Dogs are a form of domesticated canine, often kept by people as pets. They come in many different 'breeds', appearing in vastly different sizes, shapes and colours but are still only classified as one species.


Episode 1.6

The Special Forces used two German Shepherd dogs when helping the Home Office Anomaly-investigating team to try and track down a Future Predator in the Forest of Dean. The dogs started barking when an adult Predator was nearby because they could hear the high frequency echolocation noises, but they didn't bark when near the babies.

Episode 2.3

Mr West bred guard dogs (also German Shepherds) on his farm, which was thought by members of the Anomaly Research Centre to be a Smilodon, however West showed them his dogs so they left. Later, when West took Jenny Lewis hostage the dog started barking agressively.

Episode 2.5

A small female Terrier called Sprat, belonging to Taylor Craig, went through an Anomaly. Taylor followed it through, and, along with Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart, got stranded in the Silurian, however Sprat made it back through without them.

Episode 2.7

When a mercenary of Oliver Leek's organisation was releasing a Silurian Scorpion on a public beach, a Staffordshire Terrier there sensed something was wrong and barked.

Episode 3.2

Between 1995 and 2009, a Camouflage Beast was killing and eating people's pets (including dogs) near the Brooks house. Emily started feeding it so it would not eat the pets or her dog Alfie. After the ARC team dispatched the beast, Emily was seen playing with Alfie.

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