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— Stephen Hart after Connor Temple shows his database[src]

The Comprehensive Database of Extinct Species was a computer database created by Connor Temple, where he updated information on all known extinct vertebrates.


Connor mentioned that he had been constantly building and updating the database in his free time since he was fourteen years old. (Episode 1.1)

Episode 1.1

During the search in the Forest of Dean for a creature, Connor showed his database to Stephen Hart, and later used it to identify the Gorgonopsid and a Scutosaurus the team had encountered.

Episode 1.2

During the London Underground incursion, Connor used his database to identify the rampant Arthropleura and that it was non-venomous and a timid creature (both of these facts in the databse being proven wrong by the Arthropleura's aggression and its venomous bite).

Episode 1.3

During the Home Office team's search for a mobile Anomaly, Connor researched the Mosasaur on his database at the Central Metropolitan University, until Tom and Duncan saw it.

Episode 3.1

Connor identified the Eocene crocodilian creature which had come through the Sun Cage Anomaly as Pristichampsus using his database.

Fire and Water

By this point, Connor rarely used the database believing he could identify creatures without it. However, James Lester and Danny Quinn took a laptop with them to Africa, that had the program installed, in case they need it.





  • In Series 1, nearly all the articles with photos use images from Impossible Pictures's Walking with... series.
  • In Fire and Water, Connor twice mentioned that he does not need his laptop to identify creatures any more, which most likely explains why the database was rarely seen after Series 1.
  • In Episode 3.1, the graphics were different from Series 1.


  • There are two non-vertabrates on the database despite only supposed to have vertabrates: Meganeura and Arthropleura.
  • The skull seen in the Tylosaurus data file is of Platecarpis instead of Tylosaurus.


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