Babes in the Woods is the seventh episode of the first season of the Canadian Primeval spin-off show, Primeval: New World.


"An Anomaly opens up near a 'Fatal Babes' photo shoot, putting some of Toby's friends – including her ex – in the line of fire."[1]

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In a rural cabin in the woods, photographer Bobby is photographing a group of five female models, the Fatal Babes. Bobby then calls for a break, and Natalie, the leader of the Fatal Babes and apparently Bobby's girlfriend, instructs Bobby to end the break and return within five minutes as they still have more to shoot. Bobby agrees and then goes outside as one of the Babes, Allison, expresses disgust at Bobby's smoking habit. Outside the cabin, Bobby is lighting a cigarette using his parked van's lighter, when he hears something moving around in the woods and goes to investigate. He wanders through the woods, until he hears something behind him and turns around to see an Ornitholestes nearby, staring at him. Bobby uses his camera to take a picture of the Ornitholestes, aggravating the creature and causing it to attack, pinning him to the ground.

At the Tank, Evan and Toby are going through their research and data on the Anomalies and discussing their theories to them, trying to find a way to predict when the Anomalies will close and whether or not they will reopen. Toby and Evan both agree that finding away to achieve these forms of Anomaly prediction will be difficult, and Evan then leaves just before an Anomaly alert goes off. Toby checks the Anomaly's location on the Tank's computer and notices it is in a familiar area on Mount Seymour. Toby then goes on her tablet to the Fatal Babes' website and discovers from it that they are shooting in the same area, worrying her. Toby then tries to reach the Babes by phone, but they don't answer. Mac arrives, and Toby pulls him aside and explains that she wants to go and investigate the new Anomaly without Evan; explaining, in an attempt to get Mac to understand, that she was formerly a member of the Fatal Babes and that the Anomaly is near the Babes' cabin. However, Mac still wants Evan to come as he is the team's leader, and Mac won't go alone.

Meanwhile, Evan is alone in his office, examining his wedding ring in his fingers, when Ange enters and reveals that she has turned the Sung Group's job offer down even after they increased it. Evan is slightly surprised that Ange is staying, and is concerned over what effect their new relationship may have, but Ange tries to assure Evan that the new relationship isn't a bad thing. Mac then comes and tells Evan about the new Anomaly, and Evan then puts his ring down, takes his detector, and apologises to Ange before rushing out; leaving Ange disappointed. Evan heads back to the Tank and asks Toby for an update, and Toby first tells Evan where the Anomaly is, and then tries to explain her secret past with the Fatal Babes to Evan; but Evan then cuts in and reveals he already knew about, and tries to explain that it doesn't matter to him before heading out to get ready to leave and deal with the incursion. When Toby notices Mac is downloading the former's Fatal Babe profile on the tablet, Toby takes the tablet from Mac and orders him to stop, before the team all quickly begin gathering their equipment for the incursion. Outside, Dylanhas just arrived in her car at Cross Photonics, when the rest of the Special Projects Group rush out and bring Dylan up to speed on the new Anomaly, and Toby's past.

Evan decides that at the Anomaly site, he and Dylan will search for any creatures that have come through the Anomaly, while Toby and Mac get the Fatal Babes to safety. Mac and Toby then drive off for the Anomaly, with Toby enthusiastically being the driver. Ange then comes up to Evan and Dylan and explains that she wants to come along with them on the Anomaly incursion. Dylan is reluctant and tries to talk Ange out of it, prompting Ange to show that she can manage the incursion, by showing her martial arts skills by almost kicking Evan in the head. Dylan has no option but to accept that Ange will be joining the SPG on the new incursion, and the trio then all get into the jeep and drive off. Back at the Fatal Babes' cabin, the Babes are trying to work out what has happened to Bobby, with Nat believing that Bobby has ditched them, while the Ornitholestes watches the cabin from the woods. In Evan, Dylan and Ange's jeep, Dylan is asking Ange about any experience she has had with rifles or hunting, which Ange doesn't. Dylan then asks Ange about tasers, and shows Ange the wildlife tasers that the Special Projects Group use against creatures, and explains to her how they work; revealing that if in the field one doesn't have time to reload the taser, then they can use the end as a contact taser. Meanwhile, as Mac and Toby are driving towards Mount Seymour, Mac is looking at something on his phone to Toby's frustration. Mac first claims he isn't looking at her Fatal Babes pictures, but then makes it obvious to Toby that he is. Mac is downloading another picture of Toby as a Fatal Babe, when his phone loses reception to Toby's relief. However, Mac still quietly stares at and pictures Toby as a Fatal Babe, to her annoyance.

