Central Metropolitan University (often shortened to the CMU) was an educational institution for post-graduation learning. It was located in England and was half a day of driving away from the Forest of Dean.


Original timeline

Sometime before 1998, Nick Cutter became a professor, at the Department of Evolutionary Zoology. Nick's wife, Helen, also used to work there, and at some point she taught Stephen Hart and had an affair with him. In the late 1990s Helen left to trek through the Anomalies. By 2006/2007, Stephen had become Cutter's lab technician, and Connor Temple was one of Cutter's students at the University. (Episode 1.1, Series 1)

Cutter, Stephen and Connor continued their work at the University when they joined the Home Office Anomaly-investigating branch. (Episode 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6)

Post-original timeline

After the timeline was changed while Nick and Helen were in the Permian, in the new reality, Cutter, Stephen and Connor had signed out of the University when the Anomaly project had moved to the Anomaly Research Centre, and most but not all of their work at the University had been transferred with them. (Post-Episode 1.6)

When investigating erratic changes with the Anomalies, Cutter at one point revisited his old office the University to see if the new timeline's version of himself had left any early Anomaly research there that could aid him. (Extinction Event)

Former members

Name Position Status
Nick Cutter Professor/lecturer Moved to Anomaly Research Centre
Helen Cutter Teacher of some sorts Left
Stephen Hart Lab technician, former student Moved to Anomaly Research Centre
Connor Temple Student Moved to Anomaly Research Centre
Duncan Student Left
Tom Student Deceased
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