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James Lester: "Who's that idiot?"
Nick Cutter: "Connor Temple; he may look like a halfwit, but he has a very good brain."
James Lester: "We may stand on the brink of Armageddon, but at least we have an irritating student on our side. How reassuring!"
Nick Cutter's and James Lester's opposing thoughts on Connor.[src]

Connor Temple was a member of the Anomaly research branch of the Home Office and later the Anomaly Research Centre, and the genius of the operation responsible for inventing new Anomaly-combating technology and learning more about the phenomenon. He was also currently believed to be the husband of Abby Maitland, and with the deaths of Nick and Helen Cutter, as well as Philip Burton ,Connor arguably knew the most about the Anomalies.


Connor was born around 1983. When he was eight, he stayed behind in a museum to see if the exhibits came to life at night, but only ended up locked in the toilet for three hours. (Episode 3.1) He was geeky by nature; compiling a database of prehistoric creatures "every spare moment" since he was fourteen, (Episode 1.1), wanted to be in a crime-busting gang for all his life and at one point had a crush on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also apparently won the Duke of Edinburgh Award... until he sprained his ankle. (Episode 1.2)

Connor became a Palaeontology/Evolutionary Zoology student at the Central Metropolitan University Department of Evolutionary Zoology under teaching of Professor Nick Cutter. Although the professor never turned up for any of the seminars. (Episode 1.1, Series 1)

At some point, Connor went to a chill-out tent at a Glastonbury Festival. (Episode 2.4) He would also have Battlestar Galactica and pepperoni pizza nights with his friends Tom and Duncan, (Episode 1.4) and all three loved conspiracy theories, believing all life on earth derived from organisms carried from aliens spacecrafts and that governments hid the evidence (such as the death of the Loch Ness Monster). Connor once had a penpal in the Gambia who he sometimes described as girlfriend. (Episode 1.1, Series 1)

Original timeline

Episode 1.1

Stephen: "What about you?"
Connor: "You mighty hunter. Me; I'm more logistics and... backup"
―Connor isn't up for a deadly encounter yet.

When Connor read an article about a mysterious sighting of a creature, he went to Cutter with it. Despite the initial skepticism he encountered, he inadvertently convinced Cutter to go when he mentioned the sighting was near the Forest of Dean. When investigating an attack on a truck, Cutter's lab assistant Stephen Hart mentioned that Cutter's wife Helen had disappeared without a trace in the forest eight years earlier.

Connor takes a picture of the Scutosaurus. (Episode 1.1)

While Cutter was taking a break at the Eddington Hotel, Connor showed Stephen the database of prehistoric creatures on his laptop, which he had been building for years and Stephen noted was slightly sad. Cutter returned with Claudia Brown, a Home Office official Cutter had just met and invited along, and Connor assumed she was there to make a cover-up. The group was surprised to find a dead cow in a tree, and Connor showed Cutter that the compass they were using was going haywire. Later they came across a dinosaur-like creature in the forest, as well as Abby Maitland, a Wellington Zoo keeper. Connor took a picture of the creature, but Claudia deleted it.

Connor stayed with Stephen to watch the creature while the others went to sort things out with another creature Abby had taken from a local boy. Upon their return they scared the larger creature to see where it would think it was safe, and discovered an Anomaly. Connor discovered it was highly magnetic, and while testing the Anomaly's magnetism by throwing metal objects at it, he lost his front door keys. Connor also asked for Stephen's thoughts on Abby, having picked up something between them.

When Connor and Stephen discovered footprints from the predator that killed the cow, Connor theorized that the first creature they encountered was a herbivorous Scutosaurus, and narrowed the predator creature down to a Gorgonopsid; warning Stephen to be careful before he returned to the Anomaly site. He later watched as Cutter and Special Forces soldier Tom Ryan went through the Anomaly to return the Coeurasauravus and explore, and when his pen wasn't taken by the magnetic field realised the Anomaly was getting weaker. The pair returned though, and Connor asked what it was like, only for the Gorgonopsid to attack. The creature was killed by Stephen, and Connor and the others went to the Home Office where Cutter announced his suspicions to Claudia's superior James Lester that the incident wasn't over, and left with him.

Episode 1.2

« "Claustrophobia and vertigo on the same day!" »
— Connor on the search for the Arthropleura[src]

Connor and Abby camp out together in the New Forest. (Episode 1.2)

Connor was elated to be able to know such a big secret, and tried to tell his friends Tom and Duncan, but they didn't believe him. He decided to look on a 'weird sightings forum' for new creature sightings and possible new Anomaly incursions, and seemingly found one at the New Forest. He went to Abby's flat to ask for her help, and saw that she had kept the Coelurosauravus, Rex, after he had come back through the Anomaly, but agreed to keep her secret.

The pair went to the New Forest, where Abby asked if Stephen had mentioned her, to Connor's disappointment, and replied that he thought Stephen was gay. While keeping watch during the night, they were attacked by a dinosaur, only for it to be revealed a fake made by Tom and Duncan who fled as the police arrived. Cutter, who had learned of what the pair were up to, wasn't happy with Connor for failing to keep the Anomaly and creatures secret, and sent him back to studying at the University to leave the situation to the rest of them; leaving Connor silently and deeply upset.

Later, Claudia called Connor and told him they needed his help with a new Anomaly discovered in the London Underground near Arsenal Station. Connor identified the centipede-like creature as an Arthropleura, as Cutter returned with Stephen, who had been poisoned by the giant centipede. In order to find an anti-venom to cure Stephen, the team searched for the creature and Connor pointed out it might be a burrower, and found its tunnel. He offered to help Cutter get the venom, and asked Abby to bury his Star Trek: The Next Generation Top Trumps with him (first offering them to her before changing his mind) if he died.

Connor during the search for the Arthropleura, on the numerous phobias he is going through during it. (Episode 1.2)

Connor, Cutter and Captain Ryan subsequently crawled through the Arthropleura's burrow to a maintenance bunker, where the tracked the creature down to an electrics room on a high-up level. After the Arthropleura's venom was obtained, Connor fought against the creature with a metal stool, which got caught in its mandibles and conducted electricity from a generator, killing the creature. After Stephen was cured with the anti-venom and began to recover, Connor visited Abby and Stephen at hospital, and accepted that it was Stephen Abby wanted.

Connor later visited and talked with Cutter at the Anomaly, and seemed to accept Abby's feelings for Stephen and asked Cutter if he was back in. Cutter confirmed he was, and Connor noted he'd always wanted to be in a crime-busting gang and now was in a way, and asked if her could have a nickname, but was denied.

Episode 1.3

« "I can do the action stuff as well you know; I'm not just a massive intellect!" »
— Connor trying to convince Abby that he is as good as Stephen.[src]

Following the London Underground incursion, Connor monitored the Underground Anomaly with teams of Home Office scientists at the contained Anomaly site in the Underground. Connor explained to the Home Office via webcam that the Anomaly was not showing any signs of weakening, before the Home Office cut him off.

The same day, after Stephen had fully recovered from the Arthropleura bite, when he was about to leave the hospital, Connor visited him there and discussed getting their priorities in life sorted, when Abby arrived dressed attractively to impress Stephen. Connor teased Abby about her alternate dress sense and about her and Stephen's comments, until he and Abby learned from Stephen that he in fact already had a girlfriend, Alison. Upon seeing just how hurt Abby was over this, Connor told her that he in fact thought her alternate dress sense looked great, and his romantic interest in Abby began to return.

Connor later came with the rest of the team to the Crystal Palace Diving Institute to investigate a possible Anomaly incursion there, and discussed how an aquatic creature could have come through the Anomaly into the swimming pool. When Connor and Stephen were alone at the pool together, Connor discussed Alison with Stephen and how Stephen had always given the impression to him and Abby that he was single, but Stephen was unaware of why Connor was talking about this.

Connor fights and fends off the Mosasaur. (Episode 1.3)

After the remains of Anthony Barton appeared at a reservoir and the Home Office team suspected that the Anomaly from Crystal Palace had reopened there, Connor went with the team and the Special Forces to the reservoir, and regularly measured the water levels there. Eventually, Connor discovered that the water had fallen forty centimetres between his last measurement and the one before it, and alerted Cutter and Stephen to this, and realised with them from it that the Anomaly was still down in the reservoir somewhere and the waters were seeping out through it.

While Cutter, Stephen and the Special Forces went diving into the reservoir in search of the Anomaly, Abby and Connor were tasked with wading out into a shallower area of the reservoir to collect and analyse more water samples. As the two prepared for this, Connor discussed Stephen with Abby and how Connor was or wasn't better than Stephen, and defended Stephen's action (asking Abby out while he was bitten, when he already had Alison as his girlfriend), while also encouraging Abby to move on from her initial romantic feelings for Stephen. After Connor and Abby went out into the reservoir, the marine creature from the Anomaly, a Mosasaur, arrived and stalked the two (particularly Abby). Once the Mosasaur was far enough away, Connor and Abby ran for the bank, where the Mosasaur partially came onto land and attacked and cornered the two, until Connor beat and fended the creature off with an oar from a nearby beached boat. After the Anomaly closed, Connor discussed the Mosasaur with Cutter, and was then thanked and hugged by Abby as appreciation for saving her from the Mosasaur, and Connor returned the hug (albeit for a little too long).

