Ben Trent was a young boy who lived with his mother Mary in a neighbourhood in the Forest of Dean.


One day, Ben found a Coelurosauravus in the Forest of Dean, and named it Rex and made a request that Wellington Zoo come to collect Rex.

Episode 1.1

When Abby Maitland came to Ben's house to collect Rex and saw him, she and Ben went with Rex into the Forest so that Rex could show Abby where he found Rex. There, the two found a dead cow in a tree, and heard a Gorgonopsid in the Forest; Ben then ran off ahead of Abby, leaving her and Rex behind. While Ben was running back through the Forest, he came across an Anomaly and looked through into the Permian, before running off.

As night fell, Ben escaped from the Forest back to his neighbourhood and locked himself in his bedroom, which was then attacked by the Gorgonopsid. Ben managed to fend the creature off by throwing numerous toys and objects around him at it, but not before it destroyed his room and infuriated his mother (who did not believe him about the Gorgonopsid). When Abby, Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown later came to Ben's house, Ben tried without success to get Abby to back up his claims, and then tried to tell them about the Anomaly in the Forest but stormed out when he saw that no-one believed him.

The next day, while Ben was doing detention at school, the Gorgonopsid arrived and attacked, forcing him and his schoolteacher to barricade themselves in the classroom until Stephen Hart arrived and lured the Gorgonopsid away.

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