Mac and Toby then arrive at the cabin, and head up towards the door. Toby wants Mac to go look for the Anomaly while she talks with the Fatal Babes, but Mac refuses as he feels they should stick together as a team. Toby then knocks on the door and Mac answers, shocked to see Toby. Toby pulls Nat outside, and she and Mac tell Nat that they are with Predator Control and there is a dangerous animal on the loose in the woods. Though Nat is worried about Bobby, Toby convinces her that the former and the other Fatal Babes have to leave at once, and so Nat goes back into the cabin with Mac and Toby to explain it to the other Babes. The Babes are shocked and happy to see Toby again, and Allison notices Mac and the two introduce themselves; with Allison being surprised that Toby now has a friend who is a boy. Meanwhile, outside, the Ornitholestes is coming closer to the cabin. Evan, Dylan and Ange are getting closer to the site, and Evan contacts Mac on their status. Mac informs Evan that they are evacuating the Fatal Babes, as the Babes head out to their car. Nat is worried about Bobby, so she decides to stay behind while the other girls leave. As the other Fatal Babes drive off, Toby tries to get Nat to not worry about Bobby, when Nat sees something behind Toby that shocks and horrifies her. Mac and Toby then turn to see the Ornitholestes emerging from hiding past the cabin.

Nat makes a run for Bobby's van and starts it up and begins to drive it off, aggravating the Ornitholestes and prompting it to give chase. Mac and Toby quickly jump into the moving van as the creature pursues them, with Mac narrowly avoiding the creature's jaws as he reaches the van. A panicked Nat continues to drive the van as fast as it will go, with the Ornitholestes initially giving chase. Mac and Toby try to calm Nat down and get her to slow the van down once the Ornitholestes has given up the chase, but a frantic Nat refuses; forcing Toby to use her wildlife taser to knock Nat out. Mac then quickly grabs the steering wheel, but before he can get the van back under control, it wanders off the road into the woods and crashes, getting hung on a log. Mac gets out of the van first and looks around for any sign of the Ornitholestes, while Toby checks on the unconscious Nat. Toby then gets out, and she and Mac check the van and find that they won't be able to free it; leaving Mac upset, as they are already a great distance away from their jeep at the cabin, and they have only one taser as a weapon. Toby takes out her Anomaly tracker to try and track the Anomaly.

Back at the cabin, Evan, Ange and Dylan arrive on a different road to the one that Toby and Mac did, and find Mac and Toby gone but their jeep still there. Dylan starts looking around the cabin for Mac and Toby, while Evan starts taking the group's weapons out from the back of the jeep. Evan asks Ange to hang back but she refuses, and a confused and upset Evan asks Ange about why she is there when it is so unlike her; and Ange explains that she has grown tired of pointlessly trying to get Evan to concentrate on Cross Photonics, so she wants to be a part of Evan's work in the field with the Anomalies to understand it. Evan radios Mac to check on his status, and Mac explains where he and Toby are, and about Nat and the Ornitholestes incursion. Evan is upset upon discovering that Toby and Mac have a civilian with them, and surprised when Mac reveals that Toby tased Nat. Evan then instructs Mac and Toby to focus on finding the Anomaly, while the former heads away from the cabin and towards the woods with Ange and Dylan. Ange asks Evan and Dylan about any protocol they should be following when dealing with the creatures, and Dylan says that they must simply 'find it before it finds [them].' Ange tries to remain calm, until she finds Bobby's mutilated corpse by a tree nearby. Ange is horrified at the sight of the body, while Dylan goes up to and examines it. Evan notices Bobby's camera lying nearby and picks it up, showing Dylan the picture of the Ornitholestes that Bobby took on it before the creature attacked him. Dylan then notices that Ange is scared and worried, and so tries to assure her that they won't suffer the same fate, as unlike Bobby was, they are armed against the creature.

Back at the van, Nat has awoken but is still feeling unwell from the taser's effects. Toby is trying to explain to Nat why she tased her, while Mac is scanning around for any sign of the Ornitholestes. As Toby and Nat argue over Toby's actions, Toby reveals that she and Nat were apparently in a relationship, catching a shocked Mac's attention. Toby helps Nat stand up once she has recovered enough, and when Nat asks Toby about the creature, she notices that Mac and Toby are not fazed or scared by the trio's encounter with the Ornitholestes, and realises that they are involved with the creature. Toby then reveals what the creature was and what her and Mac do as their job. With only one taser to fend off the Ornitholestes, Mac, Toby and Natalie leave the van and head into the woods in search of the Anomaly. Meanwhile, as Evan, Dylan and Ange head through the woods, Dylan identifies the creature as a Theropod from Bobby's photo which could be at least a few metres large. Evan and Dylan continue to calculate what the Ornitholestes is, along the way finding a large, thin feather. While Dylan and Evan continue walking, Ange stops and finds herself confronted by the nearby Ornitholestes.