Connor researched the Mosasaur at the Central Metropolitan University, until Tom and Duncan came and tried to get back into a distant and uninterested Connor's good books, and Connor then left. After the underwater Anomaly reopened at the Dexter house, Connor went to the house with the rest of the team, and was present when James Lester announced that Helen Cutter was in fact alive and living in the past as a time-travelling nomad via the Anomalies; this news shocked and surprised Connor, and left him wondering how new TV concepts and themes such as Celebrity Love Island could be explained to Helen, until Claudia silenced Connor. While Cutter went through the Anomaly to make contact with Helen on the other side, Connor looked over the Dexter home's blueprints, and after ninety-two minutes, he found to his horror that a creature up to the size of the Mosasaur could escape through the local drainage system.

Half an hour later, after Cutter was brought back through the Anomaly from the other side and revived from drowning, Connor and Abby stayed with him in a parked ambulance outside as he recovered, while the Special Forces brought Helen back to the present through the Anomaly by force.

Connor with Abby shortly after moving into her flat. (Episode 1.4)

Episode 1.4

Shortly after Helen's capture, a new creature attack was reported at a block of flats, and Connor went with the team to investigate; but it turned out to be an illegally imported python. While containing it, Connor asked if he could move into Abby's flat for a while because he was having problems with his own. Abby dismissed the question, but Connor decided to take that as a yes anyway. Tom and Duncan gave Connor a lift to the flat, and unbeknownst to Connor, they had slipped a tracking device in the form of a Roswell keyring onto his bag in an attempt to find out why he was being so secretive. He blackmailed Abby into kissing him so that his friends would assume they were together, and began settling into the flat, taking off some of his clothes to avoid the heat Rex needed. This made it awkward when Stephen came to tell them that Helen was talking and was going to lead them to a new Anomaly.

At the Anomaly site in a football stadium kitchen, Helen escaped through the Anomaly into what Connor dubbed a Spaghetti Junction of Anomalies. A flock of Dodos then came through the Anomaly, and while Connor and the team were distracted rounding them up, one swallowed the keyring with the tracking device, and it was caught by Tom and Duncan. Before the team left the stadium, Connor noted the Anomaly was getting weaker. Duncan later came to Connor after Tom became infected by a Parasite carried by the stolen Dodo. Connor called the others and told them of this, and they went to Tom and Duncan's flat in search of Tom, but found that Tom had fled and the infected Dodo had died, and the rest of the team subsequently set about finding Tom before he sparked a pandemic.

Connor comforts a dying Tom in his last moments. (Episode 1.4)

Cutter and Stephen later turned to Connor and Duncan in the search for Tom, asking them about Tom and where he would probably go and what he'd do. During this, Connor learned how Tom and Duncan had bugged him with Roswell, and when Duncan told them that the infected Dodo had swallowed the transmitter, they realised that Tom would follow the tracker to Abby as she was with the dead Dodo. The team immediately went to the University, but found that Tom had already come and taken Abby and the Dodo, and then tracked Tom back to the football stadium in time to stop him passing the Parasite onto Abby. Connor pleaded with Ryan and the Special Forces not to shoot Tom, and went to Tom and managed to calm him down and encourage him to let Abby go and fight off the Parasite's influence.

As Tom began to die, Connor told him what Tom wanted to hear; that it really was a massive government conspiracy with mind control. Tom then successfully fought the Parasite's influence off, before dying in Connor's arms, leaving Connor emotionally devastated. Blaming himself for Tom's death, Connor initially decided to leave the team and the Anomaly operation, but Cutter convinced Connor that Tom would have been proud that Connor was part of something like this and that Connor therefore had to stay on the team for Tom. Cutter then comforted Connor over the latter's friend's death.

Connor expresses confidence to Rex that Abby likes the former.

Episode 1.5

After moving into Abby's flat, Connor stayed there and did not move out even after a month, and he also did little to pull his weight there. He also became confident that Abby was interested in him, although she actually still had her eye on Stephen. When Connor was playing video games at the flat while Abby was out for yoga practice, Connor received a call from Cutter alerting him to a new Anomaly incursion at Forest Heights Country Club. Connor hurriedly got dressed in response and drove out to the Forest Heights golf course. Upon arriving at the golf course, a shocked and horrified Connor found that Rex had escaped the flat due to Connor's carelessness and had stowed away in his car. Connor tried to coerce Rex to stay in the car, but Rex instead escaped and flew off, forcing Connor to chase Rex across the golf course.

Connor followed Rex across the golf course onto a fairway, where they were spotted by the rest of the team, to Connor's chagrin. When Connor and Rex noticed a Pteranodon in the skies heading straight for them, the two fled down the course from the creature as it gave hot pursuit, and narrowly escaped the Pteranodon in a close shave. Connor ran back to the team while Rex escaped again, but Abby was furious with Connor for his carelessness in letting Rex escape and wouldn't talk to him, and Cutter two was angry with Connor. Connor and Abby subsequently searched through the golf course's woods for Rex while the rest of the team ealt with the Pteranodon, and Connor tried to apologise to Abby for letting Rex escape but Abby was cold and furious with him.

Connor is chased with Rex by the Pteranodon. (Episode 1.5)

After some time, Connor and Abby finally found and recaught Rex in the woods, but in the process encountered a flock of Anurognathus which flew around and over them and then attacked the golf course's local hotel. After the Anurognathus were all killed, when Abby remained angry and unforgiving at Connor, Connor gave up on making up and decided to move out of Abby's flat for the best. However, Abby decided to let Connor stay at the flat on the conditions that he starts pulling his weight more, to Connor's joy. Connor and the team subsequently got the captured Pteranodon back through the Anomaly as it closed, and Connor afterwards cheered with the team.

Episode 1.6

Abby was teaching Connor how to chat up girls at a bar in her flat, when she was called away to a zoo emergency at the exact moment Connor tried to kiss her and tell her his feelings for her. Connor went with Abby to the zoo, where the emergency was that one of the lions had disappeared, leaving only a breach in the lion enclosure. Connor spotted blood in the enclosure, and took a sample of it to be tested, as Connor and Abby suspected that a creature might have come through the recently-reopened Forest of Dean Anomaly and taken the lion.

Connor and Abby investigate the lion's disappearance and suspect a creature attack. (Episode 1.6)

When the test results from the blood in the lion enclosure came back, they indicated that the blood was that of a bat with scrambled DNA. Connor was shocked and concerned about it, but Abby dismissed it. Meanwhile, the others met up with Helen, who explained that a Future Predator was on the loose in the present after having entered the Permian and then moved on to the present through the Forest of Dean Anomaly. When Stephen told Connor about this new information afterwards, he mentioned Abby's (now missing) boss and the lion, which led Stephen to realise the Predator was in that area.

Connor subsequently joined the team and the Special Forces in a search through the zoo's woods for the Future Predator's lair, where they were briefly attacked by the Predator and found themselves far outmatched due to the creature's immense agility and camouflage and quick-thinking. Cutter, Stephen and the team stopped after the attack was over to discuss what they'd seen of the Future Predator so far, in hopes of locating a weakness they could exploit against it. Connor worked out from how the soldiers' dogs had gone crazy before the Predator attacked that the creature was using echolocation to hunt the team and react in advance, and that this would fit with how the creature's bat blood indicated it to be a descendant of bats. Cutter then sent Connor off to get an oscilloscope from their car that they could use to track the Future Predator via its echolocation, but the Predator attacked Connor at the car, though he was saved by Abby and Stephen.

Connor's close encounter with the Future Predator. (Episode 1.6)

Though in shock from the near-death experience with the Future Predator, Connor chose to continue with the team in the hunt for the Future Predator, and used the oscilloscope to track the Predator's lair and its young down to a rural crate storage hut. The parent Predator then arrived and launched an attack against the team and the Special Forces, until it was killed by Nick and the youngling Predators captured.

After capturing the Future Predator young, Nick, Helen, Claudia and Lester reached a decision for the Cutters to lead a Special Forces mission through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to find and contain the Anomaly in the past that the Predators had come from. The following day, Connor and the team were present at the Anomaly, and watched as Nick, Ryan and Helen departed through the Anomaly for the mission, and afterwards were left waiting at the Anomaly site for Cutter to return. As the team waited, Connor got a call from the Home Office lab, which confirmed from the dead adult Predator's autopsy that it was male and the young's father; leaving Connor, Stephen and Abby worried at this news and its implication that the mother Predtaor was still at large.

Post-original timeline

In the new timeline created during the second mission into the Permian, Connor's biography up to the mission was apparently mostly the same, except he and the rest of the team at some early point moved from the Home Office to the Anomaly Research Centre.

Episode 1.6

When Cutter and Helen returned - as the only survivors of the failed mission - through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, Connor watched as it was revealed Stephen had once had an affair with Helen. After Helen returned through the Anomaly to the Permian, Cutter asked where Claudia was, but Connor and the others did not remember her due to the change in the timeline.

Episode 2.1

Nick: "Apparently some people never change."
Connor: "Is that a bad or a good thing?"
―No change for Connor in the new timeline.

After the Permian Anomaly closed, the team returned to the ARC, which to everyone except Cutter had existed prior to the change. Connor watched as Cutter struggled to accept the changes and lied about knowing Oliver Leek, Claudia's replacement in the new timeline.

Connor talks with Cutter about the change in the timeline.

