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« "She was okay. Good at her job... loyal... team player. And not as tough as she pretended to be. But she was strong when it mattered." »
Nick Cutter on Claudia Brown.[src]

Claudia Brown was a Home Office official who was in charge of the Anomaly operation, and who eventually fell in love with team leader Nick Cutter. However, an expedition to the Permian had disastrous consequences for Claudia.



Born circa 1980, little is known about Claudia's past, except that she joined the Civil Service after studying law at university. For two years, she was engaged to be married, but she broke it off a month before the wedding, and had no significant relationships after that before the Anomaly operation.

Episode 1.1

Claudia pretending to be Nick Cutter's girlfriend. (Episode 1.1)

When sightings of a giant supposed animal in the Forest of Dean began to spring up, Claudia went to the Forest to investigate. There, Claudia met Nick Cutter in a bar at the Eddington Hotel while the former was being chatted up by a man whom she was uninterested in. Claudia first pretended to be Cutter's girlfriend to get rid of the other man, then introduced herself and explained why she did it. Cutter and Claudia discussed the sightings and what the animal could be if it is real, and Claudia subsequently joined Cutter, Connor Temple and Stephen Hart on their search through the Forest of Dean for the creature. During the search, Cutter and Claudia discussed the sightings, and they initially doubted that the creature was real until they found a dead cow in a tree.

The group subsequently continued searching the Forest after nightfall, and came across a Scutosaurus and met Rex and Abby Maitland. Claudia was shocked and bewildered at the Scutosaurus, and quickly deemed it a classified government secret due to fear of the panic that could erupt if the public learned of this. Claudia subsequently called her superior and demanded that the Home Office sent someone to the Forest to contain the Scutosaurus, before going with Cutter and Abby to the Trent house in the aftermath of a creature attack. While discussing the phenomenon with Abby and Cutter, Claudia tried to comfort Abby over lying about the truth and told her and Cutter that they would have to sign the Official Secrets Act. Claudia also believed that the Scutosaurus was the creature responsible for the deaths and attacks, but Abby and Cutter discredited this and the group then realised that there was another, predatory creature on the loose. The group then ran back into the Forest and used torches to frighten the Scutosaurus into leading them to where it came from, and Claudia and the others then watched the creature disappear through an Anomaly.

Claudia discusses the Anomaly situation with Cutter and Abby. (Episode 1.1)

The next day, after the Home Office had secured the Anomaly, Claudia took Cutter and Abby back to the Home Office to sign the Official Secrets Act, and was introduced to James Lester who had been appointed coordinator and administrator of the Anomaly operation. Claudia and Abby were later present when Lester and Cutter discussed the latter's theory about the Anomaly being a portal in time and the creatures from it being prehistoric animals from the past, and the four observed the analysis of Rex by Home Office scientists until Rex escaped from the lab and started flying around the building. Claudia and Abby then followed Rex through the Home Office, until Abby coerced Rex into coming back rather than escaping from the building.

The following evening, when Cutter was preparing to go through the Anomaly on an exploration mission into the Permian, Claudia had Captain Tom Ryan go through with Cutter and Rex without any argument or question, to protect Cutter from any danger in the Permian. Claudia also gave Ryan strict orders to ensure Cutter made it back to the present at all costs by the time the two-hour deadline was up. Claudia then waited for Cutter and Ryan to return, but grew increasingly concerned when Connor learned that the Anomaly was weakening. Two hours later, Cutter and Captain Ryan returned through the Anomaly just before it closed, but the Gorgonopsid then attacked the site in a frenzy, causing havoc. While Claudia was fleeing, she tripped and the Gorgonopsid then attacked her and Cutter, but they were saved when Stephen ran over and then gunned down the creature.

The next day, Claudia was present at the Home Office when Cutter and Lester learned that Cutter's long-missing wife Helen had indeed been on the other side of the Anomaly some time before, and when Cutter and Lester argued whether or not the Anomaly crisis was over, Claudia did nothing to stop Cutter and his new Anomaly research team leaving after Cutter declared that the crisis was far from over.