Ange makes a run for it, alerting Evan and Dylan to the creature's presence, and the Ornitholestes gives pursuit. The creature chases Ange through the trees as Evan tries to shoot a tranquiliser dart at it without success, while Ange tries to escape the pursuing Ornitholestes. As the Ornitholestes closes in on Ange, Dylan directs Ange to run in her direction; and Evan then pulls Ange out of the way, just as Dylan fires a taser dart which stuns the creature. Dylan then tranquilises the stunned Ornitholestes, and helps Evan and Ange up. Ange thanks Dylan for saving her, and Dylan jokes that the latter did so because she needs Ange to pay her. the trio then examine the tranquilised creature, and Dylan deduces that it will take it six hours to recover from the tranquiliser. Ange suggests that they call in Ken Leeds to get the Ornitholestes back to the Anomaly, but Evan is against this (as he finds Project Magnet to be an annoyance, and cannot contact them regardless), and decides that the trio can instead drag the Ornitholestes to the Anomaly themselves.

As Mac, Toby and Nat head through the woods in search of Anomaly readings, Mac contacts Evan (who is finishing tying up the tranquilised Ornitholestes with Ange and Dylan), and the two compare progress. Evan instructs Mac to inform him when they find the Anomaly, so that they can return the captured Ornitholestes through, and the two then end their conversation. Dylan and Ange finish tying up the unconscious Ornitholestes, and Dylan tells Ange that they will drag it like a dead moose. Evan then pinpoints the direction the Anomaly is in, and notes that there are no roads and thus the trio will have to drag the creature all the way to the Anomaly site instead of to the jeep. Meanwhile, as Toby, Nat and Mac continue through the woods, they talk about the Anomalies, and then the subject of Toby and her parents; Toby apparently never introduces any of her partners to her parents, as though she wants to keep her relationships a secret from her parents. The group suddenly hear rustling from nearby and initially prepare for another creature attack; but when nothing is seen, Mac presses them on.

Evan, Ange and Dylan are slowly dragging the tranquilised Ornitholestes through the forest, and Dylan notes that the creature is a stalker and it probably attacked Ange because she was the smallest of the group. The trio begin to argue over whether or not Evan is doing most of the work dragging the Ornitholestes, when nearby rustling gets their attention and it is revealed that another Ornitholestes is watching them from the vegetation. They fail to see anything, but the group still realise that they are being watched and arm up their weapons. Meanwhile, Nat, Toby and Mac discuss how cool Mac and Toby's job is and how positively it would make others regard them, then discuss Toby's somewhat workaholic obsession with her research. However, the group then hear a roar from in the trees and realise that a creature is nearby.

Mac radios Evan to inform him of the former's, Nat's and Toby's situation, and Evan warns them of how the Ornitholestes targets the smallest in a group and thus the smallest member of the trio should be kept between the other two. As the trio move closer together while looking out for any sign of the creature, Mac ends up sandwiched between Nat and Toby and makes a joke about it being a personal fantasy. Toby then moves to the middle and pushes Mac to the front. As Mac, Toby and Natalie look around for any sign of the creature, they turn and see to their horror that the animal is a bear. Toby stops Mac from shooting at the bear with his taser, reminding him that they need to save the taser's bolts for the Ornitholestes; and Toby then instructs Mac and Nat to form a close group, and yell at the bear and wave their arms. The trio hesitantly do so, and the bear leaves. As the group relax with the danger having passed, Mac asks how Toby knew to shoo the bear off that way, and Toby explains that Dylan taught during a presentation on predators that bears have poor eyesight. Natalie is upset at Toby over the fact that the latter was willing to tase Nat but not a dangerous bear, but Mac presses the rest of the trio to focus on finding the Anomaly and leaving the argument until later.

As Evan, Dylan and Ange continue dragging the unconscious Ornitholestes through the forest, Mac contacts Evan and explains that the creature stalking them was just a bear and has gone. The group, while discussing taking the Ornitholestes to the Anomaly, stop for a rest, and Dylan and Ange head further up the hill to try and see the Anomaly, while Evan scans for an Anomaly signal. Ange and Dylan discuss the Special Projects Group's priorities to return all creatures through the Anomalies, with Dylan explaining that while Evan does it out of fear of the creatures' absence from their time periods changing the Past, Dylan herself simply wants to return the creatures to their homes. Dylan then opens a discussion with Ange on why she really came along with the SPG, and Ange initially claims that she is overseeing the operation as her job, but then admits that she herself doesn't know. While Dylan's back is turned, the second Ornitholestes suddenly arrives up ahead in front of her and Ange; Evan immediately arrives and shoots at the creature with the taser rifle, causing it fall backwards and over a cliff. The trio move up to the cliff edge and see no sign of the Ornitholestes in the river below. Evan is convinced that the creature has survived, and while the group discuss what to do about it, Evan decides (to Ange's awe) that they allow the remaining Ornitholestes to follow them back to the Anomaly.