Connor confronted Cutter as they headed off to a new creature sighting at the Castle Cross Shopping Mall, and had seen that he'd had no idea who Leek was. Despite some doubts, Connor decided that he believed Cutter about the change in the timeline. At the shopping mall, Connor complained about not been allowed to use a gun as they entered. As they searched for the Anomaly, Connor borrowed money from Abby to pay for a slushy, but was attacked and chased by a Raptor. However, Connor narrowly escaped the Raptor by sliding under a closing shutter.

The team soon encountered a cleaner and Connor and Abby escorted him to the locker room, which Connor insisted on checking using the gun. Despite his search, a baby Raptor attacked the Cleaner from the locker and cut his throat, and Connor tried to shoot it with the tranquilizer but accidentally shot Abby in the leg. On his second attempt he managed to tranquilize the baby Raptor and took the unconscious Abby to Cutter and Stephen. Though Connor showed Cutter where the Cleaner had been, the latter had vanished.

Connor being chased by a Raptor

During a trap intended to lure the remaining adult Raptor out, Abby woke up and distracted it, and she and Connor prepared to fend it off with pool cues, but it ran off. Cutter and Stephen later confronted it but were defenceless; however Connor arrived and kept them from being killed by shooting it. Cutter then showed Connor that there was interference on a radio frequency which he suspected was being caused by the Anomaly. Connor realised they could track Anomalies using this discovery, and once the Anomaly closed he and Cutter started making preparations to create an Anomaly detector. At the ARC the team were introduced to Jenny Lewis, and Connor watched as Cutter made the assumption she was Claudia Brown.

Connor took Cutter aside and convinced him to forget about Claudia Brown until they could figure out what was going on. (Episode 2.2)

Episode 2.2

While he and Abby were in a DVD store, she left him to pick one, and then he met Caroline Steel. After an awkward conversation in which Connor couldn't tell she was flirting with him, he learned she had an interest in sci-fi films and invited her to Abby's flat. However, Cutter called and he was forced to leave, but Caroline wrote her mobile number on his wrist and asked him to call her.

Connor meets Caroline.

Because of a dense Precambrian fog coming through the Anomaly at the Anomaly site, Abby and Connor went to pick up leaf-blowers to aid them. As they left the ARC, Connor recognised the Cleaner, but he just said he worked as a soldier and Connor had seen him around. Despite telling Abby, she didn't recognise him. Later, while rescuing several company employees to get out of the office building where the Anomaly was, Connor was nearly eaten by a Fog Worm, but fortunately Cutter cut its head off. While cleaning the Worm's slime off himself, Connor accidentally wiped Caroline's number off his hand.

As he and Abby went to turn on the temperature controls to push the fog out of the building, he annoyed Abby trying to recite it. They successfully activated the building's central heating, and went home, but Caroline came back to Abby's flat looking for her mobile. Connor then asked Caroline on a date and she said yes.

Using the principle of detecting pirate radio stations, Connor built a device to detect radio interference from Anomalies under supervision of Leek. (Episode 2.3)

Episode 2.3

Despite organising another date with Caroline, Connor had to present his new Anomaly Detection Device to the others and explain how it worked. However, Leek thought it was useless when it failed to detect an Anomaly at the site of a creature attack in Blue Sky Park. While Cutter, Stephen and Abby searched for the creature, Connor was left alone to guard the public areas of the amusement park. While texting Caroline, the guests screamed and Connor saw what looked like the creature. Taking a large rifle from the guns case, he shot at the cat, but discovered it was really Tim Parker in a lion costume.

Connor realises that his Anomaly Detector does indeed work.

Connor was reprimanded, and while searching for the real creature at night he was forced to stay close to Abby since she was allowed a gun. However, the creature killed Parker at a nearby train station, and using a photographer's pictures, Connor managed to identify it as a Smilodon. Upon the discovery of a buried body likely to have been killed by the Smilodon, Connor realised the Anomaly that the Smilodon had come through opened and closed a long time before.

After the Smilodon was captured at the cost of Valerie Irwin's life, Connor rechecked the ADD and it picked up an Anomaly. Connor wasn't happy with the timing since he had arranged another date with Caroline.

Shadow of the Jaguar


The Lost Island

While Connor was working on the Anomaly Detector, attempting to boost it, it picked up several Anomalies on Guns Island the team head to Ireland to prepare to head there by boat. The journey made Connor seasick, and he witnessed a Liopleurodon nearby. The morning after landing on the island he spotted an Iguanodon ]dying from the cold.

When the team headed to a base on the island they were attacked by Eotyrannus, but Connor made it to the base. While in there the team found an Anomaly to the Cretaceous, and, hoping to escape the predators, they went through. While searching for another Anomaly to get back to the island, Connor was part of a search party and used the dying handheld detector to locate one. Surviving the Dromaeosaur attack, he and the others escaped back to the present.

Episode 2.4

Abby: "Just let me go."
Connor: "I can't. I love you."
―Connor finally tells Abby how he feels

Caroline later made a meal for Connor and Abby, but Cutter called Abby and told them there was a new Anomaly. Abby was unhappy that Caroline kept coming to her flat, and Connor got angry that she had no faith in him. While searching a canal for a creature, Connor and Abby argued over methods and this resulted in Jenny falling in and getting attacked by a Future Shark. After Jenny was saved and the Shark killed, Connor and Abby returned home to find Caroline still there, and a hypothermic Rex sealed in the freezer.

Connor grieves over Abby's supposed death.

Abby sent Caroline away, and the next day while searching the canal again, Connor insisted it was an accident and while talking with Cutter about a man who had attacked him, Cutter mentioned it was the Cleaner. Connor said he'd seen him around as well, and they suspected they were being watched. While searching for a second creature with Cutter, Connor and Abby argued again; but when Abby was taken by the creature, a Mer Creature, Connor was desperate to find her. However, the search was called off, and despite Connor's insistence that they keep trying, Lester sent him home to calm down.

Though furious at Cutter for not getting help sooner, Connor agreed to help him when they discovered the Mer Creatures' lair in a flooded warehouse basement. They discovered the Anomaly had reopened and a missing boy who was still alive, who also mentioned that Abby two was alive but had been taken by the Mer Creatures. Connor went after Abby and found her still alive by the Anomaly. However, the MerQueen then arrived and knocked Connor into the water and took Abby through the Anomaly.

Connor followed them through onto a shoreline in the future. He soon spotted Abby on a ledge and tried to pull her up to safety, but started slipping over the edge. Abby insisted he let her go, but Connor refused and admitted that he loved her. Cutter then arrived and helped both Connor and Abby up before he and Stephen killed the Mer-Queen. When he and Abby returned to the flat, Connor acted like he hadn't said anything at first. Just when he was about to admit the truth, Caroline arrived for their date and Connor left behind a confused Abby.

Episode 2.5

At the ARC, Connor and Cutter discovered the ADD had been tampered with, to which Connor suspected the Cleaner, and the two set to work repairing the problem to locate an Anomaly they'd picked up. After solving the issue and heading to the Anomaly site, Connor asked Stephen for advice about what to do, and decided to tell Abby how he felt and dump Caroline.

Connor after Cutter and Stephen are marooned in the past.

While Cutter and Stephen went through the Anomaly to rescue Taylor from the Silurian, Connor dumped Caroline by text despite Abby's warnings about how humiliating it was. After the Anomaly closed, marooning Cutter and Stephen in the Silurian, a reluctant Lester appointed Connor and Abby the new team leaders, until Cutter and Stephen returned to the present through a new Anomaly. When Connor and Abby returned home, they found that Caroline had kidnapped Rex as revenge for Connor dumping her by text.

Episode 2.6

« "I don't do mistake. Often." »
— Connor on his tech skills

Cutter and Connor secretly planted a virus in the ADD to use against the traitor on the ARC team, and Connor and a child Jake contained a Columbian Mammoth that was rampaging on the M25. After the team discovered from Jenny that the traitor was in fact Leek, and the ARC was attacked by a Future Predator, they set about finding the now-missing Leek.

Connor hacked into Leek's files to try and discover from them Leek's location, but in doing so he triggered the countdown for a bomb that could destroy the ARC. Connor was scared when the bomb nearly detonated, before Cutter stopped the countdown at the last second. Connor later used the Anomaly Detector to trace Caroline's mobile, and upon arriving at the location, he, Cutter, Jenny and Abby were apprehended by Leek and his men.

Episode 2.7

« "For someone really smart, you can be amazingly thick sometimes." »
— Abby on Connor

Connor learns of Caroline's deception.

When held in a cell with Abby, Leek took Caroline in there and, after Abby told him when he couldn't figure it out, Connor learned that Caroline was Leek's spy. When a fight broke out between Abby and Caroline over Rex, Connor intervened and stopped the fight by restraining Abby. When they were locked up with Caroline, Connor was clearly sympathetic when he realised she hadn't known what was going on.

Afterwards, Connor, Abby, Caroline and Jenny were placed in an arena with a Smilodon. However, they escaped when Connor's virus, which was downloaded into Leek's laptop from the Anomaly Detector, shut down the bunker's systems and released the captive creatures. While trying to find a way out of the bunker, the group found the escaped Rex, and Connor followed Rex to a ventilation shaft and allowed the other three to get out first. He also allowed Caroline to carry the wounded Rex out when he realised she was truly sorry for what she had done.

Connor and the team at Stephen’s funeral.

