane and on the Beetles respectively, and Evan explained that as he couldn't fly a plane as well as he could build one, the trio's only hope was for Pallavi to get over Jim's death and fly the plane back through the Anomaly for them once the repairs were finished. While Pallavi began to further lose emotional control at the sounds of the Beetles swarming over the plane outside, Dylan tried to calm and comfort Pallavi, and was more understanding than Evan on what Pallavi was going through and tried to comfort Pallavi about Jim's death.

NW1x3 Dylan+EvanProtectedByFire

Dylan and Evan in the Jurassic, making a protective circle of fire against the Jurassic Beetles. (Fear of Flying)

As Evan continued the repairs to the plane's circuitry, he and Dylan discussed what would happen to them if the Anomaly closed and left them stranded in the past if they didn't get the plane back through in time, and Evan jokingly suggested to Dylan's sarcasm and scepticism that they could end up having children and become the progenitors of the human race. Just after this, when Pallavi tried to make a run from the plane and lost composure, Dylan and Evan argued over it, and Evan brought up the subject of how Dylan had kept control in light of Drake's death during the Stanley Park incursion. Dylan felt Evan to be overly stoic in that he was still chasing the Anomalies after they had caused his best friend Drake's death, but Evan simply decided cryptically to Dylan's confusion that he'd just gotten used to losing his friends to the Anomalies.

While Dylan pondered to herself about what Evan had meant about being used to losing friends, she and Evan finished the repairs to the plane's system, but the trio found that the plane was somehow out of fuel, which Pallavi calculated to Evan must have been due to a leak in the fuel tank caused by the crashed when the plane landed on the Jurassic side of the Anomaly. However, Evan decided they could refill the tank using gasoline from a generator onboard the plane, and Dylan and Evan subsequently began digging and breaking through the plane floor to the fuel tank. As they did this, Dylan worked out that what Evan had meant was that he had lost another loved one before Drake to the creatures, specifically his late wife Brooke in 2006. She confronted Evan about this, but he brushed Dylan's questions and suspicions off and had Dylan and himself be made busy.

After Evan and Dylan reached and broke into the plane's fuel tank and finished refuelling it, Pallavi set about starting the plane up to fly it back through the Anomaly to the present, but she was killed when the Beetles broke into and overran the cockpit, forcing Dylan and Evan to seal themselves in the seating area from the Beetles. With the plan to repair the plane and use it to fly back through the Anomaly now impossible, Dylan came up with a new plan with Evan to use fire to keep the Beetles away while the duo fled out across the desert and back to the Anomaly. To achieve this, Evan doused blankets she and Evan were wearing first in water and then in gasoline, and lit the gasoline on fire with a flare gun as they left the plane to keep the Jurassic Beetles back.

Evan and Dylan immediately ran across the desert back to below the Anomaly, where they made a protective circle of fire with the burning blankets to stop the Beetles overrunning them, and they tried to hoist themselves up and back through the Anomaly to the present with a makeshift anchor. Just as the flames went out, Evan and Dylan were pulled on the anchor by Mac back up from the Jurassic desert and back through the Anomaly to the Airport in the present, as the Beetles overran the ground in the present. There, while Evan and Dylan stopped the Beetles from the desert crawling on the anchor through the Anomaly to the present, Mac and Samantha dealt with a giant, flying queen beetle attacking the team, which they successfully shot down and sent back through the Anomaly. With the incursion dealt with, the four compared scores, and Evan set about ensuring the late Jim and Pallavi didn't go forgotten.

Angry Birds

NW1x4 DylanRecognisesLeggy

Dylan, seen through Leggy's vision, recognises the young creature as a Terror Bird. (Angry Birds)

While settling into the Tank and the Special Projects Group, Dylan brought in wildlife tasers for use in the field tasing and dropping creatures as powerful as rhinos. When she was introducing Evan and Toby to the technology, the SPG received a new Anomaly alert, located at New Westminster, which prompted Evan to drive out ahead with Dylan, armed with the new tasers, while Mac and Toby followed. Dylan and Evan tracked the Anomaly to an abandoned train yard in the New West warehouse district, before their handheld detectors' signals suffered interference from the overhead wiring. While scouring the train yard for any sign of the Anomaly, Evan and Dylan inadvertently stumbled upon a professional cannabis-growing crop, which resulted in them getting taken hostage at gunpoint by Blake and Skeezer; the two drug dealers growing the marijuana.

