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« "This is wrong. No human being in history has seen these creatures alive before us... we've been given the most amazing gift. And how do we repay that? That privilege? By killing them because they're... inconvenient. What does that say about humans? About us? Lester, after all we've done here, is this how we're going to be remembered?" »
— Abby Maitland to James Lester on Philip's decision to euthanise the ARC's captive creatures.[src]

Abigail "Abby" Sarah Maitland was a gutsy zoologist and a member of the Anomaly Research Centre, notable for her love for and skill with animals and the creatures. Abby is the elder sister of Jack Maitland and is believed to currently be the wife of Connor Temple.


Abby was born circa 1985, and was apparently abused as a child.[1] As a child, and before her father's death, Abby's parents took her to the Galapagos Islands, where she developed a love of reptiles that would strongly remain with her all her life. (Series 1) By Abby's early 20s, her brother Jack was apparently the only family member she had left (or at least the only one she kept in contact with). (Episode 3.8) Abby started university, but she left after only one term after getting her dream job as a zookeeper at the Wellington Zoo. (Episode 1.1)

Original timeline

Episode 1.1

One day, Abby was trying to get two of Wellington Zoo's lizards, Brad and Angelina, to mate without success, and her boss Tim Parker then came to inform her that the reptile program was to be cut, and thus Abby's job was under threat. Abby was upset about this despite Parker's offer to give her an attachment at the bug house, until she learned of a boy, Ben Trent, who wanted the Zoo to collect his lizard Rex; Abby was fascinated by Rex and offered to fill in for this for Parker, before hearing about the bug house attachment.

Abby later drove to the Trent house, where she met Ben and was introduced to Rex, whom she took an immediate liking to but was unable to identify. Abby and Ben then took Rex with them into the Forest of Dean so Ben could show Abby where he found Rex, but on the way they found a dead cow in a tree and heard a large predator with them in the Forest. Ben subsequently ran off, leaving Abby and Rex behind as they tried to catch up with him. Eventually, Rex got free of Abby and flew into a bush, and Abby went in after him in time to evade being seen by a Gorgonopsid.

Abby and Ben in the Forest of Dean hear the Gorgonopsid. (Episode 1.1)

The lost Rex and Abby subsequently continued trying to find their way back out of the Forest after nightfall, until they came across a Scutosaurus and then met Nick Cutter, Claudia Brown, Connor Temple and Stephen Hart. When Cutter then examined the Scutosaurus to try and see what it was, Abby was baffled to learn that it was an anapsid like a tortoise, and gave Cutter advice on how to avoid making the creature nervous. Abby, Cutter and Claudia later returned to the Trent house in the aftermath of an attack on Ben's bedroom by the Gorgonopsid, and when Ben asked Abby to back up his claims to his mother about the creature, Abby reluctantly covered it up. Claudia subsequently told Abby and Cutter that they would have to sign the Official Secrets Act, and the trio discussed the Scutosaurus; Abby was certain that it was a herbivore, and that there was another, more predatory creature on the loose. The group subsequently ran back to the Scutosaurus and scared it with torches to see where it would flee to, and watched it disappear through an Anomaly.

The next day, after Home Office scientists arrived and secured the Anomaly, Abby felt frightened, confused and exhilarated from the previous night's events; and was worried for Rex as the scientists took him away, but was comforted by Stephen. Claudia subsequently took Cutter and Abby back to the Home Office to sign the Official Secrets Act, and Cutter theorised that the Anomaly was a portal in time and Rex and the other creatures from it were prehistoric animals that had crossed through it to the present from the Permian period. When James Lester had Rex tested on to confirm Cutter's theory, Abby watched with the others and criticised the scientists' methods of handling Rex, until Rex escaped the lab and went flying around the building. Abby and Claudia followed Rex through the Home Office to an open window in the offices. Abby tried to convince Rex out of flying out the window and escaping with food, and Rex initially flew out anyway but then returned and flew into Abby's lap; leaving the rest of the team impressed at Abby's skill with him.

The following night, when Cutter and Captain Tom Ryan were about to go through the Anomaly and return Rex, Abby handed Rex over to Cutter for this and asked him to be careful. Two hours later, when Cutter and Ryan came back through the Anomaly just before it closed, Abby noticed that Rex had also returned through to the present and was now marooned there. Abby did not alert any of the others to this and hid Rex, just before the Gorgonopsid attacked the site and was killed by Stephen. Abby subsequently took Rex to and kept him at her flat, and kept his return to the present secret from the rest of the team. The day after the Gorgonopsid was killed, Abby was present as Cutter argued with Lester that the phenomenon wasn't over, and she, Cutter, Stephen and Connor then left.

Abby camping out in the New Forest with Connor. (Episode 1.2)

Episode 1.2

Connor: "Wow. Is it just me or is it really hot in here?"
Abby: "I'll get changed."
―Connor subtly tells Abby she's underdressed

Following the Forest of Dean Anomaly incursion, Abby secretly kept Rex at her flat, keeping the thermostat on high for Rex's benefit.

Connor visited Abby at her flat and explained that he had found a possible creature sighting at the New Forest online and believed it was another Anomaly incursion. Connor also found and learned of Rex's return to the present. Connor suggested he and Abby go and check out the New Forest sighting by themselves to prove themselves to the rest of the team; Abby was reluctant to do it without talking to Cutter, but Connor managed to talk her into it (although she still sent Stephen a text message informing him of it).

Abby and Connor subsequently went to a riverside in the New Forest to see if they could find a new Anomaly or creature, where they decided to camp out for the night. While Connor and Abby were talking, Connor tried to get close to Abby but the latter was unimpressed. Abby asked Connor about Stephen, and Connor claimed to her that Stephen hadn't said anything about her; Connor went on to claim that he'd never seen Stephen with a woman and that Stephen could be gay, which angered and upset Abby and caused her to storm off to the tent and leave Connor to keep watch for the night. That night, a creature seemingly arrived and attacked Connor and Abby, but was then revealed to be a prank by Tom and Duncan, and the police then arrived and caught Connor and Abby trespassing.

The next morning, after Cutter convinced the police against prosecuting Abby and Connor, the former confronted the two about their actions and was furious at them for their carelessness and lack of planning. Cutter removed Connor from the Anomaly operation, but decided to keep Abby on the team for her useful skills, though Abby was upset about this as she felt she was just as guilty as Connor.

After the team received word of a possible new creature incursion in the London Underground, Abby travelled to Arsenal Station with Cutter and Stephen, and waited outside while Claudia sent Captain Ryan and the Special Forces in to learn what creature they were up against. After Ryan and his soldiers returned from the Underground following an attack by Carboniferous Arachnids, Cutter theorised to Abby and the rest of the team that there was indeed another Anomaly in the Underground, this one linking to the Carboniferous, and decided that the team would have to go down and see the Arachnids and the Anomaly for themselves.

Abby, Cutter and Stephen subsequently geared up, and Abby managed to convince Claudia into letting her go due to her skill with and knowledge on animals, but then confessed to Stephen that she was arachnophobic. Cutter, Abby and Stephen then went down into the tunnels with bright torches to fend the Carboniferous Arachnids off. They went to the old bunker where the Arachnids attacked Ryan and his men, and along the way they encountered several of the Arachnids which spooked Abby. In the bunker, Abby found the Anomaly in a storage area by the bunker and showed Cutter and Stephen. The trio were then attacked by an Arthropleura, which separated Abby and Stephen from Cutter and forced Stephen and Abby to leave him and flee back to the surface. There, when Claudia was unable to contact Cutter and Stephen and Abby couldn't identify the Arthropleura, Connor was called to the scene to help; while Stephen went back into the tunnels by himself to find Cutter, against Claudia's orders, leaving Abby speechless.

Abby stays by the bitten Stephen's side. (Episode 1.2)

Shortly afterwards, Abby lost contact with Stephen, and Claudia learned what Stephen had done and sent Captain Ryan to find him and Cutter. When Connor arrived and identified the Arthropleura, Ryan returned with Cutter and Stephen, the latter having been poisoned by the Arthropleura. As Stephen was loaded into an ambulance to be taken to hospital, Abby stayed by his side and tried to comfort him, happily accepting Stephen's attempt to ask her out and vowing that he won't die. Abby went with Stephen to the hospital, where Dr. Lewis told Abby that Stephen's only hope of surviving was if an anti-venom was located through a pure sample of the Arthropleura's venom.