After the incident, at Stephen's funeral, Connor and Abby made their peace with Caroline, and when they headed off to the site of a new Anomaly, Connor was given a gun as a sign that he could now be trusted with them.

Extinction Event

Connor noticed that the Anomalies were beginning to become more erratic in their behavior, and he and Cutter attempted to find out why. He was later kidnapped by Nikolai Medyevin and Koshkin, along with Cutter and Abby, and smuggled into Siberia. When they realised that there was a similar Anomaly crisis in Russia to the one in the UK, Connor built a crude Anomaly Detector to track the Russian Anomaly.

When a Torosaurus attacked the jeeps, Connor was injured and his improvised Anomaly Detector damaged. He spent most of the rest of the mission in Natacha Antila's care. He sent a message to the ARC to tell them where they were, and when he learned the effects of the K-T Extinction would also affect the present via the Russian Anomaly, he hacked into the Russian military computers and used a prototype weapon to close the Anomaly. He and the rest of the team were then returned to England.

Episode 3.1

« "I am so cursed!" »
— Connor has the luck of a broken Sun Cage

Connor was sleeping when Cutter called about a new Anomaly, and Abby poured Rex's food on him to wake him up. Arriving at the British Museum, they were introduced to Captain Hilary Becker. While the others went after the Pristichampus that had come through the Anomaly in the Sun Cage, Connor and the Egyptologist Sarah Page made some new discoveries about the Anomalies, including that electricity could lock them and that magnetite could be used to move them.

Connor discovers the Sun Cage's secret.

When the Pristichampsus returned to the museum, Connor climbed up the barricade he'd set up around the Sun Cage and was at the creature's mercy before it returned through the Anomaly. After the anomaly closed, Connor thought the curse was over, a joke of Sarah's after he accidentally broke a piece of the Sun Cage and saying it was cursed, showing he still had some maturity issues. He showed Sarah around the ARC and added his input when Cutter realised the Anomalies could be linked to mythological beasts.

Episode 3.2

When Cutter made a prediction with his new Matrix, Connor, Abby and Jenny were sent to an Abandoned House to see if an Anomaly would open there. Abby pretended to be in danger and Connor went to rescue her, but she ambushed him and kissed him on the cheek for putting himself in harm's way for her. As they were leaving, they ran into detective Danny Quinn, who assumed they were murder tourists and told them to stay away; Connor trying to be nice and saying the police did a good job, but this fell on deaf ears.

Connor arrested.

Connor and Jenny went to find out what happened in the house and learned from a real estate agent that two of three kids went missing in the house fourteen years earlier. Tracking down Ryan Mason, the kid who didn't disappear, Jenny and Connor learned that a Camouflage Beast came through an Anomaly in the house fourteen years previously, and attacked the three kids.

While Jenny took Abby to get a check up after being ambushed by the Camouflage Beast and falling down the stairs, Connor went inside the house to get his mobile, which he accidentally dropped after Abby's joke. When Danny caught him, Connor was arrested. While in a cell, he tried to get his phone call and refused to tell Danny why the government was interested in the house. After being sprung by Jenny they learned that Ryan and Abby were inside the house. After Danny shot the Camouflage Beast back through the reopened Anomaly, Connor informed Cutter that the latter was right.

Episode 3.3

« "I won't let you down, Professor." »
— Connor vows to continue on with Cutter's work

Connor was working on a device to lock the anomalies when Cutter and Lester came to look, and had to assure them it would work despite their doubts. During an Anomaly incursion at a hospital, Connor helped Becker catch a Diictodon, and when Abby caught another after the Anomaly closed, Connor suggested they keep the pair. When the team returned to the ARC, Helen had taken over with her Cleaner Clones, and saw that Cutter had a clone of himself.

After Becker knocked out their guard he went with Connor to upload a file to the ARC's speaker system containing a false version of Helen's orders so her Clones would stand down, but were forced to fight one of the clones to get it working. After the Cutter clone detonated a bomb in the ARC, Connor headed outside, but then went back inside for Cutter when the latter didn't come out.

Connor, grief-stricken by Cutter's death.

However, upon finding him, Cutter had been shot and mortally wounded by Helen. Connor tried to take him outside for help but Cutter was in too much pain so he stayed with him. Before Cutter died he gave Connor the Artifact Helen had with her, and told him to figure out why it was important. Cutter leaned on his shoulder and died. A grief-stricken Connor then took Cutter's body outside and promised not to let him down as he held a crying Abby in his arms to comfort her.

Episode 3.4

Following Cutter's death, and being very upset, Connor wanted to find out what the Artefact was. However, he worked to repair the Anomaly Detector and finish his Anomaly Locking Mechanism. Picking up Abby's phone, he learned that she was hanging out with Jack Maitland and Connor became worried that she may have someone else in her life. When an Anomaly opened at an airport, Connor and the ARC team went to investigate.

Connor pinned on the runway by a G. Rex.

After being imprisoned in an airport hanger by journalist Mick Harper, Connor and the team were rescued by Danny, and found the Anomaly in a hangar. Connor tried to test his Anomaly Locking Mechanism on the Anomaly, but only got shocked. While Jenny and Becker chased after the Giganotosaurus that came through the Anomaly, Connor managed to lock the Anomaly and then helped distract the Giganotosaurus by using a luggage trolley. But he injured his head when he stopped the tolley, and while trying to walk back to the others, he collapsed and was pinned down by the Giganotosaurus. Just as the G-Rex was about to eat Connor, the latter was again rescued by Danny in a helicopter.

After unlocking the Anomaly to allow the Giganotosaurus back through, then relocking it to stop a herd of more Giganotosaurus coming through, Connor and Jenny noted that Cutter would have been proud of them. Connor returned to Abby's flat to find Jack, but before he could make any assumptions Abby explained that Jack was her brother, much to Connor's relief. But Abby needed Connor to move out for a while with the Diictodons, now named Sid and Nancy, until Jack could find somewhere else to stay.

Episode 3.5

Connor, who was unofficially living in the ARC with Sid and Nancy, found that Sid had escaped and damaged the Anomaly Detector. Once Connor rebooted the ADD, he discovered that an Anomaly had opened at Sir Richard Bentley's Flat while it was offline.

After gaining a fungus sample from Sir Richard's flat, Connor took it back to the ARC to examine. He discovered that the fungus was highly powerful and aggressive, and so isolated the growing fungus sample in the new ARC lab. After one of Christine Johnson's men was infected upon trespassing in the lab, Connor went in with Danny in hazmat suits to check to see if he was still alive. However, the man was completely taken over by the fungus and attacked the two, forcing Connor and Danny to lock him in the lab.

Connor initially believed that the ARC team could eliminate the Future Fungus via burning when high temperatures caused the Fungus creature in the lab to explode. However, when Connor went back into the lab to retrieve the rogue Sid via an air vent, he accidentally spilled a solution on the burnt fungus; which revealed to a horrified Connor that burning the fungus only caused it to sporulate on a massive scale.

Connor realises that heat makes the Future Fungus sporulate.

Trapped by the Future Fungus in the lab, Connor urged the others to kill the fungus in there by turning the temperature down to freezing levels; although Connor narrowly avoided freezing to death in the process. When the Bentley Fungus Creature escaped into the ARC, Connor used the ARC's air conditioning to make the ARC's central hub cold enough to kill the fungus as part of a trap for the creature.

In the aftermath of the incursion, Lester discovered that Connor was trying to live in the ARC. Displeased with Connor's breach of health and safety guidelines, Lester allowed him to stay with him until he could find somewhere else.

Episode 3.6

Connor and Sarah discovered that the Artefact was a key to predicting Anomalies, but before they could repeat the process they were forced to take it and escape from the ARC with Danny and Abby when Johnson took over to search for the Artefact. They took refuge at a rural Abandoned War Cabin, but were attacked by a flock of Terror Birds when an Anomaly opened at the cabin.

Connor is used as Terror Bird bait.

The team tried to escape the Terror Birds in their car, but Connor crashed it into a fallen tree and was knocked unconscious. Once Connor recovered, Danny used him as bait to capture one of the Terror Birds, but the team were forced to retreat back to the war cabin when the rest of the flock attacked. Connor used himself as bait to distract the Terror Birds while Danny escaped to the Anomaly. Just as Connor, Sarah and Abby were about to be overwhelmed by the Birds, Danny used a recording of the Terror Birds' distress call to lure them back through the Anomaly.

Becker then captured the ARC team and took them back to the ARC, where they witnessed Lester retake control from Johnson.

Episode 3.7

After realising Rex was up for sale on the internet, Connor confronted Jack and learned that the latter had lost him in a poker game. Connor and Jack tried to get Rex back before Abby found out; they first tried buying Rex back, but were forced to find another way when the bids for Rex went through the roof.

When Abby was helping an injured Dracorex, Connor helped her care for it, though he expected it to just be for comfort. When the knight William de Mornay threatened to kill Abby as well as the Dracorex, Connor was prepared to allow Becker to shoot de Mornay to keep Abby safe. After the Dracorex was taken into the ARC's care and de Mornay was returned to his time, Connor took Becker and his soldiers to the house Rex was at and forced Tony to give Rex back.

Connor is phoned by Jack.