Episode 1.2

Following the Forest of Dean Anomaly incursion, Claudia had the Forest of Dean cleared of evidence and the incident covered up. While discussing the cover-up with Lester at the Home Office, the two discussed whether or not to keep Cutter in the Anomaly operation. Claudia wanted Cutter to stay on as she felt he was their closest thing to an expert, and Lester agreed to keep Cutter in. Claudia refused to admit to Lester that she had taken to Cutter, simply claiming to trust him.

Claudia subsequently visited Cutter at the Central Metropolitan University to discuss with him what to do involving the discovery of the Anomaly; Claudia was against making the phenomenon public knowledge, and instead decided to ensure the Anomaly stayed covered up and unknown to the public. Cutter and Claudia also discussed the possibility that Helen had known about the Anomaly beforehand before her disappearance; Claudia believed that even if Helen had survived in the Permian she was dead now because of how long ago the Permian was, and tried to comfort Cutter about Helen.

Claudia and the team try to locate the missing Cutter in the Underground. (Episode 1.2)

The next day, after a London Underground pest controller was attacked and poisoned in the Underground and admitted to hospital, Claudia and Cutter visited the hospital to investigate, and learned that the poison killing the pest controller was venom and that whatever had attacked him had given him a large insect bite; leading Cutter and Claudia to suspect that there was a new creature incursion in the Underground. Claudia and Cutter went to Lester about this, and Cutter wanted Lester to shut the Underground down to stop the new creature from harming anyone else, but Lester refused due to the chaos it would cause. Claudia ultimately managed to get Lester to instead close down the Arsenal Station area of the Underground where the pest controller was attacked.

Claudia, the team and Special Forces subsequently headed to Arsenal Station, but instead of letting the field team go down, Claudia sent the Special Forces into the Underground to see what creature they were battling first. After Captain Ryan and his men returned from the tunnels in the aftermath of an attack by Carboniferous Arachnids, Claudia and the team learned that what they had discovered would imply that there was another Anomaly in the Underground, this one linking to the Carboniferous. Cutter then convinced Claudia that he and the team had to go down into the Underground and see the creatures for themselves, and Claudia agreed to let them go down; although Claudia was initially reluctant to let Abby go until Abby claimed her animal skills would be useful to the team in the tunnels.

After the team were attacked in the Underground by an Arthropleura and separated from Cutter, Stephen and Abby returned to the surface, while Cutter remained trapped and Claudia lost contact with him. Claudia also refused to let Stephen go back down into the Underground to find Cutter as she was unwilling to risk any more people, and when Abby and Stephen were unable to identify the Arthropleura and how to combat the threat, Claudia agreed to bring Connor back into the team to help. As Connor arrived, when Claudia learned that Stephen had disobeyed and gone back down by himself to find Cutter and that they had now lost contact with Stephen, she was furious at Abby for the team's reckless methods and sent Ryan to find and rescue Stephen.

Though Connor initially identified the Arthropleura as non-poisonous, Cutter and a bitten and poisoned Stephen then returned, confirming the centipede was the venomous killer. When the bitten Stephen claimed to have seen Helen, though Cutter dismissed it as hallucinations, Claudia was uncertain and suspicious about it. Claudia and the team discussed how to save Stephen from dying from the Arthropleura venom, and Cutter decided that they would have to trick the centipede into giving them a pure venom sample by trying to bite Cutter; though Claudia was reluctant to allow Cutter to follow through with this. The team and the Special Forces subsequently searched the Underground for the Arthropleura, until Connor found a burrow in the wall left by the centipede; and Cutter, Connor and Ryan crawled through to find where the Arthropleura had gone to while Claudia and the others stayed behind.

After the Arthropleura was killed, a pure sample of its venom obtained and used to give Stephen an anti-venom and after he had recovered, Claudia visited him in hospital and asked him about seeing Helen. However, the venom's effects had caused Stephen to lose all memory of after he went back down into the Underground for Cutter, and Stephen assumed he must have been hallucinating. Claudia was less sure about it though.