Abby went back to Cutter and Claudia with this news, and accompanied them as they returned to the Underground and scoured for the Arthropleura. When a burrow left by the Arthropleura was found, Cutter, Ryan and Connor crawled through it to find where the centipede had gone to; Connor first offered Abby his Star Trek: The Next Generation Top Trumps if he died, then changed his mind and asked her to just have them buried with him.

After the Arthropleura venom was retrieved and the hospital administered the anti-venom to Stephen, Abby stayed by Stephen's bedside as he recovered, until he regained consciousness. After the team learned that the venom's effects had caused Stephen to lose all memory of what happened when he was poisoned, Abby found that Stephen did not remember asking her out in the ambulance. Abby decided not to tell Stephen he had asked her out, and did still seem hurt but decided her feelings for him didn't matter at the moment.

Episode 1.3

After Stephen made a full recovery from the Arthropleura bite and was checking out of hospital, Abby and Connor visited him at the hospital, with Abby dressing to impress Stephen. Abby offered to take Stephen home, but he declined and revealed that he had a girlfriend, Alison. This left Abby hurt, angry and upset with Stephen over the fact that he had asked her out when he'd known that he'd already had Alison, despite Connor's attempt to comfort her a little. When the team went to the Crystal Palace Diving Institute to investigate a possible new Anomaly incursion there, Abby was with Connor and Stephen as they discussed the creature that may have killed Anthony Barton, until a silent Abby left.

Abby dresses to impress Stephen at the hospital. (Episode 1.3)

Later, when the Home Office learned that the Anomaly had reopened in a reservoir and went there with the Special Forces to investigate, Abby was charged with collecting and analysing water samples. When Cutter, Stephen and the Special Forces went diving into the reservoir in search of the Anomaly, Connor and Abby were tasked with wading out into a shallower area of the reservoir to collect and analyse more of the water. Before wading out, Connor discussed the situation with Stephen and Alison with her and how he was any better or worse than Stephen; Abby felt hurt that Stephen had known he already had Alison when he had asked her out, but Connor defended Stephen by pointing out that he was poisoned by the Arthropleura at the time and thus his mind may not have been clear.

Out in the reservoir waters, while Abby and Connor were studying the water, a Mosasaur from the Anomaly arrived and stalked and circled Abby, who remained still with Connor to avoid aggravating it. Once the Mosasaur was far enough away, Connor and Abby ran for the reservoir shore, but the Mosasaur followed them and partially emerged onto land, cornering Abby and Connor against a fence until Connor bravely fended it off. Afterwards, after the Mosasaur had returned through the Anomaly and the Anomaly had closed again, Abby thanked Connor for defending her from the Mosasaur, and hugged him in appreciation (which ended awkwardly when Connor returned Abby's hug for slightly too long).

Later that same day, when the Home Office discovered that the underwater Anomaly had reopened at the Dexter house, Abby went with the rest of the team to there, and helped unload equipment with Stephen. Stephen explained to Abby tha he remembered asking her out while he was bitten, and he tried to apologise to her and explain that he simply wanted her to know how he felt, but Abby rejected this and remained upset with Stephen for fancying her when he had another girlfriend, and Abby decided to stop fancying Stephen altogether.

Abby and Connor argue over Stephen. (Episode 1.3)

Shortly afterwards, when James Lester arrived at the Dexter house, he explained to the team that it had been discovered that Helen Cutter was alive and living in the past through the Anomalies, and it was decided that Nick Cutter would go through the underwater Anomaly to make contact with Helen and attempt to get her to share her information on the Anomalies with the team.

While Cutter was on the other side of the Anomaly searching for Helen, Abby monitored and counted down how much of Cutter's two-hour time he had left before the team would have to pull him back through by tether to the present; until when Cutter's time ran out, Abby alerted Stephen and got him to pull Cutter back through from the other side. While Cutter was recovering in the back of an ambulance outside from almost drowning on the other side of the Anomaly, Abby and Connor stayed with him; once Cutter fully recovered, Abby tried to warn him about how Claudia had secretly sent the Special Forces through the Anomaly to bring Helen back by force, but the Special Forces then returned with Helen and Lester took her away for questioning, as Cutter, Abby and Connor watched.

Episode 1.4

While the team were dealing with a false creature report at a block of flats in Central London which turned out to be a python, Abby and Stephen handled the python. Connor asked Abby if he could move into her flat for a while until he sorted his issues with his own flat out, but Abby was too preoccupied with the python at the time and dismissed the question for later. Later on, after the python situation was dealt with, Connor visited Abby at her flat when she was feeding Rex, asking again about moving into her flat for a while and getting her to let him stay, and also blackmailing Abby into kissing Connor for Tom and Duncan to see. Shortly afterwards, Stephen came to Abby's flat, in an awkward moment when he saw both Abby and Connor were in their underwear due to the high heat from the flat thermostat for Rex. As Abby explained to a suspicious Stephen that she and Connor were in their underwear not because they were together, Stephen told them to get dressed and come with him to the Home Office about Helen Cutter's interrogation.

Connor blackmails Abby into kissing him. (Episode 1.4)

Helen subsequently led the team, including Abby, to an Anomaly in a football stadium's kitchen, and escaped through the Anomaly before a flock of Dodos came through into the kitchen. After the team rounded the Dodos up and began sending them back through the Anomaly, Abby was especially fond of and sentimental for the Dodos. Afterwards, Abby tried to tell Stephen that she and Connor weren't together, but in the process only made Stephen's suspicions even more awkward. After one of the Dodos died before it could be sent back through the Anomaly with the others, Abby, Cutter and Stephen took the dead Dodo back to the Home Office and prepared to perform an autopsy on it. However, a Parasite then emerged from the Dodo's body and went after Abby, until Stephen caught it in a jar, where it died. Upon examining the dead Parasite, Abby, Cutter, Stephen and Lester learned that it was a parasitic cestoid which induced increased aggression in its hosts to increase the chance of its eggs being passed on through biting, before killing the host and itself.

Later that day, after the team learned that Tom and Duncan had captured another infected Dodo, which had passed the Parasite on to Tom, the team sent the other infected Dodo's corpse to Abby at the Central Metropolitan University for an autopsy. Just as Abby was about to start the autopsy, Tom arrived, searching for the dead Dodo as proof of the secret government Anomaly operation (which he mistakenly believed was a corrupt conspiracy), and demanded to know from Abby what was going on with the government secrets, the Dodo and the Parasite. Upon learning who Tom was, Abby tried to keep Tom calm, and simply told Tom truthfully that Tom's illness was due to the Dodo biting him. When Abby unintentionally revealed that she was indeed part of the Anomaly project and asked Tom to let them help him, this enraged and aggravated Tom and caused him to threaten to infect Abby with the Parasite as well; causing Abby to tell Tom the truth about the Anomalies and where the Dodo came from to try and avoid him infecting her.

Tom violently threatens to infect Abby with the Parasite. (Episode 1.4)

Abby subsequently drove Tom back to the football stadium and took him past security to the Anomaly site in the kitchen, but they found that the Anomaly had already closed and gone. Tom believed Abby had tricked him into a trap, and gave in to the Parasite and attacked her, prompting Abby to fend Tom off and flee through the stadium from Tom as he gave hot pursuit. Tom managed to catch up with Abby and pin her down out on the stadium pitch, but before he could infect her with the Parasite, the team and the Special Forces arrived and stopped Tom. Connor then managed to calm Tom down and coerce him into fighting the Parasite and releasing Abby, and Abby then went over to the team. Abby watched with the team as Tom successfully fought an episode of the Parasite's influence off and died in Connor's arms, and Abby was left especially shocked and upset at this.

Episode 1.5

Following the Parasite incursion, Connor, after moving into Abby's flat, made himself at home and began staying longer that he had originally said he would, and did little to pull his weight there. One day a month into Connor's stay at the flat, Abby left to go to her yoga class after warning Connor to ensure Rex didn't escape the flat. However, while Abby was out, she was called to the Forest Heights Country Club golf course to investigate a possible new Anomaly incursion with the team.