Episode 3.8

When Connor found Sarah setting up the locking mechanism at an Anomaly site, he became jealous because he though only he could work it. After the ARC team went through the Anomaly into the future to rescue Jack, Connor tried to convince Abby that it would be smarter to get more help rather than face the Future Predators and Megopteran themselves; but she angrily accused him of wanting Jack dead. After finding Jack and returning to the present, Abby went to Connor about why he didn't say anything about Jack betting Rex in poker and Connor getting Rex back. The two admitted their feelings and kissed.

Connor and Abby kiss for the first time.

Episode 3.9

Connor: "I'm being weird, aren't I?"
Abby: "Yeah."
―Things are always weird after a first kiss with someone though

When Abby brought Rex to Lester's flat to play with Sid and Nancy, she and Connor talked about feelings between them, and Abby asked Connor to move back in with Jack having left. When the ARC team travelled to an Anomaly site at a racing camp, Connor used a racing cart to keep a bull Embolotherium away while Abby and Sarah rescued a baby Embolotherium.

Before Connor could get the bull back to the Anomaly, it closed and the bull caused an Embolotherium stampede. After Eve stopped the Embolotherium by using her Anomaly Opening Device to send the stampeding Embolotherium back to their time, the team returned to the ARC with her. There, Connor and Sarah looked over Eve's notebook and found mention of Claudia Brown inside, despite the fact that Cutter and Helen were the only two who knew Claudia. They realised too late that Eve was Helen in disguise, and Connor expressed horror to Helen at how she could kill her own husband.

Helen took Johnson hostage and before the ARC team could save Johnson, Helen escaped through Johnson's Anomaly into the future with her and closed it. Danny then made it the team's mission to follow and stop Helen.

Connor discovers and explains Helen's plan to wipe humanity out.

Episode 3.10

Danny, Abby and Connor used another Anomaly to follow Helen into the future, and found her in an abandoned future version of the ARC. Helen left through another Anomaly and Connor discovered that she planned to stop humanity's evolution by killing the first Hominids. By recharging an older Anomaly Opening Device, Connor managed to reopen the Anomaly Helen went through and he, Danny and Abby went through into the Cretaceous after her.

When a trio of juvenile Raptors forced Danny, Connor and Abby up into a tree, Danny used a grenade to knock them out, but the powerful sound from the explosion kocked Connor out.

Connor defends Abby against a Raptor.

Abby stayed with Connor while Danny reluctantly went ahead without them. After Connor recovered and saved Abby from one of the recovering Raptors, he and Abby took shelter up in a high tree for the night.

Episode 4.1

Abby: "Are we home?"
Connor: "One good thing; I don't think we're gonna get eaten here."
―Connor and Abby upon their return

Connor and Abby spent a year trapped in the Cretaceous, and built a den near the future ARC Anomaly. Connor was confident that the Anomaly would one day reopen, while Abby was convinced that the two were trapped in the Cretaceous for the rest of their lives. While fishing, Connor was attacked by a Spinosaurus which chased him back to Abby and the den. They hid in the den until the Spinosaurus left, and Abby decided that they had to move to a new location due to Spinosaurus' territorial behaviour.

Connor misses present day food and life.

Connor and Abby left the den and ran into a Raptor which took Abby’s blanket. Connor and Abby followed the Raptor back to its bower, where Connor found Helen's Anomaly Opening Device. Connor managed to repair it and he and Abby then used it to open an Anomaly to the present; but as the Spinosaurus then returned. Abby used her blanket to lure the Raptor into attacking the Spinosaurus. While the two creatures were distracted fighting, Abby and Connor escaped through the Anomaly back to the present.

The new ARC team then arrived and locked the Anomaly, and Becker greeted Connor and Abby. Connor tried to show off Matt Anderson (the new ARC team leader) by using Helen's Anomaly Opening Device to try and close the Anomaly; but instead, the damaged device unlocked the Anomaly, allowing the Spinosaurus through. Matt and Becker gave chase to the Spinosaurus, telling Connor and Abby to wait for an escort back to the ARC. But instead, Connor and Abby stole a car and chased the Spinosaurus.

With Jess Parker's help, Connor and Abby lured the Spinosaurus into an arena, where Connor tried to use the Anomaly Opening Device to open another Anomaly and send the Spinosaurus back. Matt lifted Connor up into the air with a harness to save him from the Spinosaurus, and Connor accidentally dropped Helen's device down the Spinosaurus' throat; causing an Anomaly to open inside and engulf the Spinosaurus, then close.

When Connor and Abby get back to the new ARC, Connor tries to hug Lester but is rebuffed, and is thrilled to meet Philip Burton. He and Abby are told their old jobs are no longer needed, and that they can stay in a company apartment until they find somewhere to live and something out of the firing line can be found for them. Connor and Abby subsequently shared an apartment together, and tried to readjust to normal life in the present.

Connor and Abby discover they're no longer on the ARC team.

Episode 4.2

Connor was interviewed by Matt and refused to give up on the work Cutter had left to him, and was ultimately fired from the ARC. Lester assured Connor that he would try and get Connor a new, low-ranking job back in the ARC, but also told him to keep a low profile in the meantime. Jess Parker offered that Connor and Abby stay at her flat until they found somewhere else.

While Connor was looking up new apartments on the Internet, he decided to look up creature sightings and, to his shock, found that Duncan now ran a creature sightings website, and decided to visit him. Connor then tracked Duncan down to a run-down apartment, and found that his friend had become immersed in and obsessed with creature sightings since Tom's death. Connor reluctantly investigated the disappearances of homeless people at the local docks with Duncan, but doubted it was a creature incursion as there was no Anomaly alert.

Connor and Abby at Jess’s flat.

Connor quickly began to doubt there was no creature when he and Duncan found a builder's mutilated corpse, and called Abby and asked her to come and investigate. After Abby arrived, the other builders accidentally disturbed the creature (a Kaprosuchus), despite Connor and Abby's attempts to stop them. Matt rescued Connor, Abby and Duncan, and the team then captured the Kaprosuchus with Becker's help. However, the creature awoke and pursued Duncan into a maze of cargo containers.

Connor discovers Duncan runs a creature sighting website.

Scared of losing another friend, Connor went into the maze to save Duncan, and eventually found him and hid him in a cargo container to keep him safe from the Kaprosuchus. The creature subsequently chased Connor until tthe team gave him an EMD and were forced to kill the Kaprosuchus. Connor then asked Duncan to alert him and the ARC if any other creatures which had come to the present before the Anomaly Detector existed or while the ARC was shut down, and also has an amusing talk with him on his and Abby's relationship.

Upon returning to the ARC, Connor vowed to Lester that he would never stop Cutter's work, but he then discovered that he and Abby were back on the team, as the new team policy technically didn't apply to them because they were part of the ARC since before the policy was made. Connor and Abby tried to relax at Jess' flat afterwards, but she had many questions for them about the old ARC team, in particular Becker.

Episode 4.3

When a new Anomaly was detected at a theatre, while the rest of the team went to deal with the incursion, Connor reluctantly stayed behind at Philip's request to help the latter with the ARC's new security system. Connor completed the system, which was a bio-scanner for in case any creatures escaped the Menagerie, and activated it. When the bio-scanner detected Rex and locked him and Philip in a lab and sent the ARC into lockdown, Connor was furious that Philip had not explained the system's lockdown failsafe to him.

Connor then started looking for a way to reverse the lockdown when the system automatically began sucking the oxygen out of the lab where Rex and Philip were trapped, and Philip told Connor over the intercom of New Dawn before passing out. Eventually, Connor hacked past the ARC's heavily updated system on the ADD, to use an old system he had made for the original ARC to undo the lockdown. Connor couldn't remember the old system's password, but worked out that it was "Abby Temple" and successfully reversed the lockdown.

Connor reverses the lockdown.

Connor, Jess and medics then went to the lab where Rex and Philip were, and Connor and Jess managed to revive Rex while medics attended to Philip. Afterwards, Philip thanked Connor and told him to keep Rex away from him. Connor asked Philip what New Dawn was, but Philip decided to tell Connor another time.

Episode 4.4

« "I am a groupie, just without the sordid bits and low self-esteem." »
— Connor to Abby about his affection for Philip.

Connor asked Abby about what Matt was going to do with a woman from the Victorian age, Emily Merchant. He also assumed it to be a good thing that Philip was beginning to take an interest in the creatures, while Abby accused Connor of being a groupie for Philip. Philip also asked Connor for his thoughts when the former decided to have the creatures in the Menagerie put down, but Connor didn't reply.

When a new Anomaly was detected at McKinnon School, Abby decided to stay behind while Connor went with Matt and Becker to deal with the incursion. There, Connor asked Matt about the latter's school days, but Matt was reluctant to talk about himself. The team discovered that a Therocephalian had come through the Anomaly into the school, and Connor was separated from Matt and Becker when the school's door security locks were activated. Connor opted to fix the problem on the server, and subsequently went to find Steve and Darren, two boys who were in the school.

Connor eventually saw Steve and Darren in a separate part of the building, and tried to warn them of the Therocephalian before it chased the two boys off. After reaching Steve and Darren, Connor and the two boys met up with Matt and Becker, and Matt ordered the three to get out of the building. However, when Matt and Becker started to get overwhelmed by a nest of Therocephalians, Connor, Steve and Darren made gas bombs in the school's science lab and used them to dispatch the creatures. After Connor returned to the ARC and discovered that Philip had aborted the plan to put the Menagerie creatures down, Abby scorned him for not attempting to help, and ignored Connor's protests.

