The Airgo Freight hanger Anomaly was a large Anomaly linking a present day airport hangar to the Late Cretaceous period.


Episode 3.4

When this Anomaly opened up in an airport hangar, a camera team led by Katherine Kavanagh and Mick Harper tracked it down using a stolen handheld Anomaly Detection Device. A baby Velociraptor briefly came through, then returned through the Anomaly. Moments later, a Giganotosaurus came through the Anomaly into the hangar and attacked the camera crew, then returned through the Anomaly.

The Giganotosaurus later returned to the airport through the Anomaly, and Connor Temple successfully locked the Anomaly using his Anomaly Locking Mechanism. Some time later, Connor used the locking device to unlock the Anomaly so the G. Rex could return through, and Danny Quinn lured the G. Rex back through the Anomaly by flying through in a helicopter to the Cretaceous.

In the Cretaceous, Danny discovered a "herd" of more Giganotosaurus heading towards the Anomaly, and fled back through to warn the ARC team. Connor was able to lock the Anomaly again moments before the Giganotosaurus "herd" could come through.


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