The Docks is an area where a Kaprosuchus is found in a construction site, where it had been feeding off homeless people and builders - until the builders decide to burn what they think is just a makeshift homeless house but is in fact the Kaprosuchus' den. This angers the Kaprosuchus who chases the builders and Abby Maitland, Connor Temple and Duncan (who are there investigating the deaths). Abby, Connor and Duncan are rescued by Matt Anderson who was following Abby. The Kaprosuchus attacks Matt’s car but Matt and the others manage to drive away and escape.


A satellite image of the Docks as seen from Abby Maitland's laptop.

The Kaprosuchus then proceeds to swim into the dock and climb aboard a cargo ship. It terrifies the crew and then corners Matt who along with Connor and Abby is looking for it onboard. But before it can kill Matt, Hilary Becker shows up and tranquillises the Kaprosuchus. As Becker tries to transport the Kaprosuchus in one of the containers by lifting up by a crane and placing it ashore, it wakes up and breaks the container free from the crane. It escapes the container and then chases Duncan into the maze of containers, while Connor follows. Matt then leads a team of soldiers and Abby into the maze, and they split up into groups of two to look for the Kaprosuchus.

Abby's partner's gun malfunctions, and as he stoops to fix it the Kaprosuchus drops down in front of him. When he shoots his EMD the shot ricochets off the walls and hits him, stunning him. He helplessly watches as the Kaprosuchus opens its jaws and devours him. Soon after the Kaprosuchus almost kills Duncan who only narrowly escapes through a small gap between containers. He then runs into Connor who hides him in a container for his safety. The creature comes at Becker from above but luckily Matt, Connor and Abby shoot it with their EMDs and kill it.


  • The anomaly actually appeared in a house, not at the docks. It is unknown how close the anomaly was to the docks were the Kaprosuchus lived. It is also possible it came through the Underground Car Park anomaly which was near the house.
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