Episode 4.5

Philip began trying to recruit Connor into the former's own team, but Connor was reluctant to decide without talking to Abby first. The ADD picked up a new Anomaly, but to Connor's awe, the signal was flunctuating, so he travelled to the area with Matt and Abby to investigate. At the area, after an awkward moment in the local pub, Connor and Abby tried to locate the Anomaly.

They found slime near a farm, but the owner, Moria Lennon, caught the two and threatened them with a shotgun. When Moria demanded to know what the two were doing, Connor told her the truth and he and Abby then managed to escape. When Matt reported finding a body by a river, Connor guessed from Matt's description of the creature that it was a Labyrinthodont. When Philip managed to lock onto the Anomaly's exact coordinates, Lester ordered Connor to focus on the creature incursion, while Philip got Connor to investigate as it could have been a vital part of their Anomaly research. Connor then warned Abby to wait for backup before going to the Anomaly site.

Connor found the Anomaly in a Seaside Cave, and he and Philip realised that a metallic acid near the Anomaly leftover from a fuel-smuggling operation was what was causing the Anomaly signal to flunctuate by frequently weakening the Anomaly. Connor also found another, juvenile Labyrinthodont injured and in pain from the acid's effects, and was then attacked by the Lennons. Connor tried to convince them to let the Labyrinthodonts go, but the adult creature then arrived and killed the Lennons.

When Connor discovered from Philip that Abby's black box signal was coming from where the adult Labyrinthodont was, he, believing it had killed and eaten Abby, attacked it until the still-alive Abby arrived. Abby distracted the Labyrinthodont while Connor moved the acid away from the Anomaly, allowing it to fully open and letting the Labyrinthodonts return through.

Connor tells the Lennons about their actions. (Episode 4.5)

Connor was relieved that Abby was alive, and the two then kissed. When Connor and the rest of the team returned to the ARC, he decided he didn't want to abandon the rest of the team and would work with Philip in his spare time. Philip also told Connor that their work was top secret, and that even Abby couldn't know about it.

Episode 4.6

When a new Anomaly opened at a mansion, Connor and the rest of the team went to there to deal with the incursion. While searching the basement, Connor asked Matt what would happen to Emily. Abby was annoyed by Connor's questions until the latter saved her from a Hyaenodon which he shot with his EMD.

A shocked Connor soon encountered Jenny Lewis, who was getting married at the house the next day. Fretting about the Anomaly incursion, Jenny decided to have the team stay to ensure nothing happened. Connor stated that he thought he and Abby should probably get married at the house theoretically, until Jenny told him that he needed to propose before planning a wedding.

Connor later talked with Abby and tried to take back what he'd said, but he was distracted by a cry from the basement. Finding two Hyaenodon pups in the wine cellar, Connor tried to call the others but was trapped in the cellar by an adult. He used wine to distract the pups, which he trapped in a box, and then attempted to escape. Spotting another pup outside, Connor popped a wine cork into its side, luring the adult Hyaenodon to respond to its cries. Connor sent the Hyaenodon pups back through the unlocked Anomaly, and attempted to get the third back through too until he heard more adults on the other side.

Connor rushed to warn the people at the starting wedding, but they only saw the remaining pup and didn't believe Connor until two adult Hyaenodon attacked. Once all the creatures were returned, Connor held the laptop Lester communicated through when acting as a new minister for Jenny's wedding.

Eye Strain

Connor, along with Abby and Matt, sent a pterosaur back through an Anomaly on London's south bank.

Episode 4.7

« "I said the Anomalies were getting more frequent. I was right." »
— Connor begins explaining what he's learned.

Connor's new lab was completed and he showed it off to Abby, introducing her to the Anomaly Dating Calculator he had made. As they left to deal with a new Anomaly, Connor told Philip that he feared the Anomalies were getting more frequent, and he was told that his new lab was part of Prospero and off limits to everyone else. At the Anomaly site, Connor awaited results from his Calculator, which indicated the Anomaly led to 1867.

However the Anomaly unlocked itself and despite Connor's insistence that there wasn't any danger from the Victorian era, Becker re-locked it. But it unlocked again and a Terror Bird attacked. After returning it, Connor realised his Calculator didn't work and tried to see if the Locking Mechanism was malfunctioning and asked for another to be sent down. Soon Danny Quinn came through the Anomaly and the team shared a happy reunion. Ethan Dobrowski then arrived and while Matt and Becker dealt with him, Connor, Abby and Danny went after the Terror Bird again. When it was returned, Connor was present as Danny and the team discovered that Ethan was Danny's missing brother Patrick.

Connor talks with Philip over the Anomalies becoming more frequent.

Connor stayed at the prison and tried to lock the Anomaly with a new unit, but it also failed as more satellite Anomalies opened. Connor tried using both Locking Mechanisms at the same time and learned it was in fact two Anomalies that had opened on the exact same spot; one of which led to the Pliocene, the other to 1867. As the odds were tiny, Connor asked Jess to pull the data of all the Anomalies that they had ever encountered and, after the incursion was dealt with, began doing projections and came to realise the Anomalies were indeed becoming more and more frequent.

Rushing to tell Philip, Connor explained to him that tens of thousands of Anomalies would open soon with catastrophic consequences. Philip assured Connor they would take care of it, asking him to keep quiet about it for the time being. he was then invited into Philip's car, as they had much to discuss.

Episode 5.1

Connor continued to work on his Convergence theory, but Philip dismissed it as a waste of time and took Connor to see a top secret Prospero project. Connor and Philip drove to the New Dawn Facility, where Philip showed Connor the New Dawn Machine and explained the purpose of New Dawn: to create a stable, man-made Anomaly in a controlled environment, and to harness its unlimited energy as a solution to the worldwide energy crisis. Philip also assigned Connor April Leonard as a lab assisstant.

When the ARC team was dispatched to deal with a Giant Burrowing Insect incursion, Connor joined with the rest of the team to deal with the situation. While the rest of the team tried to draw the Burrowing Insect back to the surface in a backyard, Connor created a 3D map of the underground tunnel network the creature was using. Connor then went to inform the rest of the team, but his untimely arrival allowed the Burrowing Insect to drag him underground and take him back to its nest at a Shopping Centre.

Connor is dragged underground by the Giant Burrowing Insect.

After Connor awoke in the shopping centre basement, he informed the rest of the ARC team over his communicator that the Burrowing Insect and the other abducted victims were dead. As a wounded Connor tried to leave the building, he found an entire colony of more Giant Burrowing Insects hibernating in the shopping centre. He came up with a plan to kill the creatures by activating the gas line so that the ARC could ignite the gas via bombs and wipe the Insects out. Connor succeeded in releasing the gas into the building, but the Burrowing Insects then began to awake and Connor fell unconscious from gas poisoning.

Matt rescued and revived Connor, and the two fled from the awakening creatures back down into the basement. There, they took shelter in a dumpster while Becker detonated explosives which ignited the gas and killed the Burrowing Insects. When the team returned to the ARC, Jess informed Connor that April was waiting for him. Connor offered to introduce Abby to April, but Abby declined. April greeted Connor and insisted that he not take Philip's data home.

Episode 5.2

When an Anomaly alert sounded while Connor was busy working, he told Abby that he wanted to continue working and that he couldn't tell her what his work was; but Abby reminded Connor that the rest of the team were beginning to notice his absence. As the Anomaly was located in the North Sea, the team used a submarine which had encountered the Anomaly to get to it. Connor worried about his sea sickness, and he and Matt set about modifying a torpedo to fire and electric charge so as to lock the Anomaly.

But when the power went out and the submarine was dragged through the Anomaly, Matt and Connor set about using the schematics to try and get the submarine's power back online. While Abby was searching for a Swimming Theropod that was loose aboard the submarine, she nearly attacked Connor; before the two encountered the theropod and Connor knocked it out via electrocution. After they reactivated the final fuse box, the team ejected the theropod from the submarine, which then returned through the Anomaly and locked it with the torpedo.

The ARC team then returned in the sub to land and Connor called Philip immediately. Later back at the ARC, Abby tried to convince Connor that Philip was not to be trusted; but Connor was convinced otherwise and believed that his work would make Abby proud. Abby then told Connor that she was already proud of him and left.

Episode 5.3

When an Anomaly opened at an art museum, Connor was prepared to go with the rest of the ARC team to deal with the incursion. But April convinced him that his work was more important, and that he should stay behind to continue his work. They later tried to use Connor's protype device to create a man-made Anomaly, but the machine failed. Connor doubted that he could indeed succeed in helping Philip with New Dawn, but April convinced him that they were close and to keep trying.

Connor watches his invention create the First Man-Made Anomaly.

Abby later called Connor to arrange a meeting, and Connor went down to the loading bay, wher Abby failed to show. April returned from retrieving equipment, and Connor thought her slightly paranoid that both their absence would threaten their work. After the two finished repairing the New Dawn Prototype, April attempted to convince Connor that Abby was playing mind games with him, but Connor doubted that was Abby's style.

Connor later found Abby apparently trying to break into his lab, and he demanded to know what she was doing. Abby tried to explain to Connor that Philip had been associated with Helen Cutter, but Connor denied it and was convinced that Helen had merely heard of Philip.

Soon afterwards, Connor and April reactivated the device, and it successfully created the First Man-made Anomaly. Connor then called Philip to inform him of their breakthrough.