At the golf course, Abby searched with Cutter and Stephen in the fields for an Anomaly based on a magnetic field, and eventually realised from the lack of birdsong where the Anomaly was and saw that the Anomaly was aerial and located thirty feet above them. The trio then spotted a Pteranodon which had come through the Anomaly flying around in the skies above the golf course, and discussed whether or not the Pteranodon could have been the predator that killed a golfer on the golf course earlier. As the Pteranodon began circling, when Abby, Stephen and Cutter noticed Connor arrive on the golf course a quarter-mile down doing something and that the Pteranodon was circling directly above him, they feared that the creature thought Connor was prey and so yelled at him to run.

Abby and Connor searching in the woods for Rex. (Episode 1.5)

Connor fled and narrowly escaped the Pteranodon's pursuit in a close shave, and Cutter afterwards saw that Connor had a Coelurosauravus with him, which caused an upset Abby to realise aloud that Connor had let Rex escape the flat, which in turn exposed to the rest of the team how Abby had secretly kept and harboured Rex. Claudia was left stunned and upset with Abby over this and the team's lack of strict solid protocol, and Abby was in turn left furious with Connor for his carelessness and what had happened as a result and didn't talk to him. Abby tried to explain to Cutter why she'd kept Rex, and Cutter seemed to agree that she could keep Rex afterwards if she and Connor could find him (Rex had disappeared into the woods at the golf course after the close encounter with the Pteranodon).

While the rest of the team went to deal with the Pteranodon, Connor and Abby searched in the woods at the golf course for Rex. As they searched, Connor tried to apologise to Abby for his irresponsibility and how it had gotten Rex free, but Abby remained cold and furious with him as they continued searching for Rex, and she was unimpressed at Connor's attempts to get Rex to come to them by calling out to him. Eventually, Connor and Abby saw Rex heading through the trees and ran after him, finding him at a log. However, once the duo found Rex, they noticed a flock of Anurognathus roosting in the trees behind them, which then flew off and around them, leaving Abby and Connor stunned but unharmed.

Connor and Abby subsequently recaptured Rex and made their way back out of the woods, to find the Anurognathus swarming and attacking the local hotel. After the Anurognathus had all been killed, Abby and Connor discussed the incident with Rex and Abby remained angry and unforgiving with Connor. Connor decided it was best for him to move out of the flat after this, but Abby, having gotten used to having Connor around, agreed to let him stay on several conditions that he start pulling his weight at the flat more. Abby and Connor subsequently helped with the team lure the captured Pteranodon through the skies back through the Anomaly, and Abby afterwards cheered with the team on the ground.

Abby tries to teach Connor how to be more successful at chatting up women. (Episode 1.6)

Episode 1.6

Abby tried to teach Connor how to be more successful with women and chat girls up at a bar, until she was called away to an emergency at Wellington Zoo. When Abby and Connor learned at the Zoo that the lion enclosure had been breached and one of the lions had disappeared, they suspected a creature attack, and took a sample of blood Connor found in the enclosure to test if it was from a creature. Afterwards, Abby's boss Tim Parker mysteriously vanished and left only his belongings, just like with the lion. The day after Tim vanished, Connor told Abby the blood test results from the blood they found in the lion enclosure had come back, but Abby dismissed the blood as nothing when the results indicated that the non-lion blood had warped bat DNA.

While Cutter, Stephen, Lester and Claudia met up with Helen to discuss the new creature incursion behind the spate of disappearances, Abby stayed at the Zoo to work late, unaware that the creature - a Future Predator - was stalking her. Stephen came to check that Abby was okay while she was observing the Zoo's sea lions, when the Predator closed in on them before the Special Forces' arrival caused it to flee. The rest of the team subsequently set about locating the Future Predator's lair in the local woods, while Abby stayed behind and continued working at the zoo. While Abby was with the zoo's komodo dragons, she heard commotion from the zoo's car park, and arrived in time to distract the attacking Future Predator from killing a cornered Connor. Stephen then arrived and drove the Predator off with a gunshot before it could turn on Abby. In the aftermath of the encounter with the Future Predator, Connor thanked Abby for saving his life, which Abby jokingly brushed off as being because Connor had yet to pay his monthly rent.

Abby, Connor and Stephen learn that the Future Predator they killed was male and so the mother is still on the loose. (Episode 1.6)

After the team found the Future Predator's lair, and killed the adult Predator and captured its young, a decision was made for Nick and Helen to lead a Special Forces mission through the reopened Forest of Dean Anomaly into the Permian, to locate the Anomaly to the future that the Predators had come from. The following day, Abby and the team were present at the Anomaly, and Abby noticed Stephen and Helen's last glances between each-other and was suspicious of them. The team all watched as Nick, Ryan and Helen departed through the Anomaly for the mission, and afterwards were left waiting at the Anomaly site for Cutter to return. As the team waited, Abby, Stephen and Connor learned by phone call from the lab that the adult Future Predator they'd killed was in fact the young's father; bringing the team to fear that the mother Predator was still on the loose.

Post-original timeline

In the new timeline created during the second mission into the Permian, Abby's biography up to the mission was apparently mostly the same, except she and the rest of the team at some early point moved from the Home Office to the Anomaly Research Centre. She also stopped working at the zoo.

Episode 1.6

Eventually, Nick and Helen returned from the mission into the Permian as the sole survivors of the failed mission. Before returning through the Forest of Dean Anomaly into the Permian to find the future Anomaly, Helen revealed to Cutter in front of the entire team how she and Stephen had had an affair before Helen had left through the Anomalies, leaving the team all stunned and Abby silently disgusted. Once Helen had gone back into the Anomaly on her own, Cutter demanded to know from the team where Claudia Brown was, but neither Abby nor any of the rest of the team knew or remembered Claudia due to the change in the timeline.

Abby unconscious.

Episode 2.1

Abby watched as the anomaly closed and when Cutter went on about the Home Office, Abby told him that they'd been stationed at their base, the Anomaly Research Centre, for ages. Shortly after arriving they learnt of another creature attack in a shopping centre, and went with the others to investigate. Abby was allowed to use a tranquiliser gun since she knew how to use it, to Connor's jealousy. Inside the team found out the creature was a Raptor, and began searching for it. Connor was chased by the dinosaur and Abby closed a shutter to keep him out of harm's way.

They soon encountered a cleaner and she and Connor started escorting him to the changing room before he was to be evacuated, and wary of hdden danger, she allowed Connor to use her gun to ensure the area was safe. However a baby raptor attacked the Cleaner and Connor tried to shoot it, but Abby was shot in the leg and fell asleep. Connor took Abby and the raptor to the bowling alley where the anomaly was located, and she was laid to rest, leaving Connor worried that she was going to kill him when she woke up. She wakes up she distracts an adult raptor when the others were trying to trap it, and was prepared to try fight it off with a pool cue before it ran off.

After it was brought down Abby examined it and noted how it was more like a bird before she asked Cutter about Claudia Brown, being curious about the supposed change in the timeline after his return, and though she wanted to believe him she found it difficult to accept. Later at the ARC she was introduced to the team's new PR Jenny Lewis, and watched as Cutter made the assumption she was Claudia.

Episode 2.2

Abby and Connor were out selecting a movie to watch before she decided to leave it up to Connor and left. At her flat she was introduced to someone who had apparently picked Connor named Caroline Steel to watch a movie with them. Abby disliked Caroline almost immediately, and didn't care that she and Connor had an anomaly to deal with instead. At the ARC, Oliver Leek proved no help in supplying the pair with equipment that could clear fog from the anomaly, and she suggested going to a garden centre and Connor called her a genius. As they were leaving Connor claimed that the cleaner from the mall was in the ARC dressed as a soldier, and didn't believe him since she didn't recognise him or even get a good look at the cleaner. Using leaf blowers to clear the fog, she helped rescue people trapped in the building from the Fog Worms before going with Connor to turn up the building's heating to clear the fog entirely. Abby fought a worm with her kickboxing skills and turned on the heating. She didn't care when Connor lost Caroline's her mobile number, but was disappointed when she shows up again at her flat looking for her mobile. The went out on a date, leaving Abby behind wondering about how she truly felt about Connor.

