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« "Great place for a lair." »
Helen Cutter mocking the Predator's choice of nesting.[src]

These disused storage sheds were used for storing old animal crates, within the Forest of Dean. There were at least three sheds and a greenhouse. They were most likely owned by the Wellington Zoo, which was located nearby.


Episode 1.6

After a family of Future Predators arrived in the present, they made a nest in one of the storage sheds, and the mother Predator subsequently killed at least three people and later on; a lion and Tim Parker from the zoo. All the bodies were taken to and stored in the nest to later feed the young.

A few days later, the Home Office team discovered the sheds when they detected the baby Predators, using a Osciloscope. As they arrived, the father Predator attacked the team; killing at least one Special Forces soldier, so Nick Cutter lured it off by abducting one of the young. Cutter ran into the nearby greenhouse and scrambled the father Predator's sonar system after he shot the glass panels. The falling glass distracted the the Predator long enough for Cutter to shoot and kill it. The Future Predator young were subsequently captured and contained in one of the disused crates from the sheds.

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