The Castle Cross Shopping Mall - Cretaceous desert Anomaly was an Anomaly linking the Castle Cross Shopping Mall in the present to a desert in the Cretaceous period.


This Anomaly opened up behind a bowling alley, and three Raptors - two adults and an infant - went through into the mall, where they went on a rampage. After the Anomaly Research Centre team tranquilised the two adult Raptors loose in the Mall, Nick Cutter went through the Anomaly with the two unconscious Raptors to return them, and Stephen Hart followed Cutter through to stop him staying in the past to try and change the timeline back. When the Anomaly began to close, Cutter retreated back through, but Stephen was attacked by the male Raptor when it recovered. The ARC team dragged Stephen back through the Anomaly, which then closed on and severed the Raptor's head. (Episode 2.1)



  • When the Anomaly opened, it was right behind the bowling pins at the shopping mall's bowling alley; but in later scenes, the Anomaly was nowhere near there.
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