Episode 2.3

Abby impatiently waited as Connor told Caroline he had to go to work, and watched Connor demonstrate his new Anomaly Detection Device, but a creature attack was soon reported. After examining the body of a dead paintballer found at the Blue Sky park Abby suspected the creature to be a giant cat. Stephen found a set of tracks and Abby and Cutter went to meet up with him, but it appeared it had doubled back on them and they lost it. During the night Abby and Connor searched the nearby forest using infrared imagers, and Abby teased Connor about his mistake with a gun and nearly killing the park manager. He was soon attacked by the creature, a Smilodon, and Abby helped set a trap using an excavator to dig a hole, but she uncovered a body that had been mauled by the Smilodon. It arrived and attacked Cutter, and Abby used the excavator to fight it


Abby tranquilizes the Smilodon.

before Cutter lured it away, giving Abby the chance to shoot it, but she missed and it got away. Cutter determined the body had been mauled by the cat several days earlier, and someone knew about the Smilodon and was hiding it. Jenny had gone to arrest a farmer who used to keep lions, and Stephen, Abby and Connor arrived in time to keep her from getting killed. However the farmer had no idea what the sabre-tooth was and Cutter called the group when he learned that the park ranger Valerie Irwin had been hiding the Smilodon for years. They arrived too late to keep the Smilodon from killing her, and Abby gave the cat a tranquiliser for its transportation back to the ARC, but Leek claimed that it had died and accused Abby of overdosing it.

Shadow of the Jaguar


The Lost Island


Episode 2.4

Abby: "Just let me go."
Connor: "I can't. I love you."
―Connor tells Abby his feelings for her in the face of death

She was practising her kickboxing when Caroline interrupted, and teaches her about scissor-kicking the opponent in the throat to Abby's chargin. A new anomaly is detected and at the canal she makes it clear she doesn't like Caroline showing up more and more at her flat and disbelieves the reason Caroline and Connor aren't close, making Connor angry. Abby scanned the water and fought with Connor again. She later helps Cutter and Stephen examine a dead Future Shark, which was presumed to have killed a missing boy named Lucien but it was proved otherwise. Upon returning home she was horrified when she discovered Rex in the freezer and refused to believe Caroline that it was an accident and angrily told Connor to keep her away from Rex in the future. The next day after Cutter recovered from an attack from the Cleaner, leading the group to suspect a conspiracy, she and Connor fought once again, at one point reffering to Caroline as 'Cruella de Ville'. While awaiting to see if they could lure the creature in to their boat, Abby saw something in the water but dismissed before she was kidnapped by a Mer Creature and dragged into the canal.

Abby was unconscious in the water for some time before awakening to find herself trapped in a water tank with the missing boy Lucien. Despite attempts to get free the Mer roared at them to stay silent. The water in the tank was rising and assured Lucien they weren't going to die because of the 'overgrown tadpole'. They heard someone breaking into the room but Abby was dragged beneath the surface again. She was taken to another part of the flooded warehouse and a Mer prepared to attack her before she used the scissor kick technique Caroline had taught her to knock it away. Connor arrived and assured her she was now safe, only for a MerQueen to arrive and knock Connor into the water, leaving Abby worried he was dead before she was

Connor hangs on to Abby

dragged through the anomaly into the Future Beach. The MerQueen left her underneath a ledge, and was found by the still alive Connor who tried to pull her to safety. As the MerQeen started coming back Abby implored Connor to let her go and save himself, but Connor wouldn't, saying he loved her. Fortunately Cutter and Stephen arrive and help them both up, before killing the MerQueen. Back on the other side of the anomaly Abby farewelled Lucien, telling him Connor wasn't her boyfriend despite what he thought, and asked Cutter if the future was how they were going to end up, and Cutter theorised they were human descendants, and Abby joked she hadn't liked Cutter's. When she and Connor arrive back at the flat she asks him about what he'd said, thinking she may not have heard him right, but before Connor could say anything they were interrupted by Caroline. They left, leaving behind a disappointed Abby.

Episode 2.5

When Connor decided he would like to give a relationship with Abby a try, he talked with Abby about the possibility of him breaking up with Caroline. Abby pretended it was a difficult subject and said he should do what's best for him, but warned him against dumping her by text, because she thought no one should deserve such a humiliation. While waiting for Cutter and Stephen to return from the Silurian with a girl that had wandered through, something with many legs slipped past her and Connor. They chased a Giant Millipede that wound up in a family restaurant, and Abby managed to catch it in a ball pit, but reprimanded Connor for his childish behavior. After tossing the large bug through the closing anomaly, she prevented Connor from going through to get Cutter and Stephen as the anomaly closed, leaving the pair trapped. They returned to the ARC to tell Lester, who decided to leave her and Connor in charge. While Connor was worried about taking charge of the operation alone, Abby reassured him he wouldn't have to. They were later called to another anomaly site, and were greatly relieved to find Cutter and Stephen back alive with the rescued girl. When they returned to the flat later, she was worried when the place was a mess and couldn't find Rex.

Episode 2.6

File:Abby in car.jpg

Abby's got a sense of style

She was furious at Caroline for taking Rex, and at Connor for dumping her by text and decided that they would have to tell Cutter so he could help them get Rex back. Cutter called a secret meeting, including Abby, and the group were worried about the conspiracy involving the now dead Cleaner and decided they would have to find out who the traitor was, however the anomaly detector alarm went off. A Columbian Mammoth had appeared on the M25, and though she was prepared to try and tranquilise it, they needed more firepower, but had nothing they could use, so Abby took a sleek sports car to get to a nearby safari park so that she could get female elephant urine to get the mammoth's attention. However the anomaly closed and the mammoth was contained within a truck. When later looking after it

The Columbian Mammoth feeling Abby's hair. (Episode 2.6)

in the ARC, Abby warned Lester about the dangers of the mammoth and wasn't happy with his joke about selling its ivory tusks. Stephen tried to convince Abby that keeping the public in the dark about the anomalies was wrong, but Abby pointed out that if people knew prehistoric animals were in the present, how would they react when an animal is going extinct nearly ever day. Cutter set up a trap and while waiting Abby told him about Caroline stealing Rex, before Jenny arrived and was forced to reveal the traitor was Leek. Connor was hacking into Leek's personal file, she was curious about how Connor knew so much he shouldn't about the others, and tricked him into admitting he'd been through her file too by asking him what her middle name was, and demanded he keep out of her file again. While Lester and his men went after Leek, Connor realised he could find Caroline and Rex by tracing her mobile, so she went with him along with Cutter and Jenny, only to end up in Leek's clutches at his secret base as he unveiled his alliance with Helen and his captured creatures.

Episode 2.7

File:2.7 abby, connor and caroline.jpg

Facing the Smilodon in Leek's facility

When held in a cell with Connor, Leek took Caroline in there and Abby immediately deduced she was his spy, though had to tell Connor since he couldn't figure out why she was there. After demanding to know where Rex was, she and Caroline began fghting, and after accidentally hitting Connor he managed to stop the fight. Leek showed them his creatures once again, and Abby spotted Rex inside one of the cages, and though she tried to touch him she was unable to because of the laser bars. They were locked up again with Jenny and Caroline, and was clearly sympathetic when she realised Caroline hadn't known what was going on. Afterwards they were placed in an arena and were faced with a Smilodon. Abby recognised it as the one that killed Valerie, and allowed herself to become distanced from the others so that it would try and attack her. As it leapt Abby moved out of the way, having tricked it into attacking exposed wires and caused it to run off. Leek's facility suddenly went offline, and while trying to find a way out, they found the escaped Rex to Abby's relief, and that he had also found a way to the surface. After Rex was shot as they were escaping, she thanked Caroline for bringing him out. Later, at Stephen's funeral, she and Connor make their peace with Caroline, and prepares to reach for his hand but decided against it, before they headed off to another anomaly.

Extinction Event


Episode 3.1

Abby was woken by a call from Cutter stating that there was a new Anomaly in the British Museum so she woke Connor up by pouring Rex's food on him. After they arrived they were introduced to Captain Becker and began searching the museum and came across a dead woman and an Egyptologist named Sarah Page. They found the anomaly and went after the Pristichampsus with Cutter. While searching she noted that they were not as good as the dead Stephen in animal tracking, and while too late to save a traffic warden she found a tooth and realised the creature was a crocodilian and would head to the river. They spotted it when it left the river and they cornered it in a building. Abby tried to sedate it, but almost hit Cutter and while her and a cleaner crashed through the window the injured creature began heading back to the museum. When it returned to the museum and went through the anomaly she learnt of Sarah's joke of a curse on Connor and found it amusing, and told her not to tell him yet.

