The Anomaly Research Centre is a free online encyclopedia about the ITV television series Primeval and its Canadian spinoff Primeval: New World. Even though the wiki is free for everyone to edit and use, we have established some straight forward rules to follow to become respected on the wiki.


  • User Conduct
    • Please do not use the Anomaly Research Centre as a social network.
    • Please do not use the wiki to boost SEO rankings or to advertise businesses and websites.
    • Please do not post exclusive content from the wiki to another site.
    • Please be polite to other users. This wiki is a collaborative effort.
    • Please follow the wiki's manual of style.
    • Do not start edit wars with other users. Discussing your ideas in the comment section of an article.
    • Do not flame or insult other users. Be polite.
    • Do not vandalise a page. Also, do not remove all of the content from an article unless there's a justified reason to do it (i.e. to rewrite the article).
    • Do not plagarise from sites like Wikipedia. Write in your own words.
    • Do not abuse multiple accounts for block evasion. It is against Wikia's TOS.
  • Forums and Comments
    • Only use the comment section of an article to discuss how to improve the article.
    • Use the forum to discuss anything Primeval related.
      • Topics must be made in the correct forums.
    • If your message wall becomes too large, you may clear it out by clicking More and then Remove on each message.
      • Don't remove messages from administrators.
  • Content
    • All content must be related to Primeval.
    • All content must be objective.
    • All content must be canonical. Do not post fanon information on mainspace articles.
      • There is a separate wiki for fanon articles. You can visit it here!
    • Use the edit summary section before publishing an edit to inform other users about your changes.