Episode 5.4

Philip arrived to inspect Connor's work, but the Anomaly had closed, and Connor said it was only a prototype. He managed to get it open again, this time setting off the ADD and bringing the rest of the team into his lab. Connor was disappointed when the others, including Abby, expressed horror and disgust at what he had done, until Philip sent them away.

Abby later got Connor to tell her what Philip's New Dawn plan was, and Connor explained how Philip planned to use the Anomalies as an endless energy source. Connor insisted that Nick Cutter would have wanted this, whereas Abby was disgusted at how greatly Connor and Philip were messing with nature and viewed what they were doing as being more Helen's style.

When a swarm of Future Beetles came through Connor's Anomaly, killing the guard Philip had left and escaping into the ARC, Connor wanted to make things right but the team felt he had done enough as it was. Connor contacted Philip and explained the incident to him; Philip wanted Connor to unlock the Anomaly (which Matt had locked), until Connor explained to Philip that the Future Beetles were capable of burrowing through reinforced concrete in minutes.

When the Beetles scattered all over the ARC after Becker killed the queen beetle, Connor came up with a plan to program his Anomaly to close and release a gamma ray. However, Connor found that Matt had blasted and destroyed his computer, leaving him both unable to program the Anomaly, and angry at Matt for his actions. Matt and Abby then revealed to an upset Connor that they had a copy of his hard drive, and Connor asked Philip (who was preparing to incinerate the ARC in order to stop the Future Beetles from escaping) to wait. Connor then programmed the Anomaly and rushed to the lead-lined ARC panic room with the rest of the team. They waited inside while the Anomaly's gamma ray wiped the Future Beetles out.

Connor learns of Philip's alliance with Helen.

Afterwards, Connor learned that Philip had initiated the ARC's self-destruct sequence but it had failed, leaving Connor doubtful about his faith in Philip. At the New Dawn Facility, Connor searched through Philip's files and found a picture of Helen Cutter on the files. He later warned Matt and Abby that the device he had built in the ARC was only a prototype, and that Philip already had a much larger device ready at the New Dawn Facility.

Episode 5.5

Connor deliberately sabotages the New Dawn prototype. (Episode 5.5)

After Matt informed the rest of the ARC team except for Philip of his mission and his true identity, Connor decided to try and keep Philip distracted while Matt and the rest of the team infiltrated and stopped New Dawn. Connor sabotaged his New Dawn Prototype and pretended he needed Philip's help to try and delay Philip and therefore the activation of New Dawn. When Convergence started and caused numerous Anomalies to open up worldwide, Connor confronted Philip about why the latter had dismissed Connor's Convergence theory; Philip explained that he was trying to turn Connor away from the Convergence theory to keep him focused on New Dawn, and Connor was left noticeably upset at being manipulated and lied to.

Connor and Philip then left for New Dawn but got caught up in a traffic jam. Philip directed Connor through Stanley Street Car Park as a shortcut, and in the car park, a Kaprosuchus attacked their car and flipped it. Philip was virtually unscathed, but Connor's leg was trapped. When Philip opted to leave Connor so as to start New Dawn in time, Connor told Philip about Matt being sent back from the future to stop New Dawn from destroying all life on Earth. However, Philip did not believe Connor, forcing Connor to try and resort to shooting Philip with his EMD; but Philip had removed the EMD's power cell. Philip then placed the power cell out of Connor's reach, and left the trapped Connor to the Kaprosuchus.

Connor before falling through the New Dawn Anomaly.

Connor tried to get the EMD power cell with a magnet, but was stopped by the Kaprosuchus. Connor subsequently called Abby, who arrived, neutralised the Kaprosuchus and freed Connor. Connor apologised to Abby for trusting Philip over her, and the two made up, then travelled to New Dawn to help Matt and Emily stop it.

Initially, Connor tried to shut down the New Dawn Machine's startup process, but Philip locked him out of the system. Connor then came up with a new plan to stop New Dawn, and climbed onto the machine to redirect the accelerator coil. However, Philip had been prepared for this, and so Connor instead unknowingly made New Dawn ready. As the New Dawn Anomaly opened up, a horrified Connor looked back at Abby and Emily, then fell through the Anomaly and into the future.

Episode 5.6

Connor woke up in the Sterile Earth on the other side of the Anomaly. A Mutated Future Predator saw and came up to Connor, but before it could attack and kill him a toxic storm arrived, and Connor was left in the dirt.

Connor in the Sterile Earth Desert. (Episode 5.6)

Shortly afterwards, when Matt came through the Anomaly and found an injured Connor, the two retreated with Abby into an underground bunker from the Future Predators and another approaching storm. After Matt and Abby found water and gave it to Connor to rehydrate him, Connor asked Matt and Abby to return without him; as he felt that he had completely betrayed Cutter and had helped Helen win. However, Abby convinced Connor to return by whispering an unknown secret in his ear.

The trio then returned to the surface and made a run for the Anomaly, pursued by several Mutated Future Predators. However, they were able to hold the Predators off with their EMDs, and escaped back through the Anomaly to the present. The team then found a distraught and upset Philip outside, and Connor convinced Philip to help him and the team stop New Dawn. Philip had Connor and Abby crash the turbine room's computer while the former went with Matt. After crashing the computer, when Connor and Abby reunited with Matt - who explained that Philip was going to sacrifice himself to stop New Dawn - Connor was reluctant to leave Philip, but Matt and Abby convinced him to anyway.

Connor, guilty and distraught over the future he has helped create.

After the team found Emily and escaped the facility, they watched as Philip self-destructed it, but found that it was too late and that the Anomaly had grown too powerful to need the machine anymore. Connor at first lost hope and decided that New Dawn couldn't be stopped now, until he and Matt realised that they could close the New Dawn Anomaly by merging the reopened prototype Anomaly with it.

The ARC team then returned with Becker to the ARC to find it under attack by Mutated Future Predators. After Abby, Emily and Becker fought the Predators off, Connor and Matt contained the First Man-made Anomaly in a magnetic case and transported it to the New Dawn Anomaly in Becker's SUV. Despite the protest of Connor and the rest of his team, Matt sacrificed himself merging the two Anomalies to stop New Dawn. This successfully closed the New Dawn Anomaly, and Matt survived anyway.

When Connor and Abby got back to the ARC, Connor asked Abby about what she had whispered in his ear, and she asked if he would marry her, to which he said yes. The team contemplated the possibility of no more Anomalies when they were informed of one and all went to deal with it.

The New World

« "Mr. Cross you're an intelligent man, so, I hope you listen to my advice. You think you're rewriting the laws of physics right? Making the world a better place? Well, I understand, I do, but the stuff you're messing with is unbelievably powerful. That means other people are going to want a piece of it and trust me, that has a way of ending badly." »
— Connor warns Evan of how dangerous the Anomalies are.[src]

Connor finds the alternate Mac's Anomaly timer in the Tank. (The New World)

Connor travelled to Vancouver to get an ARC device from the future back from Evan Cross. He infiltrated Cross Photonics, and found the device hidden behind a photo of Evan's wife in the Tank, then took it back. On the way out, Connor ran into Angelika Finch, but managed to avoid her suspicions by posing as an internet repair man.

Later, Connor met with Evan outside a maintenance tunnel where a Utahraptor attack had occurred, and confronted Evan about the device. He also warned Evan that attempting to control the Anomalies would have cataclysmic consequences, and that all Evan could do was put the creatures which came through the Anomalies back in their own time periods.

By this time, Connor and Abby had apparently gotten married and Connor mentioned a "wife" that he had to get back to.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

Connor and a team of other field members of the ARC including new recruit Kieran Coles chased an Albertosaurus through the streets of urban London and back through an Anomaly. Before the team could lock the Anomaly, the Albertosaurus took Kieran through with it, prompting Connor to go through to rescue Kieran. Connor found that the other side of the Anomaly was in a Spaghetti Junction, and in his search for Kieran he went through one of the Junction's other Anomalies into a desert in the Silurian, where he met Dylan Weir. Upon discovering that Dylan knew Evan Cross, and that Evan was trapped in a nearby Silurian burrow, Connor accompanied Dylan and helped her rescue Evan from the burrow and return through the Anomaly to the Spaghetti Junction.

When Connor revealed to Evan and Dylan that he had come into the Spaghetti Junction following an Albertosaurus that had taken Kieran, he, Evan and Dylan discovered that it was the same one that would kill Evan's wife Brooke in 2006, and then went through an Anomaly to Cross Photonics on September 15, 2006. There, Connor found an injured Kieran and explained the situation to him, then took him back through the Anomaly to the Spaghetti Junction with Evan and Dylan. The Albertosaurus then followed the group through back into the Junction, but a team of Project Magnet soldiers then arrived and tranquilised it.

Connor warns Ange of the consequences of trying to control the Anomalies. (The Sound of Thunder: Part 2)

Project Magnet then took Connor and Kieran back through one of the Anomalies with them to Britannia Beach on 9 June, 2012, where Connor tried to explain to them that he and Kieran didn't belong in that time and had to return through the Spaghetti Junction to their own time and home. However, Colonel Henderson Hall did not listen, and instead intended to send Connor and Kieran back to 2012 Britain on a plane and refused to let them go back through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction.