Episode 3.2

After Cutter made a prediction with his new matrix, she, Connor and Jenny went to an abandoned house to see whether or not an Anomaly would open. She pretended to be in trouble and when Connor came running she was flattered that he would risk his own life to help her. After being forced off the property by Danny Quinn, Jenny and Connor went to find out what happened to the house as Abby remained behind to keep an eye on things. After spotting something inside she was ambushed by a Camouflage Beast and fell down the stairs, knocking herself out. When the others found her she couldn't remember what had happened. Jenny took Abby to get checked up and upon returning to the house Jenny left to get Connor out of jail. During their absence she noticed a little girl feeding the Camouflage Beast and realised that it is what killed the people fourteen years earlier and assured the girl it was no longer her responsibility to look after it. After telling the others of the creature, she went inside when someone went inside, and learnt he was the survivor of the three boys that had been in fourteen years ago. Soon the anomaly opened as Cutter had predicted and Abby watched as Danny shot the creature back through.

Episode 3.3

Pregnant Woman: "What kind of babies?"
Abby: "Zebras, lions, antelopes. And I delivered a giraffe once."
―Abby's about to change her baby-delivering skills from animal to human

During the search of a hospital for a group of Diictodonts that had come through the Anomaly, she found one of the little creatures and attempted to capture it, but it escaped her and Cutter. After a pregnant woman

Abby holding a Diictodon

entered they were all locked in the room by a journalist. When the woman went into labour, Cutter convinced her to use her skills from helping zoo animals give birth to help deliver the baby. Abby took the Diictodon Cutter had caught and showed it to Connor, who had caught on of his own, and they decided to keep them. Upon returning to the ARC they found it had been taken over by Helen and her Cleaner Clones, and she and Connor were left with Jenny, Sarah and Lester. While Connor and Becker went to disable the clones and stop Helen, Abby attempted to fight one they were trapped with. As the ARC exploded, she evacuated with the others and watched as Cutter went back inside to find Helen. Connor decided to go in himself after Abby asked him to be careful, and soon he came out with Cutter's dead body, having been shot by Helen. Connor held Abby in his arms as they both cried over Cutter's death in Connor's arms.

Episode 3.4

Afterwards, Abby was worried that Connor was overworking himself in repairing the anomaly detector and building his Anomaly Locking Mechanism. They headed off to another anomaly location, but the woman in charge of the building, Christine Johnson, refused to let them enter. Later Abby was elsewhere as Connor answered her phone and thought that Jack might be Abby's boyfriend. While she arrived late at another anomaly site at an airport, she watched silently as Connor tested his Locking Mechanism and was reluctant to tell him where she'd been. Abby drove her car over to where the Giganotosaur was attacking a 747 crew, Jenny and Becker, and drove them back to the hanger, picking up Connor along the way, and watched as the anomaly was unlocked and Danny lead the dinosaur through. As they were packing up Connor asked if she had sorted everything out with Jack, and Abby, unaware of his suspicions, told him that they needed to talk. At the flat she introduced Jack as her brother, but needed Connor to move out for a while, as Jack had no where else to go.

Episode 3.5

Abby was testing plants inside the ARC, and wondered why Connor had his Diictodon pets Sid and Nancy there when he had told her they were at a friend of his. When pursuing the infected Sir Richard Bentley across London, they pursued him into the sewers and realised he had transformed into a Future Fungus creature. When Danny arrived with flamethrowers, she was reluctant to use them in case Bentley was still alive, but he was captured and transported back to the ARC, where they were forced to kill him by leaving it in the cooled ARC control room in order to keep the fungus from spreading and infecting Jenny.

Fire and Water


Episode 3.6

Abby and Sarah face the Titanis

Abby leaves Jack at her flat, unaware he was planning a game of poker with his friends. When Christine Johnson took over the ARC to search for the Artefact, she, Connor, Danny and Sarah escaped to an abandoned safehouse. When they are attacked by Terror Birds, and Connor crashes the car, she is reluctant to leave him but lets Danny take care of him. When the birds attacked the cabin, she was forced up onto the roof and nearly fell off before Danny managed to get them back through the anomaly. Upon returning to her flat, she accepts Jack's claim that Rex is sleeping on his bed.

Episode 3.7

However, when she learnt that Jack lent Rex to a friend (though in reality he had gambled Rex away) she was furious and demanded that he get Rex back by the time she got home. When the team found a Dracorex at a junkyard, she tried to help it before it was scared off by the knight William de Mornay. She and Becker went after it, and after cornering it in a strawberry farm, they had a small argument over rescuing it and killing it, before the creature succumbed to its wounds. She and Becker transported it back to the junkyard and they and Connor helped it begin to recover. When de Monay arrived to slay the 'dragon' she stood in his way, prepared to sacrifice her own life for the dinosaur.

Episode 3.8

When Jack asked her what her anomaly detector was, she told him it was a sat-nav, and when she left he stole it because he was suspicious of what she was really doing. After identifying a giant bug that had come through the latest anomaly as a type of ant that was not in the fossil record, the team realised it was from the future. When Connor called Becker's soldiers guarding the anomaly, he instead got Jack who had used her detector to get to the racetrack. When she heard him being attacked the team rushed to the track and found the anomaly open. Abby was quick to start heading through the anomaly to get her brother, and Connor, Danny and Becker followed. After being attacked by Future Predators, the others thought they should go back and get extra help, but Abby was angry at them, especially Connor. When they found Jack she was relieved, but when they were trapped in an old bus, she turned on Jack for his arrogance. After returning to the present she told Jack she couldn't tell him what was going on, and he told her about how he had gambled Rex away and Connor helping him. After asking Connor why he didn't use this against Jack, Connor tells her he didn't want to hurt her, the couple share a passionate kiss.

Episode 3.9

When Abby brought Rex over to play with Sid and Nancy at Lester's apartment where Connor was staying, they talk about how they don't want any weird feelings between them, though Connor did act a bit weird. At the anomaly site she and Sarah try to help a baby Embolotherium stuck in a tent. When she got inside however, she found a man in his underwear who was having his stag weekend. Though when he asked whether she was the stripper hired by his friends, she asked him coolly if he wanted to get out of there alive. After getting the baby out, Sarah and Becker teased her about the man. Before they could get the rest of the herd back through the anomaly in time it closes, but a mysterious woman named Eve whom Danny had brought with him used a bizarre device to open and close a new anomaly to send them back. She went with Danny and Eve to the ARC, and while Danny spoke with Lester, Abby noticed some strange things about Eve. When Eve reveals herself to be Helen, she demands the artefact from them, and the team pursue her to Johnson's base, but couldn't get her before the anomaly closed.

Episode 3.10

Danny, Abby and Connor go back to the Future City to stop Helen while Sarah and Becker headed back to Christine's HQ. While inside one of the buildings they are attacked by a Future Predator, and they manage to barricade themselves behind a door, which Abby notices has the ARC logo on it, meaning they are in the future version of it. They confront Helen in another room, who escapes from them by opening another anomaly and escaping. After Connor realised she's gone to kill the first humans and hence wipe out mankind they rushed to catch up by opening their own anomaly. Abby heard something clang and noticed the door was open and warned Danny, who prepared to fight off any Predators that may attack. Fortunately with another anomaly device they escape to the Cretaceous but they are attacked by three Dromaeosaurus. Abby was chased by herself before the others pulled her up into a tree. Danny threw a stun grenade down to knock out the raptors but Connor fell out of the tree and was injured. Abby refuses to leave him this time and told Danny to stop Helen. After fighting off another raptor, Connor regained consciousness, but he had broken his ankle so they climbed to the safety of a tree. After soothing Connor with making him him think of relaxing beaches, Connor asked Abby if he can move back into her flat and she says he can, and the two prepare to go to sleep.


It is mostly unknown of what happened during Abby and Connor's time in the Cretaceous, other than that they were able to make a very complex home at the base of several trees, and fed on roots and bulbs, as well as the occasional fish.