Episode 1.3

Claudia with Cutter at the reservoir Anomaly site. (Episode 1.3)

After the London Underground Anomaly was contained, Claudia was present with Cutter, Lester and a meeting of other Home Office officials, as Connor explained from the Anomaly site via videofeed that the Anomaly was not showing any signs of weakening, and as Cutter tried to stress to Lester and the Home Office the threat the Anomalies posed and how they needed to make it their task to contain and predict them. The Home Office then received word that Anthony Barton had disappeared at the Crystal Palace Diving Institute, and, suspecting that a creature was responsible, Cutter and Claudia went to Crystal Palace to investigate the possible new incursion.

There, Claudia and Cutter found evidence to suggest that Anthony Barton was killed by a marine predator which had come into the Diving Institute through an Anomaly before returning, and when the police pinned Diane Johnson as the one responsible for Anthony's death, Claudia agreed to try and clear Diane of charges. However, Lester refused to intervene, and allowed the police to charge Diane Johnson so that she couldn't expose the truth to the public from in prison. Claudia was strongly against this as Diane was innocent and it would take a long time to get the Anomaly crisis fully under control, but Lester allowed Diane to be arrested anyway.

Later, when a bolus of Anthony Barton's remains were found at a reservoir, Claudia was present as Cutter and Lester discussed how Anthony's remains went from Crystal Palace to the reservoir. When Cutter theorised that it was because the Anomaly had moved and reopened, the Home Office and Special Forces secured the reservoir and began searching it for the Anomaly or the creature which killed Anthony Barton. Claudia went to the reservoir with Cutter, and was initially hopeful that the Anomaly had closed again, until Connor confirmed from the dropping water level that the Anomaly was still open in the reservoir depths.

As the Special Forces continued scouring the reservoir, Claudia visited a lone Cutter at the shore, and discussed Helen with him and was suspicious of how and why Stephen saw Helen in the Underground when he was bitten by the Arthropleura; but before Cutter could reply, he was distracted when he noticed from steam in the reservoir where the Anomaly was. Cutter and Stephen then went out with the Special Forces into the reservoir towards the Anomaly, despite Claudia's personal reluctance to allow them to go. After the Anomaly closed again and Cutter, Stephen and the Special Forces returned from in the reservoir, Claudia discussed how one of the divers had swam through the Anomaly and failed to come back through before it closed, and they sadly concluded that with the Anomaly closed, the diver was now marooned in the Cretaceous.

Afterwards, Claudia was present back at the Home Office as Cutter explained to her, Stephen and Lester his theory that the Anomaly was mobile because it was running along a temporal fault line; Claudia also did not share Lester's optimism that the Home Office had gotten off lightly with this Anomaly incursion, due to the loss of the Special Forces diver that swam through the Anomaly. Later that day, when the Home Office received a report of a creature attack in the Dexter house's flooded cellar, Claudia went to Lester about it, and the two concluded that the Anomaly had reopened again there and sent the Special Forces to investigate. As Claudia and Lester discussed covering the underwater Anomaly incursions up, Claudia received a call from the Special Forces that they had found the lost diver's body at the Anomaly site.

Claudia sees Helen's handkerchief message and learns the truth about her fate. (Episode 1.3)

Claudia subsequently went to the Dexter residence to see the Special Forces diver's corpse, and Captain Ryan showed Claudia a handkerchief found with the diver that had Helen Cutter's initials scrawled on it; causing Claudia to realise that Helen was indeed alive and living in the past through the Anomalies, and Cutter had kept it a secret from the rest of the team. A furious Claudia went to Cutter about this and demanded to know why he had kept it a secret; Cutter tried to defend his actions by stating that this was a personal matter, but Claudia warned him that that was no excuse as this affected the entire team, and she threatened to throw Cutter off the Anomaly project if he lied to the team about something like this again.

