« "Well the DNA is conclusive. Its the boy from the swimming pool... or whats left of him." »
— Claudia Brown on finding the remains of Anthony[src]

Anthony Barton was a young man and the boyfriend of Diane Johnson.


One night, Anthony was diving at the Crystal Palace Diving Institute with Diane, and while Anthony was alone at the swimming pool and about to dive, a Mosasaur in the pool leaped up and swallowed Anthony whole mid-dive.

The next day, Diane was wrongly accused of murdering Anthony by the Police. Later, when the Anomaly the Mosasaur had come from reopened twenty miles away from Crystal Palace in a reservoir, the Mosasaur regurgitated up a bolus of Anthony's digested remains, which were found at the reservoir and retrieved by the Home Office. (Episode 1.3)

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