The Crystal Palace Diving Institute was a leisure centre in London for swimming and diving.


Episode 1.3

One night, while Anthony Barton and Diane Johnson were swimming at the Diving Institute, an Anomaly opened in the diving pool they were using, and a Mosasaur came through and devoured and killed Anthony, before returning through the Anomaly, which subsequently closed.

The next day, the police came to Crystal Palace to investigate Anthony's death, as did the Home Office Anomaly research team. The lead Detective inspector wrongly pinned Diane as Anthony's killer and had her arrested.


  • The Institute is located twenty miles from the Reservoir, on the mobile underwater Anomaly's temporal fault line. The Dexter house is located directly between the Institute and the reservoir.
  • The Institute is a short distance away from Crystal Palace park; the site of one of the first dinosaur reconstructions in known history. The concrete dinosaurs were created by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins in the 1850s.
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