Claudia subsequently informed Lester of the new revelation about Helen, and Lester exposed it to the rest of the team and declared that they had to make contact with Helen and get her to share her more extensive knowledge on the Anomalies with them. Lester ordered Cutter to go through the Anomaly and make contact with Helen, but Claudia was reluctant to trust Cutter on a responsibility involving Helen again; Cutter agreed to go through and find Helen, on the condition that she wouldn't be forced to come back if she refused to. While Cutter was on the other side of the Anomaly searching for Helen, Lester proposed to Claudia that if Helen refused to come back, they would send the Special Forces through to forcefully bring her back to the present anyway. Claudia was strongly against this, but Lester won the argument anyway, and a reluctant Claudia got a diving team ready.

After two hours, Cutter was pulled by tether back through the Anomaly, but drowned in the waters on the other side, until Claudia resuscitated him. Once Cutter confirmed that Helen was on the other side of the Anomaly, Claudia sent the Special Forces divers through, and after they returned with her, Lester and a guilty Claudia took Helen to the Home Office for questioning on the Anomalies.

Episode 1.4

After Helen was captured, Claudia and Lester interrogated her at the Home Office and tried to get her to tell them what she knew about the Anomalies, but Helen refused and said she would only speak if they brought Cutter to her. Claudia subsequently called Cutter, instructing him to come over to the Home Office at once to talk to Helen in interrogation. When Helen claimed to Nick that a pride of Smilodon would soon wander through an open Anomaly into Central London, Nick went to Claudia and Lester about this and discussed it with them. They both suspected that it was a trick by Helen, but Nick was convinced otherwise, and managed to get Claudia to let Helen lead them to the supposed Anomaly site anyway just in case, to avoid a massacre if it turned out Helen was indeed telling the truth.

Claudia, with Duncan, upon learning that Tom can't be saved from the Parasite. (Episode 1.4)

Claudia, the team and the Special Forces subsequently drove with Helen to a football stadium, where Helen led them into the kitchens and claimed that the Anomaly was inside a sealed steel fridge. Claudia was distrustful of Helen and openly believed she was bluffing, until Stephen and Ryan broke the fridge open to reveal there was indeed an Anomaly inside. While the team were moving food out of the fridge to stop the smell drawing the supposed Smilodon through, Helen escaped through the Anomaly from the team. Claudia had Cutter stopped from going through after Helen, out of distrust and fear that he would follow instead of stop her, and immediately sent Ryan through the Anomaly to bring Helen back. When Ryan and Stephen returned from the other side of the Anomaly, they revealed to Claudia and the team that Helen was indeed bluffing about the Smilodon, and that the Anomaly was part of an entire temporal Spaghetti Junction of Anomalies. A flock of Dodos then came through the Anomaly and scattered across the stadium kitchen, and Claudia helped round the Dodos up before the team sent them back through the Anomaly.

Later, when Connor's friend Tom was infected with the Parasite after he and Duncan stole an infected Dodo from the stadium incursion, Claudia went with the team to Tom and Duncan's flat in search of Tom, threatening to arrest Duncan for treason, but they found that Tom had fled and the infected Dodo had died from the Parasite. Claudia,Cutter and Stephen subsequently went to Lester about the situation with the Parasite, then went out to try and find Tom before he sparked a pandemic. When Tom infected a doctor at a hospital, Claudia, Stephen and Cutter went to there to question the doctor, and Claudia unsuccessfully tried to cover the Parasite pandemic up as a rabies outbreak. Afterwards, Cutter and Stephen decided to go to Connor and Duncan on where Tom could have gone, and Claudia silently questioned with Cutter whether Helen was indeed responsible for the Parasite incursion.

When the team learned that Tom had tracked Abby and the dead infected Dodo down and taken them, they tracked Tom down to the football stadium in time to stop Tom from infecting Abby with the Parasite. Claudia watched with the team as Connor coerced and encouraged Tom into successfully fighting the Parasite's influence off, and as Tom died in Connor's arms.