Mac Rendell spoke with Connor, asking if Connor recognised him and explaining that in an alternate timeline he had been part of the ARC. Connor explained that he wouldn't remember the alternate Mac, as the alternate timeline's version of Connor wasn't in the past when Evan changed Mac's timeline, and convinced Mac that he was indeed real. Shortly afterwards, Angelika Finch talked with Connor, and demanded to know who he was. She explained that she and Project Magnet wanted to be able to control the Anomalies and use them to change history for better; but Connor warned Ange that trying to control the Anomalies would have consequences, and that using them to change the past would cause more harm than good. Ange had Project Magnet give Connor and Kieran permission to return through the Anomaly to the Spaghetti Junction and make their way back to their time from there.


Connor was geeky and slightly goofy and childish, spending most of his free time on computers or watching sci-fi films and TV, believing conspiracy theories, and appreciating modern and urban comforts more so than the natural or prehistoric wilderness; these qualities did gradually fade over his time with the Anomaly operation as he matured, albeit not completely. Despite his slightly immature and geeky behaviour, Connor was in fact a very intelligent, resourceful, fast-thinking and excellent genius, who was always able to use his intelligence and quick thinking both to solve puzzles and mysteries and to identify and find ways of defeating the creatures in the field. Though Connor was afraid of the larger creatures, he deeply cared about and was fiercely loyal to his fellow team members even more, and would overcome his fears to do what was right when people were in danger.

During his time with the team, Connor's confidence, spirit and resolve strengthened and matured; he went from a slightly shy, childish and conspiracy-obsessed university geek, to a brave and selfless team member, who insisted that they follow through with doing what they had to and what was right, even when it meant risking their own lives and lowering their own survival odds. Connor was also usually an optimist, who tried to keep holding out hope no matter how dire the situation was and no matter how much it wore him down, and he refused to give up even when everyone else around him had all but done so. However, Connor did sometimes suffer from confidence issues outside of romantic relationships, particularly concerning his insecurities about his usefulness to the team.

Following Nick Cutter's death, having been the one whom Cutter had entrusted with unravelling the Anomalies' secrets in the former's dying moments, Connor became set on continuing Cutter's legacy and deeply determined to carry on and finish Cutter's work with the ARC and the Anomalies. After returning from his and Abby's year in the Cretaceous and becoming involved with Philip Burton's work to harness and control the Anomalies, Connor fell under the semi-bad influence of and manipulation by Philip. While working for Philip with New Dawn, Connor became arrogant and fixated about what he was doing with Philip and New Dawn, and, believing that he was fulfilling Cutter's work and proving himself to Abby and his friends, he repeatedly denied and disregarded attempts by Abby and others to make him see that Philip was no Cutter and that New Dawn was dangerous.

After learning the truth about Philip's alliance with Helen and New Dawn's destiny to destroy the future, and realising the arrogance he'd allowed to cloud his judgement, Connor felt extremely guilty for the role he'd played in helping complete New Dawn, and sought to do everything he could to help Matt and Abby stop New Dawn and to try and make amends. Connor's shame and guilt over his role in New Dawn and how he'd wound up betraying everything Cutter had stood for by helping New Dawn took such a heavy toll in him and his confidence that he at one point wanted to stay behind in the dead future world New Dawn had created while Matt and Abby went back to try and stop New Dawn without him, until Abby restored his determination and confidence. After New Dawn had been stopped, by the Special Projects Group's time, Connor had fully evolved into a focused, intelligent, serious, impulsive and responsible team leader.


Abby Maitland

Connor had a romantic interest in Abby, although Abby at first disregarded his affections. Connor bravely defended Abby from a Mosasaur at one point, and was emotionally devastated when he believed that Abby had been killed by the Mer. After Abby lost all interest in Stephen Hart, she and Connor began spending more time together, and eventually developed a relationship. When Connor began choosing Philip Burton over Abby, this began to drive a wedge between the two and their relationship ran into serious difficulty, but after Connor realised his error, he became determined to make up to Abby for his role in New Dawn and for choosing Philip over her.

Caroline Steel

Connor was excited upon seeing Caroline's supposed interest in him, and quickly developed a romantic relationship with her. Even after Caroline's betrayal was revealed, when Caroline saw just what she had done, Connor still tried to defend but did still seem to feel slightly betrayed.

Nick Cutter

Connor had a strong mentor-student bond with Cutter, and Connor looked up to and was deeply loyal to Cutter. After Cutter's death, Connor was left grief-stricken and devastated, and became determined to finish Cutter's work for him and prove that Cutter was right to trust him.

Helen Cutter

Before Nick's death, Connor did not seem to interact much with Helen, beyond being shocked and disturbed at the fact that she'd voluntarily stayed away from the present to live in the past through the Anomalies. But following Nick's death at Helen's hands, Connor developed a deep hatred for Helen for murdering Nick.

Hilary Becker

Connor, like the rest of the team, liked to tease and poke friendly fun at Becker; nicknaming him "Action Man" and deadpanning his occasional sarcastic comments.

Jack Maitland

Connor had a strong dislike for Jack and the latter's selfish and ungrateful attitude, but tried to tolerate it and kept it to himself to avoid upsetting Abby.

Philip Burton

Connor greatly respected and idolised Philip for his work and reputation. When Philip became interested in making Connor a part of New Dawn, Connor, apparently seeing Philip as being like Cutter, became increasingly blindly loyal to Philip and started putting his word and ideas above both Abby's concern and his own common sense. However, after Connor learned that Philip had indeed gone ahead with trying to incinerate the ARC during the Future Beetle incursion, and that Philip had indeed been in league with Helen, Connor lost his loyalty to Philip and realised how wrong he'd been to think Philip was a good scientist like Cutter and how Philip had been lying to and manipulating him. Despite this, Connor did still care about Philip to the end, as he was reluctant to leave Philip to sacrifice himself.

Stephen Hart

Stephen had something of an older-brother relationship with Connor, ie occasionally teasing or giving him advice. When Stephen's affair with Helen was revealed, Connor was the only one who did not treat him differently.

Connor's inventions

Connor invented several devices throughout his time with the ARC, the majority of which are designed for predicting and/or controlling the Anomalies.

Anomaly Detection Device

The Anomaly Detection Device (ADD) was designed by Connor to track Anomalies after he and Nick Cutter discovered that Anomalies, when open, produced radio interference on the frequency 87.6 FM. The ADD detects Anomalies within seconds of them opening by monitoring the entire UK (and later the whole world) for this specific interference. There is a large, main ADD in the ARC's main hub, and the team have smaller, handheld ADDs for locating Anomalies in the field. (Episode 2.3 onwards)

Remotely Operated Vehicle Prototype

Connor built the rover to observe landscapes on the other side of Anomalies. Despite the fact that it worked, he never built an improved model. (Episode 2.5)

Anomaly Locking Mechanism

After Connor discovered that when electrical currents passed through Anomalies they stopped anything else from passing through, he used this new information to design the Anomaly Locking Mechanism; a device which reversed Anomalies' polarity, effectively locking them and rendering them unable to allow anything to pass through. (Episode 3.4 onwards)

Anomaly Dating Calculator

The Anomaly Dating Calculator was created by Connor shortly after he started working for Philip Burton. It can determine what time period an Anomaly links to, simply by being pointed at the Anomaly. (Episode 4.7)

New Dawn Prototype

This device was created by Connor based on the New Dawn Machine to determine whether or not the latter machine would work. The New Dawn Prototype could create Anomalies, and was used by Connor to create the First Man-made Anomaly. (Episode 5.3 onwards)







  • Connor is one of the four characters to appear in all five series of Primeval, the others being Abby Maitland, James Lester and Rex. He is the longest running male and overall character, appearing in every episode of the original Primeval and two episodes of Primeval: New World.
    • The only media he doesn't appear in is the Series 4 Prequel Webisodes but he was mentioned in all five.
    • He is the only original Primeval character to appear in Primeval: New World.
  • Connor mentioned in Episode 1.2 that he once had a crush on Buffy the Vampire Slayer until she started hanging out with a "badly animated dog" character.
  • Cutter once described Connor as the R2-D2 of the team in Episode 1.6.
  • In Episode 2.5, Connor indicates he has a phobia of rats.
  • Connor's cell phone, as seen in Episode 5.3, is a Motorola Backflip.
  • A running gag seems to be that Connor regularly gets himself into trouble (compared to the other characters); being attacked by a Mosasaur, a Pteranodon, a Future Predator, a Raptor, a Precambrian Worm, a Pristichampsus, Danny Quinn, a Giganotosaurus, Future Fungus, Terror Birds, stun grenades, an Embolotherium, a Spinosaurus, a Labyrinthodont, Hyaenodon, Giant Burrowing Insects, the Swimming Theropod, a Kaprosuchus and Project Magnet.
  • Connor was notorious for wearing interesting items:
Item Seen in
A silver ring, on a neck chain. Every appearance of Connor.
Finger-less gloves Episode 1.1 to 3.10
The New World and The Sound of Thunder: Part 2
Porkpie-style hat Series 1, Episode 2.1, 2.3, 2.6, 3.1, 3.7, 4.6
Button up vests Episode 1.6 to 3.1
A fob watch and chain with the vests Episode 1.6 to 2.7
In the Episode 3.3 commentary Andrew Lee-Potts mentioned that on Connor's wrist, a compass could be seen which would help find anomalies that he wanted his character to keep, but the producers did not approve of it so that was its first and last appearance. It did appear in a promotional image of Connor in Episode 3.4 with his Anomaly Locking Mechanism.