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This article is about Cross Photonics company, not the Special Projects Group division.

Cross Photonics was a company, started and run by Evan Cross and initially Angelika Finch, which specialised mainly in developing new technology. Evan Cross' Anomaly-hunting Special Projects Group was a secret division of Cross Photonics.


Cross Photonics was launched by Evan Cross and Angelika Finch at some point before September 2006. It was their fourth company and the first successful launch, with the previous three companies having gone bankrupt. (Fear of Flying)

Following the Albertosaurus incursion of 15 September, 2006 which resulted in Brooke Cross' death, Evan bought the incursion site as Cross Photonics' base of operations, and set up the Special Projects Group as a secret Cross Photonics division tasked with tracking the Anomalies. Evan's obsession with the SPG and the Anomalies in turn meant that he began ignoring his responsibilities over the rest of Cross Photonics, forcing Ange to mostly take care of the company herself.

The New World

In December 2011 - January 2012, UmiGen Technologies was considering handing Cross Photonics a $26 million contract, and thus Evan Cross and Dave Simmons were scheduled to have a meeting at this time to discuss it. However, Ange postponed the meeting when she correctly feared that Evan would forget.

After the Special Projects Group finally tracked down an Anomaly, Ange wanted to hand Cross Photonics' control of the Anomaly project over to government authorities such as Project Magnet, but Evan instead chose to have the SPG keep responsibility of the Anomaly operation.

Angry Birds

Cross Photonics lost the chance to seize the UmiGen contract while Evan was out dealing with an Anomaly.

Clean Up on Aisle Three




The Inquisition


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1



Special Projects Group

Name Time Position Status
Evan Cross Company beginning - present President
SPG leader
Toby Nance Unknown - present SPG inventor and technology expert alive
Mac Rendell Late 2006 - The Sound of Thunder: Part 2 Security guard (formerly)
SPG marksman
presumed deceased
Dylan Weir Sisiutl - present SPG tracker and animal expert MIA

Other staff

Name Time Position Status
Numerous Staff various various alive
Angelika Finch Company beginning - Truth CFO quit
Samantha Sedaris 2009 - Undone Security guard deceased
Bill Pierson 2007 - Undone Security guard deceased


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