Episode 1.5

Claudia almost gets crushed by the tranquilised Pteranodon's falling body. (Episode 1.5)

Within a month after the Parasite incursion, the job of managing the team and the Anomaly-investigating project and the team's maverick and reckless methods and the lack of progress began to frustrate Claudia. When a golfer was found torn apart at the Forest Heights Country Club golf course, Claudia went with Cutter and Ryan to investigate and had Ryan evacuate and seal off the area. When Cutter took the investigation on whether or not there was indeed an Anomaly incursion slowly and patiently, Claudia was upset at this and warned Cutter Lester was growing impatient and that Cutter was making it difficult for her to prove to Lester that they could rely on the team. Cutter and Claudia subsequently looked at the dead golfer's remains in the golf course hotel's emergency room, and Cutter confirmed that a creature incursion was responsible and that there therefore was indeed an Anomaly.

Later, when Cutter, Abby and Stephen located a Pteranodon in the skies above the golf course pursuing Connor and Rex across the course, Claudia ordered Ryan to try and shoot the creature down with deadly force to save Connor, and she was flabbergasted and upset with Cutter when he was against it and even stopped Ryan shooting to save the Pteranodon (although Connor and Rex escaped the creature anyway). Just after, when Claudia and the entire team learned that Abby had been secretly harbouring Rex, Claudia became further flabbergasted and upset with the team's actions and lack of order and protocol.

When the Pteranodon fled into the city afterwards, upon locating it on an office building's rooftop via satellite imaging, Claudia drove ahead of Ryan and the Special Forces with Cutter and Stephen to the office block to contain the creature. Claudia was upset and against it upon learning Cutter and Stephen still intended to capture the Pteranodon alive with tranquilisers, but agreed to give them until the Special Forces arrived to accomplish that. The three subsequently went up onto the office block's roof, where Cutter and Stephen drew the Pteranodon straight towards them, to Claudia's fright, using a red flag, and successfully tranquilised it, although Claudia was nearly crushed by the creature's falling body in the process. This close shave left Claudia furious and over the edge with Cutter's reckless and maverick methods and intending to take over control from him, but the Pteranodon then hit Claudia in the head in its unconsciousness, knocking her out cold.

Claudia prepares to fight the Anurognathus off with a golf club. (Episode 1.5)

The unconscious Claudia was subsequently taken to the golf course hotel's emergency room to recuperate, and she eventually awoke and was helped by Cutter, but she had a mild concussion from the Pteranodon that had temporarily blinded her. While Cutter helped Claudia recover as the blindness slightly wore off, Stephen called Cutter and confirmed that the Pteranodon was in fact harmless to humans and wasn't responsible for the golfer's death, which in turn meant that the real predator was still out there. The hotel subsequently became besieged by a flesh-eating swarm of Anurognathus, the real killers, prompting Cutter to lock himself and Claudia in the hotel from the swarm and to leave Claudia in the emergency room while he searched for a working phone in the building.

While Claudia was waiting in the emergency room for Cutter to return, the Anurognathus began attacking and breaking into the room, drawn by the smell of Claudia's blood in the room and on her from a split blood pack, until Cutter arrived and fled with Claudia through the hotel from the Anurognathus into a sealed lounge. Cutter told Claudia to wait in the lounge's safety while he went out to the ambulance in search of a phone to alert Ryan to the attacking swarm, and kissed her before heading out. As Claudia waited alone in the hotel's lounge, the Anurognathus began making their way down into the lounge through the fireplace's chimney, swarming in en masse. Claudia struggled to hold the swarming predators off with a golf club, until Helen Cutter arrived and led Claudia through the hotel into the kitchen from the swarm. Helen sent Claudia out of the hotel through the kitchen's emergency exit to safety, while Helen killed the Anurognathus by blowing up the hotel with a gas explosion.

In the aftermath, Claudia met back up with Cutter and told him of how Helen had saved her, and Claudia came to be less distrustful of Helen as a result of this. Claudia and the team subsequently lured the Pteranodon back through the aerial Anomaly with a red flag after the creature had awoken, and as the Pteranodon flew over the team and back through the closing Anomaly, Claudia admitted that it was indeed a beautiful creature and not the monstrous predator she had at first seen it as.