Episode 4.1

Connor: "We could be missing our only chance to get out of here-"
Abby: "What chance?!"
―Abby's given up hope of getting out of the Cretaceous

A year later, Abby and Connor were eking out a meager existence in the Cretaceous, and by that time Abby had lost hope of ever returning home, being afraid to even think of what she missed in the present, and somewhat accidentally burned one of Connor's books. Connor got chased back to their camp by a Spinosaurus, and the two managed to survive in their reinforced home. Abby knew that the Spinosaurus was territorial, and convinced a reluctant Connor to move away from the Anomaly site. As they headed away, they heard a nearby Raptor and she dropped her bag, and the dinosaur ran off with her blanket. Connor went into the raptor's bower to get it, and also found Helen's Anomaly Opening Device. Abby was briefly hopeful, but saw that it was broken and told Connor to leave it, but he managed to get it working and open a new anomaly, to Abby's delight. Before they could go through, the Spinosaurus returned, and Abby, not caring where the anomaly led to, used her blanket to lure the raptor to the Spinosaurus where they fought, creating a distraction and allowing them to go through.

Connor and Abby return from the Cretaceous

Arriving in what appeared to be the present, they were soon forced onto the ground by soldiers from the ARC, but Becker helped them up and they shared a happy reunion. The new field team leader Matt Anderson arrived and greeted Abby and Connor, and when Connor tried to close the Anomaly, he instead unlocked it and allowed the victorious Spinosaurus through and go on a rampage through the streets. They stole one of the ARC's cars and pursued it, and were told to lure it into an Arena. As Connor tried to get the Anomaly device working again to send the creature back, Abby distracted the dinosaur with lights and music before it ate the device and imploded as an anomaly. Abby and Connor were taken to the new ARC, and upon seeing Lester, Abby noted it was good to see him again and hugged him, before he and Philip Burton told them that their jobs as field team members were redundant following a new policy instated after the last mission, saying it was for their own good, which Abby scoffed at, particularly when Philip called them amateurs. At a company apartment, Abby still felt the need to keep a lookout, and as they looked out on the city, they kissed, having being in a relationship for most of their time in the Cretaceous.

Episode 4.2

Lester convinced Philip to give Abby a minor job looking after the creatures in the ARC's menagerie because she had the experience, and told her this when she and Connor were collecting their stuff from their old lockers. She declined at first, still wanting to work with Connor, but he convinced her to accept for Rex's sake. Jess Parker gave her an I.D. bracelet and shows her the way to the menagerie. Inside she saw the lonely Mammoth and shared a happy reunion with Rex. When leaving, Matt asked her what she thought, and despite her assumptions of him being trigger happy like all the other soldiers she's known, he proved to be caring towards the creatures, wanting to get them home as much as she does. Later Connor called her to ask if there's being an Anomaly alert after finding evidence of a fresh kill, but there hadn't been one. She agreed to come down to the docks, unaware she was being followed by Matt.

When she met up with Connor and his old friend Duncan, who had been looking into creature sightings, Abby confirmed she was Connor's girlfriend to Duncan. Before she could see the body it had disappeared, and workers arrived to torch the building despite their attempts to get them to leave. The fire angered the Kaprosuchus and it attacked, but Matt arrived and helped them escape. While searching, Abby radioed Matt to tell them it was in the water and pursued it in a motor boat to the harbour. She warned a barge's captain to evacuate the ship while Becker arrives and knocks the creature out with an EMD. The creature escaped from a container it is held in, and Abby helps the others pursue it into a maze of containers. Eventually the Kaprosuchus is killed from an onslaught of EMD fire, and while she is upset that it had to die, Matt pointed out that they can't get them all home. She and Connor were later reinstated as field team members by Lester, and move into Jess' flat.

Episode 4.3

The team was alerted to a new anomaly in a theatre, and Abby went with Becker to meet up with Matt there. However Matt disappeared, leaving only his Black Box behind. Abby searched around and found the body of a dead woman, who had not been the victim of a creature attack. Becker had locked the anomaly, and Abby was certain that Matt had gone through, and after much convincing he unlocked the anomaly, allowing Matt, another woman and an Arboreal Raptor through. Abby and Becker shot the creature back through with their EMDs before securing the anomaly. Fearing the second woman was sick, they took her and the body of the first to a nearby hospital. Upon autopsy it was learned the dead woman had died from a simple infection and Matt voiced his concern that the two weren't from the present. A soldier disappeared at the theatre so she and Becker went back. Upon arriving they learned two more creatures were on the loose, and Abby helped bring one down before they went to help Matt with another, but it fell off the building before they arrived. Abby met up with Matt and the second woman, who introduced herself as Emily Merchant from the Victorian era and Matt convinced her to keep her presence a secret until they could find a man who had come through the anomaly with her.

Episode 4.4

Connor asked Abby about what was happening with Emily when she told him that Philip had begun showing an interest in the creatures, and Abby took this as a sign that he was going to provide more care for the creatures as they were not doing well in the menagerie's confined space. However, despite writing up a proposal suggesting what should be done, Philip had actually decided to have the creatures being contained put down due to the inconvenience and supposed cruelty of allowing them to live in a world they didn't understand. Abby, horrified at the idea of the creatures, even Rex, being killed, decided to remain at the ARC while the others went to deal with an anomaly, and began to set about getting ready to have the creatures moved to a private zoo she had contacts with, and asked Jess to provide an opportunity. However Jess decided that the creatures were too dangerous after witnessing an attack on a girl at the anomaly site, and so Abby decided to do it without any help.

Jess went to Lester and told him of Abby's plan, and he told Abby to stop what she was doing, seeing as there was no way she could get them out and that he didn't want to have to call security in on her. Abby spoke of how they were being given the amazing gift of seeing these creatures alive, and was disgusted by the fact that they were being killed for their inconvenience, and went on to say that if they were killed it would not look too good on humanity. Lester, having been slightly moved by her statement, decided to blackmail Philip into changing his mind, and a grateful Abby hugged Lester in appreciation, saying he was nicer than he let on. As Connor arrived back, he said he was glad that the creatures weren't being killed, and Abby, none-too-pleased about Connor's lack of help and support earlier, said that it was no thanks to him, and ignored his protests.

Episode 4.5

Emily had disappeared, and her companion Ethan was suspected to be behind it, so Matt and Abby went to Lester to tell him what had happened. Then a strange new anomaly was detected and so she, Connor and Matt went to deal with it. After an awkward moment in the local pub of the seaside village, Connor and Abby try to locate the anomaly. Abby found slime near a farm and though the owner caught them snooping, but they managed to escape. Matt told them of an attack at the river, and while he left to find Emily, Abby found the tracks left by the Labyrinthodont and went after it by herself instead of calling for backup while Connor went to locate the anomaly. Tracking it to a camper van park, she was attacked by the amphibian and trapped inside a van. Connor told her he'd found the anomaly so she drove the van with the creature on top before she was knocked out as the van crashed. The creature began making its way toward the anomaly, and after regaining consciousness Abby followed it to a seaside cave. After the creature was returned, Connor, having thought that Abby was dead because it had swallowed her Black Box, and kissed her, asking her not to put him through that again.

Episode 4.6

After the team goes to the Stately Home because of anomaly alert and find it in the basement, Abby says that there is no sign of creature but then they hear a roar. Few minutes later, Connor is asking about Emily and though Abby told him to shut up Connor saves her life by shooting male Hyaenodon just before his attack. After that, they meet Jenny. She thinks this is a joke, but when is revealed that the team didn't know about her wedding, she is scared that ceremony is ruined. Abby promises her that everything will be alright, because they took care of the creature and locked the anomaly. Matt, Connor and Abby are invited to Jenny's wedding to ensure nothing happens until it closes. They agree to keep the ARC secret for Jenny's fiancée . While having a conversation with Jenny, Connor suddenly said 'We should get married here', and Abby was so shocked that she didn't know what to say. To run away from this situation, she went to get more wine. The next day she was worried about Connor because he wasn't answering his phone, more so when the wedding starts. Shortly after Connor burst in warning the guests to run, before two Hyaenodons attack. With Emily's help she locked one of them in a van, and tried give Emily a high five, but Emily didn't know what it was. She later watched as the wedding was redone.

