Any registered user on any wiki has the ability to upload images and other files to the wiki. Uploading on the Anomaly Research Centre is no different. However, due to the web traffic and sheer amount of uploaded files on the wiki, a set of rules and policies have been established to have better control and maintenance over the files of the wiki.

General Rules

  • All images on the wiki must be canonical.
    • Do not upload edited or fan-made images.
    • If you want to upload fan images to somewhere like a user page, please contact an administrator for permission.
  • Only upload images if you are going to post them on a page.
  • All images must relate to official Primeval content eg; Behind the scenes, episode screenshot, promo images.
  • Images should not be duplicates of images already uploaded onto the wiki.
  • Images must be of good quality (more than 300px in size).
  • Images must have proper, descriptive file names and may not contain non-English characters.
    • When you upload images do not leave any spaces in the name.
    • Examples of GOOD file names include Predator-1.png, 1x1GorgonopsidInSchool.jpg and 1x1.png.
    • Examples of BAD file names include X.jpg, Vlcsnap-1969-12-31-23h59m59s999.png and Zgsvsd.png.

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format)

  • All uploaded GIFs must adhere to the general rules as written above.
  • Users must ask permission from an Admin before uploading any GIFs, you must provide extensive details about your GIF's length and content.
  • GIFs must loop continuously.