Episode 1.6

Claudia sees her reflection as an Anomaly, possibly foreshadowing her erasure from history. (Episode 1.6)

After the Anurognathus incursion at the golf course, Claudia wanted Cutter to start making more progress on their research into the Anomalies and how they could better contain them. She also wasn't negatively bothered by Nick kissing her at the hotel, and apparently began to reciprocate Nick's attraction to her (although she was unable to get him to open up on whether or not he still loved Helen). Claudia was apparently now much more confident that Cutter could be trusted and relied upon as the team leader and researcher in the Anomaly operation, though Lester did not seem to share Claudia's faith and confidence in Cutter. She was also now less distrustful of Helen after she'd saved Claudia from the Anurognathus. At this time, Claudia began suffering nightmares of a Gorgonopsid attacking her, and even hallucinations of her reflection in mirrors as an Anomaly.

Shortly after the original Anomaly in the Forest of Dean reopened and three disappearances occurred with no obvious signs of a creature incursion, Helen contacted the team again by giving Stephen a message to give them - she wanted to meet with them without any ambushes to warn them of a creature behind the disappearances. Claudia, Nick, Stephen and Lester complied and met by themselves with Helen at a park, and Helen explained to them that the disappearances were caused by a Future Predator; a deadly, intelligent new species from the future which had first entered the Permian before coming through the reopened Anomaly to the present.

After the team had a brief encounter with the Predator at Wellington Zoo while it was stalking Abby, Claudia, the team and the Special Forces set about locating the Future Predator's lair in the local woods, and Claudia and Helen had an argument about Nick's feelings for Claudia before the search began. After the adult Future Predator was successfully found and killed by the team, and the Predator's young captured, Helen and Nick convinced Lester that they had to keep the young alive and use them to find the future Anomaly in the Permian that the Predators had come from, so they could secure the Anomaly in the Permian and prevent more future creatures entering the Permian and altering history; though Claudia was unsure and hesitant about sending an indefinite mission into the Permian to keep a permanent guard on the future Anomaly there.

Claudia kisses Cutter before the mission into the past. (Episode 1.6)

The following day, Claudia and the team were present when Nick and Helen prepared with Captain Ryan and a squad of other Special Forces soldiers to go through the Forest of Dean Anomaly with the Future Predator young to locate and contain the future Anomaly. Claudia was worried about Nick going through and wanted him to stay, though Nick was confident and assured Claudia that it would be alright and the Anomaly wouldn't close and leave him marooned. Just before Nick and Helen went through the Anomaly, Claudia reciprocated Cutter's kiss in front of Helen and the rest of the team, then once Helen and Nick had gone through, Claudia waited in the Forest with the team for Nick to return. While Claudia and the team were waiting for Cutter to complete the mission in the Permian and come back, they failed to notice another adult Future Predator slip past them and through the Anomaly, only getting a glimpse of something vanishing into the Anomaly.

While Nick, Helen and the Special Forces were still on the Permian side of the Anomaly, the timeline changed when two of the Predator infants were unknowingly left alive in the Permian; creating a new timeline where Claudia Brown apparently never existed, and where she was instead a PR guru called Jenny Lewis whose life had taken a completely different path. (Episode 1.6, Series 2)


After Claudia was erased by Nick and Helen's actions in the past, it shook Cutter's foundation to the core, as she was the first woman he had loved in his life since the disappearance of Helen. The rest of the team did not remember Claudia, due to being in the present when it was changed, and all of them except for Connor found it hard to believe Cutter about her, which only made Cutter more alone in his grief. Cutter at first had very serious thoughts about trying to go into the past and see if he could change the timeline back until Stephen pointed out to him that he could just as easily end up making things even worse, (Episode 2.1) but after Stephen's death, Cutter finally accepted that the changes to time were permanent and that Claudia was gone forever. (Episode 2.7) Despite choosing to move on however, Cutter never entirely forgot or got over Claudia to the day he died. (Episode 3.3, 3.5)