Eye Strain

Abby, along with Connor and Matt, coaxed a pterosaur back through an Anomaly on the South Bank in Central London.

Episode 4.7

Connor was showing Abby his new lab in the ARC funded by Philip, and was unimpressed until he showed her his Dating Calculator, at first assuming it was counting the number of dates Connor had been on. As they went to investigate an anomaly in a prison, she and Becker learned a tourist had gone missing while locked inside a cell, but there was no sign of a creature attack and the anomaly was elsewhere in the prison. Connor dated the anomaly to lead to the Victorian era, however the anomaly unlocked itself and a Terror Bird came through before it was driven back. Shortly after the bird was heard screeching from elsewhere in the prison, and Abby and Becker found another anomaly and the bird, both of which disappeared. When Matt arrived, concerned that Ethan was on his way, Abby and Connor told him of the situation before the bird returned from a satellite anomaly, and Abby recognised it as the same one from its scar. Soon Danny came through the anomaly and the team shared a happy reunion. Ethan then arrived at the prison, and while Matt and Becker went after him she and Connor went after the Terror Bird, and with Danny's help got it through a satellite anomaly. Ethan was soon revealed to be Danny's brother Patrick, and while the others left, she and Connor remained to try solve the problem with the anomaly. After several satellite anomalies opened Connor and Abby used two locking mechanisms to split the anomaly in two, as two anomalies had opened on the same spot, one leading to the Pliocene and the other to 1867, so Abby told Jess to let Emily know the anomaly led to her home.

Episode 5.1

Abby brought a coffee to Connor in his lab, and asked where he'd been. She left when Philip arrived, but had to go back when she realised she had left her phone there. There she found Matt attempting to hack into Connor's computer, and threatened to call Connor and tell him unless he told her why. However an alert forced them to head out, and though Matt asked her to trust him, she stated it would have to be earned. At the roadworks site they went into a tunnel, and were attacked by a Large Burrowing Insect and were forced to flee. As Connor arrived to help locate the creature's tunnels, Abby realised that the creature didn't exist in the fossil record and must be from the future. When the creature attacked elsewhere they went in with lethal weapons, and their attempt to lure it out resulted in Connor being dragged off, and Matt prevented Abby from following. Having located its nest they headed there when Connor communicated that he was still alive with dozens more creatures inside the building. Abby was reluctant to participate in the plan to blow the creatures up with Connor inside, and told Conno

Matt asks for Abby's help

r she loved him. She pleaded with Becker to wait until Connor and Matt were clear, but was ordered otherwise by Lester, and when she rushed into the building she was relieved to find him alive and thanked Matt for helping him. At the ARC she declined to meet Connor's new assistant April Leonard, instead confronting Matt, having realised he was from the future from her suspicions of his good knowledge about the creatures. He explained his mission and his suspicions of Philip and to a lesser extent Connor, showing her what would happen using a futuristic device if he failed, before asking for her help.

Episode 5.2

Abby wanted to talk to Connor about what Matt had told her, but he said she was letting her emotions cloud her judgement, to which she countered with the fact that he had done the same with Emily. Abby apologised for the blow, and said she had looked up Emily and had discovered she had been institutionalised by Lord Merchant, though he said he didn't want to know what had happened. She noticed Connor still in his lab, and had to convince him to come along. As the anomaly was in the North Sea, the team were going to use a navy submarine that had encountered the anomaly to get there. Being that Abby was the only woman onboard, some of the crew took to staring at her, so she asked to see the dead creature they had captured. Identifying it as a Swimming Raptor, she discovered it was still alive, so she had it put it in a freezer to keep it contained. Near the anomaly, the sub lost power and went through the anomaly, and she and Matt used a small submersible to free the propellers. While working they noticed the Liopleurodons outside, and were forced to continue as quietly as possible before they could return. When they got back in they split up to try find the creature that had gotten loose, and almost attacked Connor. After he electrocuted the creature and activated the final fuse box they went back through, Abby using the skills Connor taught her through video games to steer them. Once they got out, she wasn't happy to find Connor calling Philip, and later at the ARC she tried to convince Connor that Philip was bad news and to trust her. However Connor said that what he was doing was going to make her proud, and Abby was hurt by him not believing her and as she left said that she'd always been proud of him. She then went to tell Matt about Emily's fate.

Episode 5.3

Abby continued to stress about Connor not telling her what he was working on. When Matt suggested she break into his lab she was appalled, afraid that she would risk their own future together, and though Matt reminded her that everyone's future was also at risk if she didn't she refused. After accidentally sending a raptor to the later 1860's, Matt departed to bring the creature back, but before he left he again tried to convince Abby about breaking into Connor's lab. She sought Jess' advice on whether or not to lie to Connor for his own good, though Jess thought it unwise. Later in the elevator April gave Abby friendly advice about her questioning of Connor causing her to lose him, and wasn't happy when April accused him of distracting Connor from his important work despite being his girlfriend. Abby pretended to take April's advice seriously, and instead convinced Jess to let her use the main terminal, using the security camera to find out the password for Connor's lab. She drew Connor away by arranging a meeting in the loading bay, and went into his lab and began downloading files from his computer. Before she could leave April and Connor got back, and was forced to hide. Once they left she made her way out, however found her in a position that looked like her trying to get in, and he demanded to know what she was doing. Abby tried to convince Connor that Philip wasn't good news by telling him that of a connection Danny had learned between him and Helen. Connor didn't believe Abby's version of the story, and went to continue his work. After handing over her copies of Connor's files to Matt, she admitted that she didn't think Connor would ever understand what they were doing.

Episode 5.4

Abby was worried about having copied Connor's database until Matt learned that the data was of anomaly readings, and were then alerted to an open anomaly in Connor's lab. Abby was horrified at what Connor had created, and later he told her that Philip planned to create free green energy from the anomalies. She like that he was messing with anomalies, and when he claimed that Cutter would have wanted it, she said that it was more like Helen. When a swarm of Future Beetles came through Connor's anomaly and killed a guard, Abby was bitten by one before killing it. She, Becker and Emily collected pesticides to try and kill the creatures, though the plan failed. When Connor came up with a plan to wipe out the beetles with a gamma pulse from his anomaly, Abby brought out the copied hard drive so that he could proceed with the plan, and went to get the others to the panic room before learning Rex was loose inside the ARC and would likely be killed. She went off to find him, and searched the whole building before giving up, only for him to appear. Barely making inside the panic room in time, she and then others waited until it was over. Later, Connor arrived back after going through Prospero's computers, and said that Philip was unstoppable because he'd already made a larger version of Connor's machine.

Episode 5.5

Abby taking aim at the Kaprosuchus whilst charging at it. (Episode 5.5)

Abby was present as Matt admitted his mission to everyone as an anomaly alert went off. Going with Becker and Emily to the location where a Tyrannosaurus was on the loose, they searched for the creature and arrived after Matt had brought it down. Then Jess informed the team that several anomalies were opening all over the world as part of the Convergence, she went with Becker to deal with a Fog Worm incursion. When they were done, Abby prepared to head to the next location when Connor called in to say that he was trapped, so she instead went to help him, bringing down a Kaprosuchus. Connor apologised for not trusting Abby, and they kissed and made up, before they went to meet up with Matt and Emily at New Dawn. She and Emily were attacked by guards, and encountered April, who she threatened with her EMD before a flock of Anurognathus attacked, causing her to drop her EMD and April to be killed. She rushed to help Connor, only to see New Dawn activate and the opening anomaly drag him through, and was unable to follow due to Emily holding her back.

Episode 5.6

Abby pleaded for Emily to let her go after Connor, but Matt opted to go after Connor himself. However Abby soon followed, just in time to save the pair from a Mutated Future Predator. A toxic storm was rising, so they took shelter in a bunker Matt had found. Abby asked how Matt had known it was there, and he replied that they were in his time, living underground to avoid the storms and Predators. Connor wanted the pair to leave him behind, blaming himself for what had happened, but Abby insisted that he had to come back, and whispered something in his ear which encouraged him to continue. On the surface the trio made their way to the anomaly, dogged by several Predators and fired at them with their EMDs. Back in the present they found Philip, who had realised Helen had tricked him and believed all was lost, and tried to convince him that Helen had been using Philip's humanity against himself. Philip came up with a plan to destroy the building and the anomaly, and ultimately himself, however the anomaly was too powerful, and the team learned that the Future Predators had infiltrated the ARC.