As Dylan and Evan tried to convince Blake and Skeezer that they were Predator Control officers looking for unusual animals and didn't care about the cannabis, Dylan pieced together from Blake and Skeezer's suspicious glances at the talk about strange animals that they'd seen something. They admitted that they'd found an unusual bird which they'd named Leggy, and when Skeezer showed the bird to Dylan and Evan, Dylan recognized Leggy as a juvenile Titanis walleri that had no doubt come through the Anomaly. When Blake feared that this could mean there were adult Terror Birds on the loose which could destroy the crop, he agreed to let Evan go out to search for any more Terror Birds, but forced Dylan to stay as a bargaining chip.

While Blake and Skeezer kept Dylan hostage at their den aboard one of the train carriages, when Blake declared he intended to kill Dylan and dump her body anyway so that she and Evan couldn't go to the police about the cannabis crop, Skeezer and Blake got into an intensifying argument, which quickly turned deadly at gunpoint, while Dylan desperately and unsuccessfully attempted to try and cool them back down to rational thought before they got her or each-other hurt. Dylan's desperation to go out and help Evan was increased when the three caught a glimpse of an adult Terror Bird outside chasing Evan, but Dylan's survival chances as the two dangerous men's hostage were lowered further when an angered Blake overheard Mac's timely arrival. Before Blake and Skeezer could shoot each-other, a tranquiliser gun-armed Toby made a timely arrival, and accidentally tranquilised Skeezer when Blake had attempted to murder him. Dylan warned Blake that he had no chance of fleeing while Terror Birds were out there, since he would be outrun and cut down even if he fled by car, prompting Blake to let Dylan go out to help Evan, but forcing Toby to stay behind as leverage.

NW1x4 DylanLuresTerrorBird

Dylan uses herself as bait to lure a Terror Bird into a hotbox trap. (Angry Birds)

Running out into the grounds of the warehouse district, Dylan found the last remaining adult Bird had Evan, Mac and Ken Leeds trapped in a train carriage. She planned to use herself as bait to lure the Terror Bird away long enough for Evan, Leeds and Mac to get out, but by the time Dylan had gone in to confront the Bird, the creature had left in search of easier prey. Dylan found the Terror Bird just as it hunted down and devoured Blake when the latter had tried to flee alone, and rejoined with Evan, Toby and the others in the process, before the Terror Bird proceeded to go after them. While Toby and Leeds went off to locate the Anomaly, Dylan came up with a plan on how to trap and neutralize the Terror Bird: she, Evan and Mac would lure the Bird into Blake and Skeezer's cannabis crop while the drugs were burning, then seal it inside the resulting hotbox to pass out from the pot overdose. Dylan pulled the plan off using herself as bait, and the plan succeeded in neutralizing the Terror Bird.

After all the Terror Birds were neutralised, Leeds helped the SPG send them all back through the Anomaly, then had the Anomaly site contained, before they returned to the Tank to tell Ange about the incursion.



Clean Up on Aisle Three


Babes in the Woods






The Great Escape


The Inquisition


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1


The Sound of Thunder: Part 2



Dylan was confident, athletic and adventurous, being more comfortable in the wilderness than the city. Dylan also harboured a strong love for animals, which extended to the creatures from the Anomalies; she could tame and coerce larger and more passive creatures, and Dylan once admitted that she personally helped the Special Projects Group send the creatures back through the Anomalies to their homes more to return the animals to their natural homes than out of concern for the preservation of the timeline.

Where Evan used his intellect and intelligence, Dylan instead relied more on instinct. However, Dylan was still very intelligent, and could be highly insightful into her friends and partners around her and how they were feeling, due to her fascination with animal behavior. Dylan also had a strong sense of right of wrong when it came to saving others' lives, to such a point that when she was at a crossroads between the job that had been her life and the job that Evan offered her, she chose to help Evan since leaving him didn't feel right. She was very loyal to and protective of her friends and teammates as well, being reluctant to leave any one of them alone in the middle of a dangerous situation.

Dylan admitted that when she'd first joined the Special Projects Group, she personally longed for her old life with Predator Control free of the Anomalies back; but over her time with the SPG, as she bonded with her fellow team members and found a new place among them containing the creatures, Dylan shed her initial feelings and became a loyal friend and member of the Special Projects Group.


Evan Cross

Evan was impressed at Dylan's ability to do her job in spite of heavy emotional blows, and encouraged her to expand her life to beyond Predator Control. After Dylan joined the SPG, she and Evan frequently worked together as partners in the field and developed a strong trust and faith in each-other. However, Evan seemed to be either unaware of or ignoring Dylan's romantic interest in him.




  • Dylan revealed in Angry Birds that she cooks, although she admitted that she wasn't very skilled at it.