Meanwhile, Nat, Toby and Mac track the Anomaly to a bridge over a river, and Nat is amazed at the sight of the phenomenon. Mac then contacts Evan and tells him that they've found the Anomaly. Evan, Dylan and Ange are dragging the unconscious Ornitholestes, and Mac and Evan compare progress, and Mac instructs Evan to follow the river to the Anomaly site. As Ange, Evan and Dylan drag the unconscious Ornitholestes down a hill, Ange flirts with Evan, and Dylan asks that she and Evan leave the conversation until after the incursion is dealt with. Dylan then suddenly loses her footing and falls down the hill, dislocating her shoulder on a tree root. Evan and Ange rush to Dylan's aid, and Evan has Ange look out for the remaining Ornitholestes while Evan painfully relocates Dylan's shoulder (the two confessing that both of them have dislocated their shoulders before). As Dylan recovers from the injury, she takes a taser and has Ange use her rifle instead, while the remaining Ornitholestes spies the trio nearby. Ange notes that the group won't be able to carry the unconscious Ornitholestes to the Anomaly with just two people, so Evan radios Mac and asks Toby about the Anomaly's status. Toby confirms that the Anomaly is stable, and Evan then asks that Mac head to him, Ange and Dylan to help them carry the unconscious Ornitholestes. Mac is reluctant and concerned for Toby, but Toby reminds him that she will be with Nat and fine, and encourages Mac to go. Mac then leaves the taser with Toby in case any more creatures come through the Anomaly, and heads off.

After Mac has gone, Toby and Nat discuss him, while Toby continues studying the Anomaly readings. However, Nat then gets Toby off the Anomaly reader and gets her to just watch and admire the beautiful phenomenon. Toby and Nat then discuss their relationship, and the two kiss in front of the Anomaly. An enthusiastic Nat then decides they get closer to the Anomaly, despite Toby's caution. Meanwhile, Evan and Ange are dragging the unconscious Ornitholestes through the woods as Dylan follows, but Dylan gets them to stop as they will never get it to the Anomaly in time. Dylan then notes that the other creature has always been heading in the same direction, and speculates that it is trying to return to its home; and suggests that the group leave the unconscious Ornitholestes, and lure the other one to the Anomaly so it can return through by itself. The trio then hear something nearby in the woods and fan out to find it. Suddenly, the Ornitholestes pounces out at Ange, prompting Ange to momentarily stun it with a karate kick. The group then fire taser darts at the creature, but they only aggravate it and cause it to flee; Evan is confident that this will further encourage the Ornitholestes to return through the Anomaly.

Nearby, Mac is running along the path through the woods towards Evan and his group, while the Ornitholestes, pursued by Ange, Evan and Dylan, in turn flees in Mac's direction. Once the Ornitholestes reaches and passes by Mac, he and the group realise that Toby and Nat are in danger from the creature, and rush after it. Back at the Anomaly, Nat is getting closer to the Anomaly, when she and Toby hear Mac coming and warning them to get away from the Anomaly. The two then see the Ornitholestes coming, and just as the creature reaches the bridge, Toby and Nat jump over the sides and out of the Ornitholestes' way, allowing it to run back through the Anomaly. Mac and Evan then pull Nat and Toby back up onto the bridge, and Ange sees the Anomaly and is amazed at the sight of it. The group discuss what to do about the Anomaly and the remaining Ornitholestes, and Evan decides to have the area cordoned off and reluctantly agrees to call in Project Magnet to send the remaining creature back through the Anomaly. Ange explains that she can't call Ken Leeds until she is back within cellphone range, and Mac agrees to drive her (so that he himself will be able to finish his download of Toby's pictures on the Fatal Babes site). Toby and Nat then chase after Mac, trying to get his phone off of him. Dylan then leaves as well (emotionally hurt over Evan and Ange's relationship), while Ange and Evan stay and stare at the Anomaly.

As Major Douglas returns to the Project Magnet facility from Mount Seymour, he and Lieutenant Leeds talk about the project.

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  • The end scene of Major Douglas and Lieutenant Leeds talking was not included in the original broadcast and only appears on the DVD versions.



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