Abby after the team saves the future

Connor realised they could use his New Dawn Prototype Anomaly to make it unstable. Jess and Lester had been attacked, and Abby assured Jess that they could beat the Predators again, and made a high frequency sound which paralysed an attacking Predator after Becker had already brought down one that had had Abby pinned. After the plan to use Connor's anomaly to make the gigantic anomaly unstable succeeded in closing it, Connor asked Abby about what she had whispered in his ear. She at first pretended to not know what he was talking about, before asking if he would marry her, and he said yes. The team was contemplating the possibility of no more anomalies when they were informed of one, and they all went to deal with it.

Sometime later, when he was investigating Cross Photonics in Vancouver, Connor mentioned he had a "wife", implying that he and Abby had married.


Abby was shown to be a tough, gutsy, headstrong and brave woman, who would not let others push her around or tell her how to do her job, and did not let threats or bullying from others intimidate her or put her down. She had a strong love for animals, especially reptiles (although she was phobic of spiders); she wanted the creatures protected and kept alive, and was very good at handling the captive creatures. In any way threatening or harming the creatures unnecessarily, especially Rex, was an almost sure way to earn one Abby's disdain. In the field, Abby was highly logical, quick-thinking, resourceful, unafraid and impulsive about overcoming situations and dealing with creatures, although she could become more rash when someone she deeply cared about such as Connor or Jack was in mortal danger.

When it came to love interest, Abby could easily get her feelings hurt, but would try to remain positive and upbeat. Abby was highly insightful into others and mysteries about them as well when she became suspicious of what they were hiding, much more so than most of the rest of the field team; noticing something not right about a person where everyone else would either remain oblivious or just dismiss it. Abby could sometimes be remarkably deceitful to get her own way and/or to protect others; never telling the rest of the team that she had secretly kept Rex until they found out for themselves, and attempting with little hesitation to get the Menagerie creatures smuggled out of the ARC when Philip intended to have them all put down. Abby could be suspicious and distrustful of people who tried to hide a secret from her and/or the others in the ARC, but once someone had earned her trust and respect, she was a very brave, tough and loyal friend.


April Leonard

There was a quiet but very clear and dangerous animosity between Abby and April over Connor's work with New Dawn, with April quietly threatening Abby and trying to push Connor away from her. This in turn earned April Abby's extreme spite, shown in their confrontation at the New Dawn facility.

Caroline Steel

When Abby and Caroline first met just after the latter and Connor had met, Abby was noticeably baffled that Connor had actually managed to pick up such as attractive girl, and was rather impatient, unimpressed and passive-aggressive about the relationship and its sheer unlikelihood. After Rex got locked in the freezer, Abby quickly and rightfully blamed Caroline, and became more loathing of her. After Caroline kidnapped Rex, when Abby's distrust of Caroline was confirmed to the Connor, Abby and Caroline got into a violent catfight over Rex's disappearance, with both of them declaring beforehand they would enjoy beating up the other. However, Caroline and Abby afterwards softened up somewhat when Caroline became remorseful over what she had done, and when Caroline saved Rex, Abby genuinely thanked her. Caroline later properly apologised to Abby and Connor at Stephen's funeral for her actions.

Connor Temple

Abby more interested in Stephen that Connor when she first met them. She thought of Connor as an annoying friend, asking him about Stephen, with Connor trying to convince her that the former was gay so he could pursue her. After losing interest in Stephen, Abby began to develop romantic feelings for Connor, particularly after he moved into her flat and he had a relationship with Caroline, however she kept avoiding her feeling. Eventually, after Abby learned about how Connor had gotten Rex back from Tony and covered up Jack's blunder for her, she kissed Connor for the first time. During their year in the Cretaceous, Abby's and Connor's interest in one another blossomed into a romantic relationship.

After the two returned from the Cretaceous, Abby appeared to develop some negative feelings for Connor and occasionally picked fights with him. Their relationship ran into difficulty when Connor became obsessed with his work for Philip and putting it before his time with Abby and when she joined Matt in working against New Dawn. However, after Connor realised his error and joined Matt and Abby in stopping New Dawn, Abby and Connor made up and their relationship was fully restored. They even decided to get married.

Emily Merchant

Abby and Emily seemed to have a very good, sisterly friendship, and they worked well side-by-side in the field at both covering each-other and fighting off the creatures. Abby tried to help Emily out with living in the present, teaching her modern habits and quirks such as high-fives, and Emily in turn showed concern and care for Abby when she was upset or distressed.

Jack Maitland

Abby loved her little brother lots, as he was the only family she had left and they had a playful sibling relationship. She could not tell Jack about her line of work, which annoyed him. When Jack became marooned in the future, Abby rushed to find him with no back-up. She got angry with the team when they said she was being rash about saving Jack. When the team found him, Abby was happy but quickly got annoyed and frustrated by her brother's selfish, ungrateful and irresponsible behaviour, when he showed ingratitude to the team for saving him at the seeming cost of Becker's life. Later, she was cross at Jack when he told her he had given Rex away however she was upset when he decided to move out of her flat.

James Lester

Abby did not interact much with Lester, although she gave him some serious warning advice against messing with powerful creatures who could sense danger when he'd jokingly considered taking the Columbian Mammoth's tusks. After Connor and Abby's return from the Cretaceous, Abby recognised that Lester had become a more caring man deep down and was on more friendly terms with him; particularly after Lester had saved the Menagerie creatures from being euthanised.

Jenny Miller

Abby seemed to be close to and good friends with Jenny, displaying a lot of concern for her when she was in danger, and Jenny would sometimes talk to Abby for advice.

Matt Anderson

After Matt and Abby first met following Abby and Connor's return from the Cretaceous, Matt tried to be sympathetic towards her for what she'd been through, although Abby didn't want his sympathies because he seemingly couldn't understand exactly what it was like. After this, Abby didn't interact much with Matt outside of cooperation in the field among the team, although she grew highly suspicious of Matt's secrecy with Emily. When Abby caught Matt hacking Connor's New Dawn work, she was highly suspicious and distrustful of him and what he was up to and hiding, until Matt's actions in the Giant Burrowing Insect incursion earned him Abby's trust and respect. During Matt and Abby's partnership against New Dawn, Abby encouraged Matt to stop repressing his feelings and deal with them more healthily.

Nick Cutter

Abby was very loyal and faithful to Cutter, trying to believe him about Claudia Brown and never doubting him as the team's leader.

Stephen Hart

After first meeting, Abby and Stephen showed romantic interest in each other, with Stephen flirting with her and Abby asking Connor if Stephen was single. When Stephen was poisoned by an Arthropleura and was delirious, he told Abby she was beautiful and asked her out to dinner, she agreed and offered to come over to his house for coffee and stay for breakfast the next morning. At the hospital as Stephen was recovering, Abby realised that she didn't know Stephen that well, to stay the night with him. When Stephen woke, he had amnesia and could not remember asking Abby out, but revealed he currently had a girlfriend, much to Abby's shock. Despite all that, she still showed interest in Stephen noting how good he looked in a wetsuit, however when he remembered asking her out, she chose not to pursue him. Stephen and Abby still showed interest in each other, with Abby teasing him and Stephen getting upset when she was abducted by Tom and rushing ahead of the team to warn her of the Future Predator.

Unfortunately when Helen Cutter revealed that she had an affair with Stephen; Abby almost stopped interacting with him, barring work. Stephen was slightly upset when Connor showed romantic interest in Abby. Later when Stephen wanted to leave the ARC team and reveal the Anomalies to the public, he directly ask Abby for her help/opinion but she rejected him, siding with Nick Cutter believing the creature would be in danger from humanity. After Stephen’s death, Abby missed him but not as much as Connor, Nick and Helen Cutter.



Series 1 Abby Maitland action figure

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  • Abby is one of the four characters to appear in all five series of Primeval, the others being Connor Temple, James Lester and Rex. She is the longest running female character, appearing in every episode of the original Primeval.
  • Early magazines about Primeval, indicated that Abby's last name was going to be "Lister".
  • Abby Maitland was one of the 5inch Primeval action figures made by Character Options. There were two releases, one for Series 1 and the other for Series 2.


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