After Claudia's new-timeline counterpart Jenny joined the ARC, Cutter had a difficult time recognising her as a different person to Claudia due to the physical identicalness, regularly unconsciously calling her by Claudia's name. (Episode 2.2, 2.4, 3.1) Based on the timeline change that had erased Claudia, Helen Cutter got the idea to experiment with the Anomalies' history-altering ability on a radical scale, which was the reason for her partnership with Oliver Leek. (Episode 2.7) The Claudia Brown situation was one of the main reasons why Jenny ultimately chose to resign from the ARC, saying that after discovering that Claudia had indeed been real and Cutter had been right, she wouldn't be able to have anything to do with the ARC anymore without always wondering who she really was. (Episode 3.5)

Other references

Episode 2.7

At Stephen's funeral, Cutter accepted that the changes to the timeline were permanent and thus Claudia Brown was gone forever, and so tore up his photo of himself and Claudia.

Episode 3.1

While speaking with Jenny, Cutter accidentally called her Claudia.

Episode 3.3

As Cutter was dying in Connor's arms, he started to ask Connor to tell Claudia something, but then changed his mind and said nothing.

Episode 3.5

Cutter's repaired photo of Claudia. (Episode 3.5)

Jenny found Cutter's partially-repaired photo of him and Claudia Brown amongst his belongings following his death. Knowing the picture had never been taken, Jenny realised that Cutter had been right all along and that she had been someone else in another reality. This revelation was a factor in Jenny's subsequent resignation from the ARC, as she said she'd be unable to stay with them now without always wondering who she really was.

Episode 3.9

Claudia Brown was mentioned in Eve's journal, and it was from this that Sarah Page and Connor realised that Eve was Helen in disguise (as she was the only still-living person at that time who remembered Claudia after she was erased).

Episode 4.6

Jenny explained to her husband-to-be Michael Miller how she was Claudia Brown in another timeline.


Claudia was a concerned and intelligent woman whose primary concerns were about protecting the public while also keeping the Anomaly crisis covered up to avoid chaos. She usually tried to be strict and professional and to stay composed and resilient when doing her job so that she would do it right, and she was normally successful at this; although she would temporarily shed and abandon professionalism with a rightful lack of guilt when she consciously allowed herself to show some of her deepest feelings for a moment.

Though she was in full agreement with the coverup action due to the panic that the knowledge of the Anomaly phenomenon could cause if the public learned of it, Claudia was still much less ruthless and insensitive in these goals than Lester, as she retained a sense of justice which made her strongly oppose allowing an innocent witness to be falsely charged and imprisoned to maintain the coverup. Although Claudia was highly unused to being part of the threat, danger and terror of personally facing the creatures in the field, she was not helpless, and could be resourceful and fend for herself against the creatures when she had to. Claudia was also internally very strong when it mattered, not allowing Helen Cutter's return to get in the way of her relationship with Nick.


Nick Cutter

Claudia initially disagreed with Cutter's maverick methods of handling the Anomalies and the creatures, and became distrustful of him after learning he had kept the truth about Helen secret; but Claudia eventually fell in love with Cutter, and became concerned about him and did not want anything to destroy her relationship with him.

Helen Cutter

Claudia trusted Helen less than Nick, and developed something of a rivalry with her over Nick's affections and refused to allow Helen's return to affect Claudia's relationship with Nick.

James Lester

Lester often frustrated Claudia (and everyone else) with his sarcasm and ruthless way of operating the Anomaly project. While Claudia often disagreed with Lester, he was her superior and she had to do what he said in regards to work. Though she was originally quite strict with following Lester's orders, as she came to have more trust in Nick Cutter, she was more willing to break Lester's instructions.







  • In Episode 1.6, Claudia suffered nightmares of a Gorgonopsid attacking her, and at one point saw her reflection in a mirror as an Anomaly. It is uncertain what the meaning of these dreams and visions were, but it is believed by fans that they were foreshadowing Claudia's coming erasure from the timeline.
  • Interestingly, both Claudia and Jenny Lewis are the only team members to never encountered a Future Predator in person (although they were still involved in dealing with Predator incursions).
  • In The Lost Island, Jenny apparently has the same choice of perfume as Claudia.