Every registered user on Wikia has the ability to upload videos to a wiki. The Anomaly Research Centre has a set of guidelines for uploading them.

General Rules

  • Each video must be under ten minutes in length.
  • Videos must not be duplicates of previously uploaded videos on the wiki.
  • Videos must not be stretched to fit a certain aspect ratio.
    • All videos must be in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • No montages or MVS are allowed unless it is used for user pages or other special circumstances.
  • All videos must be 240p and above. No 144p!
  • All videos must be in English.

Uploading full episodes

Uploading full episodes of Primeval and Primeval: New World is strictly forbidden. In any instance where a user uploads a full episode of the franchise to the wiki, the user regardless to their position will be blocked indefinitely. Uploading full episodes is piracy and damages the success of a show. This is one of the main reasons why Primeval: New World did not get enough funding to produce a second series. We encourage buying the DVDs or any other merchandise for that matter but piracy is not what we want.